Cardiopulmonary resuscitation aims to save the life of humans. It involves a simple process of rescue ventilation and chest compression to maintain the flow of oxygen in the body of a cardiac arrest victim. The goal here is to provide enough oxygen supply to the brain until the commencement of the advanced life support.

Statistics on Death and Severe Condition of SCA Patients

The American Heart Association Corona in CA has revealed that cardiac arrest results in the death of about half a million people in the USA yearly. Moreover, the condition has a relatively higher rate of mortality than any other disease prevailing in the world. If this is not enough, the latest data reveals that about 90 percent of sudden cardiac arrest takes place at home or the workplace. In contrast, only 45 percent of the patients survive when they get CPR immediately.


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When the heart of a person stops beating, one should take action to increase the survival chance by double or triple. The statistics have mandated individuals to attend CPR Classes in Corona CA to become CPR-certified personnel. Here, you will know the levels of ACLS Corona CA, and other California cities. 

Levels of CPR Certification in Corona CA

Candidates may have three different levels of PALS Corona CA at the healthcare expert level. These include the following-

Basic Life Support

BLS Certification in Corona CA includes the courses to cover the benefits associated with rescue breathing and basic chest compressions. You will also learn the application of AEDs to infants, children, and adults. However, BLS in Corona CA is the lowest cardiopulmonary resuscitation program available for healthcare professionals.

The program works well for various low-risk environments. Laypeople may even undergo such programs related to CPR and First Aid Certification in Corona CA if they work in any organization, where health-related emergencies may usually occur. These include beaches, schools, and other related recreational sites. 

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

The certification classes related to ACLS in Corona CA involve the combination of basic skills in CPR and innovative techniques to boost the outcome in adult patients with sudden cardiac arrest. The certification particularly saves the life of adults who suffer from acute coronary syndrome and heart dysrhythmias. The level is essential for emergency service professionals and medical assistants, who work in hospitals and other acute settings. 

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

PALS in Corona CA is applicable for children and the course helps candidates to handle pediatric emergencies. The certification program is an excellent choice for all medical professionals who have to work with infants and kids. A high level of certification helps users to let them prepared to handle emergencies at the workplace, at home, or any place at a distance. Simultaneously, it offers plenty of tangible benefits to healthcare experts.

CPR Certification is vital for every individual working in the healthcare industry. It is essential for many employers at different levels and particularly, for medical assistants and emergency people. However, the certification is available for bystanders who want to become lifesavers for sudden cardiac arrest patients and heart patients.

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