How To Get Someone To Like You

It’s obvious the foundations of having people to like you—be sweet, be considerate, be a good human being. All those things are real. There are also, however, many smaller, more subtle things you can do that can have a significant influence on how you are viewed by others. You may wonder that anyone can always turn the spotlight on themselves and, under their charisma, make others. Were they born in order to be attractive? Or do they still have the power of magic to stay popular? In reality, it is possible to transfer emphasis to the term ‘LIKE’ itself. It consists of four parts, “L” it is mean or representing “listener,” “I” referring to “interaction,” “K” refers to “kindness,” and “E” representing “excuse,” which are attributes that make someone fond of you of great significance. You should consider being a decent listener in order to have someone like you. That implies listening to other viewpoints when you disagree on a certain topic with other individuals.

How to get someone like you and the psychology behind this.

Before, if you are thinking about going down the road of learning how to make a person get someone to like you, you need to look at the psychological aspect.

Without even realizing this, you and anyone else you know have a lengthy checklist stored in the back of his mind. On this list of qualities, there are set criteria, criteria that your potential like interest must meet before you can get someone liking them. Psychologists call this list a ‘Like map.’

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If someone doesn’t match one point or more of the points in this list, they’re automatically disqualified like a potential partner, and they’re likely to remain your friend, this is why you might fall liking with one person while others will be your “friends.”

Sure, each person’s checklist is different and unique. These are items that affect it:

·       experience

·       Values in your personality

·       Backgrounds

·       Relationships

There should be a reason that how your friend gets liking with an individual that has been considered an ordinary man, having nothing special. This man matches her own unique ‘Like map,’ not yours. Your mind does it all on its own. This is why it’s possible to fall like a person and have no idea why you fall in like with them in the first place. Your subconscious is responsible.

This is why like is such a “mysterious phenomenon,” Many people put it all down to their destiny. But in real life, it has nothing to do with fate, and it was everything related to your subconscious thinkings, which was quietly figuring out whether the person matches your ideal checklist or not.

Below is an example of a person’s checklist. A person is a 26-year-old man with a couple of serious girlfriends behind him. He’s been out of the university for two years and works in London. A person’s checklist begins with the following four conditions:

a) She would have the same level of education as me.

b) She must be a brunette (Person was once dumped by a brunette he was in like with, and in result, his subconscious has included this in his checklist).

c)  She must be family-oriented and very close to her family as well.

d) She must like to travel.

In case someone is single and looking for a life partner, and he met a beautiful lady with red hair, the chances are he’s not going to fall in love with her. Although he might think of her as likely, he’s not going to understand that the main thing that’s stopping him from the attraction is the only subconscious list of his individual criteria he’s looking for himself. It’s only when another personality ticks the boxes on the majority of their criteria (which are usually the essential points on your criteria list) you will be able to fall in line with that person. Your subconscious will then help you remain in liking with this person to ensure you get with them and maintain a good relationship. Because you’re subconscious attaches itself to this particular person like this, that’s why it’s often so difficult to forget a person you’re in like with even many years after you have separated from that personality.

How to manipulate your mind to ensure they like you back.

Here are several tried and tested methods that can help make another person fall in like with you:

a. We are meeting the different criteria. We all have this list (or Like map) in our minds. This list has all the necessary measures that we expect to be met before we even think about getting in like with someone. This is not a given that if a person does meet these criteria that we’ll get liking them, but if they don’t meet any, it’s almost sure that we could never get liking with them. Prior to trying to make a person fall in liking with you, do some research?

b. Find out all the necessary information about their interests and backgrounds – it is better for you to know more and then try to meet their criteria this way.

c.  You should meet their unmet need. When a person is looking for a new partner, he is trying to look for another person similar to him in many ways. You should look for your strengths in a person, and also the opposite of his weakness. As an example, a person who tends to feel inferior, but is also smart, will look for an even intelligent partner. Still, instead of inferiority complex, they should seek the confidence to help create a suitable balance. If in the past you were trying to make someone fall in like with you, who you know has inferiority, making yourself appear confident to the person would help inducing feelings of like in them for you. Whenever you take on the role of the more confident person, you are subconsciously texting them a message and telling them, “I have got what you need!”.

d. How hard did you try? A lot of peoples often wonder whether persistence and constant chasing work. If the individual you’re chasing is externally dependent, chasing will likely work. They were externally dependent means that a person relies on something or someone to make them feel better or escape a wrong place in their life. If a person falls into this category, they’ll probably jump at any new opportunity to get into a newer relationship. Like this case, the chances of making the person in question fall in love with you are much more significant. In short, way, when people are more vulnerable and need to be cared for, there’s a greater chance they’re going to fall in like with you quicker.

e.  Use your mutual friends. The main cause behind this is because the subconscious is programmed very easily when trusted sources (such as your friends) are backing up what they are being programmed with. In a way, it’s a sub form of brainwashing – the more your mutual friends talk to them about how wonderful you are, and you’ll have a greater chance of establishing a place in their minds.

f.   Manually wire their mind. Continuous repetition can influence the subconscious mind exceptionally to accept something. This by no means provides you license to call them every ten minutes – that would suffocate them and essentially scare them off.  It will not matter if you rarely talk or not; stay where they can see you every time, and you shall be able to enforce your role on their mind.

 g.  Associate your personality with positive things and roles. When your name would be mentioned in a crowd, what’s the first word that’s likely to come to peoples’ minds? How do they see you? Do they think ‘strong-willed,’ ‘happy,’ ‘confident,’ or is it something more damaging like ‘needy’? The better you locate your position yourself in people’s minds, the better people will perceive you. It’s all about how they perceive you.

Is there anything thing as like at first sight, or is it just a myth?

Like, at first sight, does indeed exist. If someone manages to meet your criteria on your subconscious list from the beginning, you’ll most start liking this person at first sight.

It’s easy. Your criteria may include how they stand, walk, talk or even interact with others.

This classic example is if the personality reminds you of someone you once liked before. We usually follow a pattern and felt like with the same type of person that we liked in our past. So if anyone reminds you of someone you once have liked before, but you weren’t consciously aware that they were reminding you of someone from your past, you might find yourself falling in like at first sight with them and not knowing why. You’ll then think it was “fate” that you feel like them.

Essentially why you like somebody is impossible to tell. It might be their cheerful smile; it might be their sharpener with, or it might just be because they’re fun to be around. Like them, you just. But scientists are normally not pleased with responses like that, and they have spent years attempting to determine the particular variables that attract one human to another.

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