Precision CNC Machining Price Is TOO Low

It is too difficult to start from the cnc machining industry, and the cost is all transparent, so Party A can figure it out clearly. I just worked in an outsourced factory and saw the master, but it was a pity that I only made 250 in the end.

How difficult is machining, I wrote an article before “The machining industry is too miserable, it has 0 profit, and can only make money by selling iron filings…”, the story in it was told to me by the boss of the machining factory Yes, although I was shocked at the time, I didn’t realize it personally. I didn’t know how difficult machining(CNC Milling And CNC Turning) is until I stayed in the outsourcing factory for a long time today.

I bought 5 standard parts. After receiving the goods, I found that it was a semi-finished product. I still needed to make a tapered hole and an arc surface. Then I asked the outsourcing factory for help. The curved surface needs to be cut out by oblique cutting. Drilling and wire cutting sound simple, but it took the boss all afternoon to make 5 pieces (2 specifications).

Why did you only do 5 in half a day? The first is the tool preparation time, the second is the programming time, and the last is the tooling and fixture adjustment time when changing production. The time is wasted on these invalid tasks, and the actual machining time is not much. This is the biggest problem brought by small batches and multiple varieties. , the boss seems to be working very hard, but if the output cannot be increased, of course he will not be able to make money.

Although I didn’t work today, I stood for a long time, and finally my feet became numb, and the boss of the outsourcing factory was even more tired. Not only did I have to program, but I also had to turn screws, and I was physically and mentally exhausted.

The owner of the outsourcing factory is a little over 50 years old. He has been engaged in machine processing for 10 years. The scale is small and he can only support his family. I used to be very envious of these small bosses, and wanted to start a business and engage in machining, but now I am a little shaken. 10 years ago, precision CNC Milling was still very popular, but now the competition in this industry is too fierce, and the quotations are almost transparent. As mentioned earlier, I make money by selling iron filings.

Machining actually has a certain technical content, but unfortunately it was crippled by the price war. It is recommended that machining manufacturers focus on improving product quality, compete in differentiation, align with high-end manufacturing, and build a brand and reputation. This is the ultimate way out .

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