Investing-Engaging-Compounding / SBI Sponsoring [W9]

Another stagnant-price week = Another Good Chance for building your account on the Steem blockchain = More chances to reinforce your Engagement

I don’t expect a brilliant recovery of the STEEM price in the coming short term future, however we cannot deny that this price level is perfect for reinforcing your SP. I don’t think we will see STEEM prices lower than the bottom reached lately unless BITCOIN and the whole market collapse again, of course…

STEEM price has crashed dramatically during the past weeks and months due mainly in my opinion to the permanent selling pressure of our friends of STEEMIT INC, however it is possible that STEEM has found a solid place around the 80th position out of the top 100 altcoins at the cryptomarket.

The chart below shows the weekly amount of Steem withdrawn to the exchanges (data extracted from @penguinpablo ‘s weekly report), as you can see, this week more than 1.8 Million Steem has been sent to the exchanges, 300,000 Steem more than the previous week:

But the position of STEEM at the Total Market Cap during the past 2 weeks have not changed so much despite we have lost capitalisation:

This is because even if the amount of the Liquid steem increases continuously, there are other altcoins that are suffering a selling pressure higher than STEEM even if they don’t have such increase of tokens coming to the market every week.

So I think this is very positive for STEEM.

Sellers prefer to sell other altcoins than Steem because there is a REAL VALUE in this crypto, better than any other useless altcoin. And you know why?

  • We have USE CASE
  • We have the best Community
  • We have the best developers
  • We have the best DApps out there

As I said, there will not be better time to build your SP than nowadays.

SBI Sponsoring

My SBI shares for this week are going to @kokoliso and @serlanvet . I am very happy for having met them here despite both are at Steem since quite some time already. Lately I have interaacted with them a lot and I think we have engaged very well, remember that “engagement” is one of the three magic words fro anyone to success at this blockchain, the other two are INVESTING and COMPOUNDING.

@kokoliso is an excellent photographer and traveller. Lately he has shared his experiences at Australia but now he is back at home (guess is San SEbastian in the Basque Country)


@serlanvet is a guy from north of Aragon, an historical region in the north of Spain. He is also an excellent photographer and naturalist who shares original pics and nice bucolic scenarios from the countryside near him.


Both of them get 2 shares of the @steembasicincome initiative, hope it will help them to reach minnowhood soon , despite I know it is not so much but helps at least…

All in all, they represent really good candidates for the #tenKminnows @steevc initiative,

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.


🔫 DrugWars Last Update’s Guide ! 🔫

Dear Steemians,

As most Drugwars players are aware, there has been a few updates to the game, I will try to guide you through them in this post, if you have any question, feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I think everybody figured out a way to settle their Primary base in order to continue playing.

The easiest way was to click under your avatar to find a spot to settle.

Map and Base system

With this new update, we understood that we will be playing from now on on a DW “World Map”.


Once you decided to settle in a territory, you could access this view where you can see other people’s bases. Gang name has been added when you click on a specific base

🔫 Useful information 🔫


  • You can only develop 5 new bases with this new “Occupation Troop”. In the future, you might be able to have some more (around 5) but you will need to pay to have them
  • As the game is today, nobody can steal your base

New Occupation Troop

This is the troop you will need to train in order to settle and create a new base

New troop “moves”

  • Occupy: To colonise a new base. You will start from scratch with this new one
  • Transport: To transport ressources from one base to another, useful to give a boost to your new settlements
  • Station: As it is called, it is to station your troops at another base. Your troops WILL participate at any fight against this base. Useful information: When a fight happens, the owner of the base will have priority over troop losses

Storage Capacity

  • The storage system changed. Until July, 25th it will stay the same except if you increased your storage capacities
  • The new system is going to be 15% of the total capacity compared to 25% before, nevertheless the total capacity of your storage building has been multiplied by 3-4x meaning that the new Safe is 2.5*3x higher than previously


  • HQ is specific to the base as the Training Facility and all production storage buildings
  • The level of trainings you researched are common for all your troops even the one hired in a different base than the Primary
  • Pantheon level is also common to the account and not to a specific base

🔫 New Upcomings 🔫

  • More developed GangWars
  • A through tutorial for beginners
  • a WikiDrugWars to access all needed information
  • Cards with possibility to trade some
  • New Units
  • Token Listing
  • Fixing Bugs, I understand players’ frustration but do not forget the FutureShock team is small and is doing its best
  • Much more…

🔫 To conclude 🔫

I think this update is EXACTLY what I was waiting for, the game is going to be much more strategic and less about farming inactive players.

I understand that these changes should have been better explained and that there are numerous issues to fix.

Going forward, I will work with @hightouch to bring some insights to players in order for all of us to take adequate decisions and strategies.

Please do not hesitate to comment under this post for any bug / questions you have.


Play on a fair STEEM CryptoGaming website !

The Steemit “Genesis” post

More than 3 Years from this post. No more posts since then…

625 Votes received, 0 votes done…


429 $ per 1 upvote…

Around 4000$ a day at 100% VP…

What a waste of resources…

I can think of a few ideas that @steemit could do with that Voting Power, such as rewarding the best promoter of steem outside the blockchain for instance… I think more than one professional would come delighted and work on a good marketing plan …
while you dedicate yourselves to continue selling your stake.

Why Tron is essentially a giant pyramid scheme…

Image result for pyramid scheme

I wanted to talk a bit about my currently most disliked cryptocurrency.


I have talked a bunch about various shitcoins like BSV lead by a crook and liar. Ethereum Classic that has nothing to justify its price, having little to no dapp use along with the double spend fiasco they suffered.
LISK has a similar problem as well with almost nothing of consequence built on it. Most of these cryptocurrencies have nothing to offer in terms of mass adoption and yet they are highly rated in the crypto space.

But this is about Tron. In my mind they have surpassed Dogecoin as the king of shitcoins.

Image result for shitcoin

Its important to state all these cryptocurrencies have some intrinsic value simply due to blockchain technology but at this point in time with major tech development happening, “just being a crypto” does not cut it.

The biggest problem tron is facing is the utterly terrible quality of transactions happening on that chain that open the question of

>”who is it that uses Trx and for what purpose?”

I looked at the dapps listed on State of the dapps for Tron and i found a very interesting thing. 70 of the top 100 dapps listed at the time i looked were either high risk games or simple gambling. This is where the vast majority (id go even as far to say “almost all”) of use of the Tron blockchain comes from. Bot scripts programmed to run bets ad nauseum.
Basically transaction spam.

The problem with gambling dapps in this case is that i dont think a single one of these dapps has any kind of licence to conduct gambling and the people behind them are generally completely anonymous.

This opens users to all kinds of problems. Customer abuse. Susceptibility to exit scams and schemes.

And in the case of the business models of gambling dapps, users are essentially partaking in a:


Most of you are familiar with the exit scam done by @magic-dice and how they essentially robbed users that thought it was a solid idea to treat gambling as a solid investment strategy, due to the promised dividend payouts from Magic Dice. @themarkymark, one of the bigger investors in Magic Dice talked about the exit scam they pulled a few months ago. His post really shows how you can easily find yourself in a vulnerable position and can be left with very little, or none at all, ability to react.

Magic Dice didnt come up with that business model. It copied it from many Tron and EOS gambling dapps.

How it works is pretty simple. A gambling dapp launches its own token. Gamblers spend money and get the gambling dapp token in return. Holding that gambling token gets you a part of the earnings that the dapp earns.

Pretty straight forward. But…. What people tend to forget is that

>The player base is always the loser.

People will play a few games and quit unless they are addicts ofc and since the player base coming from crypto communities is small, making gambling seem like an investment further incentivizes gambling.
If you did the math on the token emission of Magic Dice tokens, the time to break even when taking into account reduced emmision over time (which can discourage late comers), the house edge, the time to break even for anyone not coming in early was extremely long.

At one point the big “investors” must have realized that they were playing against themselves. The spending by smaller accounts was insignificant compared to their own and they were continuously losing.

The only way for their investment to be profitable is if more suckers after them thought that they would become rich by “investing”, because some other sucker after them would think gambling is a good investment and so on… All that while the emission was being reduced and their stake slowly but surely diluted if they didnt keep playing, with no sink to speak off coming.

> A pyramid scheme is a way of making money that cannot continue very long. It involves promising people payment, services or ideals, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme or training them to take part. It does not supply any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. .

Steem has for most part gotten rid of Gambling. There are still a few dapps out there like @epicdice which i sincerely hope users will avoid and research thoroughly. You will not only lose due to the house edge, you are open to losing much much more if you start looking at gambling as an investment.

That brings me back to Tron. When your blockchain is completely dominated by such business models and activities, when most of the transactions come from what is essentially a criminal activity what other description can you give to TRON?

If a house where people gather to smoke crack you call a “Crack house” despite some people also eating and sleeping there then why would it be wrong to call Tron a “massive Pyramid scheme” where most of the transactions come from unregulated gambling where the gambling dapps adopted a pyramid scheme business model?

Are we Steemit INC-dependents?

More than three years have passed already since that one investor called Ned Scott and the BitShares creator Dan Larimer, founded the Steemit platform, built on top of the Steem blockchain.

Since then, we have seeing the deployment of many HardForks developed by the Steemit team and supported by our witnesses, some of the HF were really necessary but some others just put us on the place we are now at the market in my opinion.

Also, for me it is clear that the permanent “drainage” of the “Ninjamined” Steem which is being transfer to the exchanges with the same frequency, is clearly “ballasting” our blockchain to the most unsuspected depths of the market in terms of price and capitalisation.

From being a total needed company in order to sustain the Steem blockchain and its development, Steemit INC has become a problem for us in order to recover from a very painful a long bear market and this situation does not look to get better in the mid-term since there is no plan, according to my knowledge, that would indicate a “release” of the selling pressure by the @steemit side.

Even if they have recognised lately that they have cut their infrastructure cost with MIRA and other technical improvements, and also they implement another source of incomes by the use of advertisements on site, they are not really planning to stop or at least “smooth” a little this constant drainage.

In my opinion, this behavior is also affecting the number of DApps being built on top of the Steem Blockchain…I remember 2 years ago when the trend page was full of new ideas and projects proposed from developers… how may we have now?

I think the best development lately has been the STEEM-ENGINE and TRIBES Token+Interface placed by @aggroed and other excellent, not only developers but also investors here. I really appreciate them.

In the meantime, STEEMIT has become the BIG SELLER of the blockchain and not the entity that everyone would expect in order to further develop and improve the project.

What is clear is that, under the point of view of the regular steemian, Steemit INC seems to provide more problems than solutions…

I know, yeah, more than two years being an active member of this blockchain has taught me that STEEM IS NOT STEEM…so, don’t tell me this anymore or… I will downvote you (LOL), of course I’m joking…

but, wait… Do you think we are still dependent on these people?

I mean, is there not enough good developers in the community? (ie. @holger80 , @yabapmatt @aggroed , @netuoso etc… )

Could these good developers take care of the Steem Blockchain Code or are we “hooked” forever by the STEEMIT INC team?

These are questions for you, my prefered witnesses:


Too good to be true…

Sorry guys….

It was too good to be true…

Thanks to @chesatochi I realized that steemworld is shown differently if I check @steemit using chrome or using firefox…

If using firefox I get this:

if using chrome I get this:

Perhaps I clicked on the “x” and I have permanently closed the pop -up window at Chrome… don’t know…

…but @whatsup was right… Seems that “they have no plans of changing their selling rate yet.

I’ve been Too Fast Eddie…

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man! I cannot believe what I have discovered a few minutes ago!!!!

@steemit has stopped its eternal POWER DOWN!!!!!!

Go to steemworld and check and tell me if I am wrong here!!!


  • Remember that just @steemit was powering down almost 400,000 SP a week, since months already!
  • Remember that this amount was, in a huge proportion, one of the main reasons the liquid STEEM at the exchanges was permanently growing, at a rate not lower than 500,000 SP a week (see @penguinpablo weekly post to check it out)
  • Remember that due to this constant growth of Liquid STEEM accumulated at the exchanges, it was impossible to keep a sustained price, even when the whole market is rising because the OFFER of STEEM was somehow INFINITE

Probably we should record this date (TODAY) as the day on which STEEM touched the BOTTOM.


Steem on!


Liberland news

President Vit Jedlicka speaking about Liberland at Baruch College – The City University of New York (CUNY) tonight.

The sorry state of Whaleshares.

When Whaleshares started up many hated it, many were skeptical, many called it a steemit clone. But im someone that likes giving projects the benefit of the doubt. I gave it a shot and for a while things were going ok. There were promises of massive development, of some kind of secret update that would change everything (still dont know what that is) so i stuck around.

I did my best to talk positive about Whaleshares and to be part of the community and for most part it was enjoyable. I met some great people and some not so great ones but overall the positive camp was much bigger.

Whaleshares in a couple months will be 1 year old and looking back i cant say i see them ever achieving much. There was a lot of promise, there were passionate people involved, there was a solid ground to build upon and a solid idea…

But unfortunately passionate people and solid ideas does not necessarily translate into success.


Lets be honest here. When Whaleshares came to be, it came to be from a few disgruntled individuals that thought they could create a better Steemit. A fairer community with better token distribution and rewards for the best contributors. They thought they would eliminate bots and vote buying..

They were wrong.

They failed so badly that they didnt achieve any of that. Vote buying turned into whaletoken purchases on Bitshares and the fairer token distribution went down the toilet with “curation projects” like V12 lead by Scipio that would basically vote up a post with a small percentage and then upvote the comment on the post in question of the V12 account saying: “You got curated!” (Im paraphrasing) with a full vote.

Then you had guys like Haejin or Vladimir self voting just like on Steemit and nothing was being done about it. Now i dont know if they are still on Whaleshares. I dont care to look but a month ago when i last dropped by that was the case.

The problem with some Whaletokens (Not all allow trading) is that the purchase of a vote would get you around 2 times more WLS then if you purchased WLS directly. This ofc acted as a downward pressure on the price.
What some people did, and what i did for a time is simply sell the WLS i get from powering down, purchase the vote and then again just sell the WLS.

Bam! You just made a 200% return on your purchase and that just compounded over time. All you need to do is repeat this over and over. There was no point in buying WLS. Only selling it.

So those are 2 things..

The biggest issue though, i will talk about next is the behavior of the people heading the project. Again, i have to repeat, the devs in charge are really nice people and i cant say a single bad thing about them in terms of their actions towards me nor have i ever seen them act unfairly to anyone.

But…. i have to touch up on the most important thing which is why im basically done with Whaleshares for now



Related image

I have discussed this issue with the devs in the Whaleshares chat, DMs and on chain on a number of occasions and the responses i got were extremely discouraging and showed me a complete lack of understanding of how the crypto market works along with an irrational fear of leaving their small corner of Bitshares.

I will not name names but you can always find the conversations in the Whaleshares discord chat or on chain if youre interested.

I have talked to a number of people and the strange thread of thought they had is the following:

>If WLS gets listed that will lead to whales taking control of Whaleshares and then they can dump WLS and that will destroy the price.

The feeling i got from this is that they want to live in a bubble hidden from the world. They fear they will lose control if investments come in.

That was very strange to see because the price has already tanked by 99.1% in 10 months. (now at $0.003 from a high of $0.33). The smaller your market cap is, the easier it is for anyone to manipulate the market. Someone with a few thousand dollars could do it. Without money coming in all you have is WLS going out, votes being purchased and the price tanking even more.

It seems to me that the unreasonable fear of the market, the fear that Whaleshares will end up like Steemit (in their minds) is the downfall of Whaleshares and WLS.

It is a sorry thing to see from a project that had potential. Sorry even more so because those are some good people there that put in work and dedication to create something “better”. Unfortunately their mindsets are not well suited for success in the world we call crypto.

Just a few thoughts and ill see you guys later.

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