What is Scripsio?

That probably depends on who you ask. For some, it’s a community site. For others, a social platform. And yet a few will think of it as a Hive UI.

For us, it’s all those, and more. Scripsio is the culmination of a dream to have a multiuser multisite (multiblog) community without censorship, but also with built in features to promote mutual consideration. On top of this is the desire to create monetization options so that there are opportunities for everyone who wants to, to engage in a way that provides some profit.


But we also wanted to stay out of the way. Your relationships are yours. From Scripsio’s perspective, it’s up to you to build them and nurture them. You don’t need some corporation attempting to demand how you behave.

On the other hand, folks need to be able to block content they don’t want to be subjected to. So we’re installing filters for NSFW and other categories that you can opt out of. Hopefully that’ll provide an environment that is conducive to growth, freedom and mutual respect without anyone having to compromise their own principles and convictions.

Scripsio also respects your property. What’s yours is yours. This is why we’ve activated two features in your profile. You can download all your own data at any time. After all, it’s yours, right? But you can also delete it at any time. It’s sort of the danger button. Once you click it and approve the erasure, your info is deleted from our servers. There are exceptions, such as if you had any transactions on the site that have to be recorded. And we can’t erase what you’ve put on the blockchain. But you can delete it from the Scripsio servers.


As you can see in our Privacy Policy, we do not sell you out. It’s your information. We will use general information regarding categories and traffic flow to help with analyzing what works and how we may serve you better, as well as in our pursuit of more effective advertising and other opportunities. But your personal information will not be sold, ever.

Also, as you can see, we do not ask for very much information. The only reasons we ask for your birth date is for NSFW purposes and to protect children. Otherwise, you can use whatever information for your profile that suits you. We do verify the email address to at least set a low wall of entry, to help reduce spam and harassment.

This is also one of the reasons we do not have any sort of fiat gateway on the site. While we may do so eventually, it will have to be through a third party that verifies your identity. Simply put, we don’t want to be responsible for that information and we want you to be able to engage freely on Scripsio without concern regarding your personal information. Therefore, our goal will be to provide tools to facilitate exchanges in digital cryptos/tokens.


Scripsio will pursue as many non-invasive methods of monetization as we can. This means that you will probably see advertisements. Of course, you can place ads too. But our main efforts will be elsewhere.


Scripsio has a market application on the site for users to offer goods and services for crypto. Users understand that their use of this service may involve risk. Scripsio assumes no responsibility for agreements, including buying and selling of goods and services, between users. We cannot assume responsibility for problems with third party systems either. We’ll work hard to keep these tools updated and functioning to the best of our ability, but the user assumes responsibility for their activities.


Most of the site is pretty intuitive to use. You just post what you want, set up groups, join groups, build your list of followers/followees and engage however you want. This engagement is local and stored only on the Scripsio servers. Again, you can always delete it all with a few clicks, if you desire.

On the other hand, we have integrated the social features with your own Scripsio blogs. Everyone has one, so you can use that to post content anytime you want.

All you need to do to access it is to hover over “+ New” in the topbar and then click on “Post”. The editor opens up and you’re on your way. When you publish the entry, it will show up on your timeline and however you have set your preferences.

As a small bonus, all articles posted from Scripsio will be tweeted on Scripsio’s Twitter. If you decide to have your own blog, we can show you how to set it up to automatically post to your Twitter as well.


An exciting feature of these blogs is that they are integrated with the Hive blockchain. It’s not necessary to do so, but you are able to go into your dashboard and set it up.

In order to set it up, all you need to do is hover on “Scripsio” in the topbar, then click on “Dashboard”. From there, click on Profile in the left column.

You’ll see your details there, most of which are editable. Your password can be changed there as well. If you’re logged into multiple devices and want them logged out, there is an option for that. And just below that, about halfway down the page, there are options for inputting your Hive Username and Private Posting Key (for safety and security, please don’t use a different key). This is completely private. Scripsio has no access to your key.

Once you’ve done that, and saved, it, all your blog entries will publish to your Hive blockchain account as well, from where they can be seen on other UIs, offering multiple angles of engagement. The community also has integrated the comments and upvotes section, so you can enjoy a full experience from Scripsio. If, for some reason, you would rather publish an article without it going to Hive, you can do that as well. Simply uncheck the box in the EXXP section in the right column of your editor.

If this interests you and you don’t have a Hive account yet, we can help there too. There are a couple of options. The easiest and quickest is probably to go through EXXP. You’ll put in your email address and will need to submit a site for your blog. Feel free to use https://scrips.io as your blog, or you can link your Scripsio blog directly (ie https://scrips.io/profile/YOURNAME/). Another option is Hive On Board. Of course, another option is directly on the Hive site. You can learn more about Hive from there as well.

When you post an article, if you add a featured image then it will show up here in the feed. You can choose whether or not the featured image will then show up on Hive by checking/unchecking the “Add featured images on top of the Hive post” in the EXXP settings.
If you add the image, then your featured image shows up at the very top of your article. So you can then either not put it in the article itself, or put it in later so that it’s repeated. If you prefer to not have it at the top, then please uncheck the box in EXXP and add the featured image from the library before posting. It’ll make our presentation look better.

NOTE: When you use Scripsio to post to Hive, a beneficiary reward of 10% will be skimmed. Four percent will go to SP in Scripsio’s account, increasing the voting power over time, thereby raising all ships. One percent will go to @LiberlandPress, where Scripsio is headquartered under TIMM, Ltd. Five percent goes to EXXP, the creators of the tool we use to manage Hive posts from Scripsio.

Basic Scripsio features are free to use. We hope you enjoy it.

Oh, in case you were wondering, scripsi is Latin for “I have written” or “I wrote”. Scripsio is just a lot cooler!