What the F*ck!

Today I had a busy day at the office…nothing new thought since working on technological projects projects has always crazy overloading days difficult to forecast in advance.

Actually, I used to work mostly of the time under unpredicted scenarios and that, as I said, it is not a surprising new…

The new is that I have been checking my feed at steemit and partiko whenever I could, I mean, as usual, at the coffee break, at lunch, on my way to different places etc… and today I noticed something that did not happen to me since long time ago…

My Voting Power reached 100%… actually, and sorry if I missed something interesting posted by the people I follow, I have not found any article that attracted me minimally to give my upvote and that is really weird! I am a consistent upvoter, or at least that’s how I consider I am myself…but I like to upvote some good stuff as well which, honestly I miss nowadays…

I don’t know what is happening here but I really think that not only the quality of the posts are decreasing but also the amount of posts is also doing so… even if it seems we are escaping from the BEAR’s claws, it looks like people are not so motivated to write about interesting things or even normal life topics or projects…

Very difficult to find usual steemians writing these days, even more difficult to find new ones…

…or perhaps it is only my subjective perception…. I don’t know…

Hope the good times will come back…


Off to Serbia for the Weekend !

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Hello dear Steemians,

I am off to Belgrade, Serbia for the weekend. We are having a weekend to celebrate a good friend of mine getting married !

I’ll catch up with the crazy CryptoWorld and all of you beginning of next Week.

If you want to follow my adventures through pictures, follow my account: @lemon-shot (on @appics it even looks better :D).



Busy Weekend on my Airbnb Business

We are starting the Easter weekend called “Semana Santa” in Mexico and both of my Airbnb units are full of people. It’s wonderful to meet new people, yes, it can be very stressing and the work accumulates. Only this past week we have hosted seven groups and it can turn very demanding if you host one group after another.

At the moment Gris and I are in charge of the cleaning, my mom also helps if she has time and my dad is in charge of cleaning the pool. We are doing very good and winning extra money definitely is worth the extra effort. In the near future we would like to hire a person that can help us with the cleaning, that would be great we would only be in charge of the administration.

Today we welcomed to groups that will stay until Sunday. Next week we have three groups confirmed and that will make April a wonderful month. We are winning more money that the one we would win if we were renting the house on the traditional way, almost the double.

Let me share some photos of the Bungalow we are renting:

We are enjoying this Airbnb adventure, it’s not something that I would like to do all my life and Steem is my main project but at the moment this activity is paying us more and it’s a great way to save money to invest it on Steem Power.

Posting from @scripsio

And yes! finally, with the help of the excellent developers of the SCRIPSIO team seems that from now on I can post my thoughts using this site.

I am still setting up my account but it seems quite easy and straightforward for the moment.

Really surprised for what it seems to be a good user friendly environment for bloggers willing to use a more advanced features for writing, editing, posting and spreading your blog not only at the Steem blockchain but also at other platforms as twitter.

Well done @scripsio !

…and thanks for your support.

Wanna See What A Measured Move Looks Like? $DIS to 180+

Disney is rocketing forward this morning on news about a new streaming service that will be offered. Disney was always in a great position owning ESPN if they would ever put their politics aside and move forward with advancing their company! Well it looks like we may have found this answer. I have had this measured move mapped out for multiple weeks now, if not months (disclaimer: I have not touched these lines). Take a look…

DIS has traveled out of the financial crisis and pullback in 2011 from 20…to 100-110ish. With this FOUR AND A HALF YEAR BASE of consolidation

Read More

Can we please move the !bookkeeping spam offchain?

Look, i love the ability to see my Steem Monsters/Drug Wars ROI so easily. Imo, its a great tool. I used to keep my own record manually before “bookkeeping” came along but i was nowhere as precise so when this tool came along i was super happy with it.

And kudos to its creator @holger80.

But the tool has a problem. Because its so useful, folks keep on calling up the tool constantly and flooding up comment sections.

When i use the tool i try and call it up in one of my old payed out posts. Problem is that many people just dont care and spam any post related to the game they are pulling up the stats for.
I could use MUTE on “bookkeeping” but that would stop me from using it.
Theres another thing as well….

Do we really want to fill up the chain with information like this? Theres literally hundreds of calls per post. Take a look at the @drugwars posts and you will see that almost half the comments are from bookkeeping.

What i propose is that you move bookkeeping from STEEM offchain.

@holger80 ill ping you again. Could you go talk to guys like @steemchiller, @dragosroua, @penguinpablo and move the tool to “Steem World”,”Steem Supply” or “Steem Now”, if thats possible, and shut down the service onchain? Or maybe build a front end yourself.

I just think its a bad idea letting this go on.
Thats all…..

One of those busy days. //

Been busy all day failing to catch up on my daily Whaleshares, Steemit replies. Didnt write my daily post which im doing right now. (The topic is apparently nothing lol) Need to do the daily Steem Monsters dailies and click things on Drug Wars to take more STEEM from crazy rich guys that threw hundreds if not thousands of STEEM at the game without thinking it through.
Just wanted to tell those folks:

Thank you for giving the rest of us free money.

hahaha. Enough already with the roasts and the told you so. lol
Im sure to piss some whale off eventually. haha

What else… Uhm..

Theres a steemian some of you folks know that might be coming back to Steem soon. Not sure when but i think once the weather gets better it might happen. Those are the immediate news.
Ill be busy the next few days so im not sure if ill be able to catch everything that is happening. Trying to complete a state exam so i can finally open my travel agency. Its actually 4 exams and i had one today already. Should pass it pretty easily..

Thats about it. Not much else to write about. I need to find another cause to support and another villain to yell at..



Need another target. Im starting to be repetitive. lol.

Ill see you around. 😉

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