GBA Washington Conference with Liberland

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) ran a Future of Money, Governance, and Law Conference in Washington DC. Meet Liberland delegation: Joey Langenbrunner, Pranav Badhwar, Bogie Wozniak, David Molineaux, David Ament, and Steve Wood. They had pleasure to meet Dan Larimer, co founder of Steemit, BitShares and Block One, the publisher of the EOSIO protocol.

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Little lizard.

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Official opening of the Liberlandian Office in Zug

Come and meet President Vit Jedlicka at the official opening of Liberlandian office in Zug.
You will also get to connect with our local representative and the community. We will have a chat about the current status of the country, incorporation of a business in Liberland and the decentralized government on blockchain which will be launched this year.

Opening of Liberland representative office in Hong Kong

Opening ceremony of Liberland representative office in Hong Kong was a great success as well as presentation at #Chain2020 conference in front of 12 thousand listeners. Hong Kong is a great inspiration for development of Liberland and still number one country in the level of economic freedom. Heatherm Huang has become newly appointed representative in Hong Kong with exceptionaly talented people in the team. Http://

Liberland news – Mr.President in Hong Kong

Dinner discussion on blockchain technology applications of government administration and democracy practices with Hong Kong Legislator @Charles Mok and Liberland representative in Hong Kong @Heatherm Huang. — v Shang Palace, Kowloon Shangri-La.