Probiotics for Dogs and Cats: Does My Pet Need Probiotics?

What do yogurts, kombucha, and fermented foods have in common? They are plentiful in good microorganisms! Good microorganisms, otherwise known as probiotics, are bacteria and other microscopic organisms that are beneficial to one’s health when consumed. These probiotics are generally known to aid in the digestion of foodstuffs and also help to prevent the over-accumulation of bad bacteria or microorganisms that can cause indigestion, bloating, and other health issues.

While probiotics are all the rage these days in the world of human nutrition, dogs and cats can greatly benefit from them as well! In fact, many of the same microorganisms, such as Bacillus, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium, are great probiotics for humans and our furry friends alike.

So how do probiotics for dogs and cats help?

1. Aid in digestion:

As mentioned above, probiotics help digest food within the gut that a dog or cat may otherwise have difficulty digesting. Specifically, most ‘fibers’ and ‘starches’ are indigestible without the help of probiotics. Probiotics for dogs and cats process fibers in the gut to make them softer and more readily digestible by their hosts.

2. Stop the growth of bad bacteria:

Some bacteria, such as E.coli and Salmonella, can cause illness when in high numbers. Probiotics for dogs and cats help to keep bad bacteria numbers low by competing for nutrients, taking up space, and releasing proteins that are harmful to them.

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3. Decrease gut inflammation:

By aiding in digestion and stopping the growth of bad bacteria, probiotics for dogs and cats help to reduce inflammation in the gut. This directly leads to healthier, more effective intestines that not only absorb nutrients more efficiently but also decrease the incidence of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome or food allergies.

4. Boost immune systems:

With less unnecessary inflammation to worry about, the body can concentrate more on fighting off illness-inducing pathogens, such as bad bacteria, viruses, or other infectious organisms.

5. Overall Health:

With healthier guts and better absorption of nutrients, naturally, the rest of the body will also become healthier. Better haircoats, breath, less gas, and firmer stools are commonly reported after taking probiotics.

6. Stress relief:

Newer studies suggest that certain probiotics for dogs and cats can help relieve stress in pets. Not only do these probiotics decrease the occurrences of stress-induced diarrhea, but they can also have an anti-anxiety effect on the brain.

Types of Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

Many human foods, such as yogurts and cottage cheese, contain probiotics that are beneficial to pets. However, it is much more difficult to find the correct dosing for pets when using human products. It is also very important to make sure that the products are not too fatty or contain anything else that may be toxic to pets, such as xylitol and caffeine (sorry, no kombucha for them). Furthermore, not all human products are created equally and there are some differences between probiotics that are beneficial for humans compared to those that are beneficial for pets.

Probiotics for dogs and cats made specifically for pets are safer and come as chews, powders, capsules, or gels. Pet owners can easily choose a probiotic for dogs and cats based on their pet’s preferences and dietary requirements.

Different probiotics can help pets in different ways, so it is important to remember that probiotics for dogs and cats meant to help boost the immune system may not be the same probiotics for dogs and cats used to reduce stress.

Veterinarian Recommended

Look for probiotics for dogs and cats that have been recommended by a veterinarian, as not all probiotics for dogs and cats are created equally. Most veterinarians will have chosen their preferred probiotics for their quality, efficacy, and transparency. I would recommend Wellnergy Pets’ Probiotics for dogs and cats. Its hydrolyzed duck flavor is specifically made for pets with protein sensitivities and it’s also free of corn, wheat, and artificial ingredients that may cause stomach upset.

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Trucker Tools

Trucking is one of the highest injury professions. Some states have such a high rate of injury for truck drivers that there are initiatives to help protect drivers. Truck driving can be a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. The trucker cab front seat is the truck driver’s office. They provide a vital service that keeps the economy moving, getting products from point A to point B and everywhere else they need to be.

While the road offers some flexible freedom, there is pressure to deliver on time. One of the keys to delivering on time is to ensure trucking safety. Here are some tips that can help keep truck drivers safe and healthy.

Trucking Safety #1: Take care of yourself and keep healthy

Keeping fit, eating right, and avoiding injury is a big part of being a safe trucker driver. Truck drivers are on the road long periods of time, and health issues are part of the job if you don’t take care of yourself. A big part of truck driver safety has less to do with your vehicle, and more to do with you. Getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, and taking quality home time will all help you feel more content and refreshed behind the wheel.

Trucking Safety #2: Equip yourself with the right tools for the job

Without the right tools, truck drivers can be prone to injury. Use tools to help you avoid injury, check tires for low pressure, avoid strains when reaching underneath the trailer, etc. A tool like the OPNBar can help avoid injuries or strains when opening and closing truck trailer or shipping container doors. If you don’t have these tools, let your company know about them. Who knows, you could be promoted for helping to lower workman’s comp claims.

Trucking Safety #3: Reducing Accidents

Equip truck drivers and operators with the proper tools needed to help them avoid injury.

The OPNBar tool, for instance can help avoid some injuries by providing an ergonomic means of opening shipping containers, checking for low pressure tires, and aiding operators in releasing the tractor from the trailer.

Trucking Safety #4: Buckle your seatbelt

As with driving any vehicle, your chances of being killed are almost 25 times higher if you are thrown from your vehicle during a crash. Safety belts can keep you from being tossed out a window, from being dragged on the road or from being crushed by your own vehicle or another.

Trucking Safety #5: Don’t speed

speed-o-meter-1479451[1]Truck drivers have their own speed limit for a reason. Trucks have much less control when going fast than cars. Curve and entrance/exit ramp speed limits are intended for small vehicles, not large trucks. Studies show large trucks often lose control or roll over when entering a curve at a posted speed limit due to their high center of gravity.

Trucking Safety #6: Pay attention to driving conditions

Unless you’re on the show, “Ice Road Truckers” if really bad weather is in the forecast, consider taking a detour or pulling over to ride out the storm. Bad weather conditions contribute to 25 percent of speeding-related large-truck fatalities. Drivers should reduce their speed by one-third on wet roads and by half or more on snow-packed streets.

Trucking Safety #7: Check and recheck blind spots frequently

Truck drivers have many blind spots and no rear view mirror. Never rely on other drivers to stay out of your blind spots; they may not be aware of the size of your vehicle’s “no zone.” Check your mirrors every 5-8 seconds as well as before you change lanes, turn or merge. This will help you keep track of changing traffic patterns around your truck.

Trucking Safety #8: Watch the road

road-to-the-hills-1562250[1]Pay attention to the road. Don’t drive distracted or be on your phone. To safely slow down, a commercial motor vehicle driver should look at least 15 seconds ahead (a quarter-mile on the interstate and one-and-a-half blocks in the city). Paying close attention to the road ahead helps avoid abrupt braking situations and potential accidents.

Trucking Safety #9: Don’t drive drowsy

If you are drowsy, pull over. Research shows that being awake for 18 hours is comparable to having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent, that is no good. Keep yourself safe and the motorists around you. Always pay attention to signs of drowsiness like frequent yawning, heavy eyes, blurry vision, and spacing out. Don’t lose your job, or even worse, kill someone. Pull over and stay safe.

Did you know that trucking, cargo and insurance companies lose billions a year due to operator injury? Did you know 50% of all trucking injuries are sprains/strains? We introduce 3 trucker tools in 1, a shipping container safety hand leverage tool, tire thumper, and 5th wheel pull hook, designed for opening and closing truck trailers and shipping containers with the safety of the truck driver, operator, and worker foremost in mind.

This intermodal container (also known as ISO container, conex box, railroad container, and certain truck trailers) cargo inspection tool and leverage safety bar is to aid in opening and closing side-by-side doors found within Dismountable Shipping Cargo Container Trailer Transportation Industries (Railroad, Harbor, and Trucking Industries).

Trucker Tool

Trucker Tool – 3 Tools in 1!

It is the perfect instrument, to assist the truck driver or yard worker in opening and closing of shipping container doors and locking mechanisms found on conventional style (side by side) doors, allowing opening and closing of shipping container doors to be a great deal easier.

3 in 1 Trucker Tool generates great value in addition to the safety and savings our tool provides to trucking companies and their safety departments, along with insurance companies, reducing workman’s comp claims.

Designed to fit and extend the door latch handles on side by side doors found on the following units with the safety of the truck driver, operator, and worker foremost in mind:

Dismountable Shipping Cargo Container Trailers

Refrigerated Shipping Cargo Container Trailers

Semitrailer Dry Freight Cargo Vans

Semitrailer Refrigerated Freight Cargo Vans

Reefer Containers

Military Containers

Waste Management Containers

This Intermodal Container (also known as ISO Container, Conex Box, Railroad Container and certain Truck Trailers) cargo inspection tool and leverage safety bar is to aid in opening and closing side-by-side doors found within Dismountable Shipping Cargo Container Trailer Transportation Industries (Railroad, Harbor, and Trucking Industries).

We are confident in the quality of our tool. Here are some additional specs:

Safety tool rated up to 53k PSI

3 layers of rust inhibitors

Plastic vinyl handle

Anti-corrosive to gas and oil, helps operators hands from slipping

Quality materials, quality control, and made in the USA. MADE IN THE USA with AMERICAN STEEL, AMERICAN STANDARDS, and AMERICAN LOVE.

Door Latch Handle Extender

Our tool assists the truck driver or yard worker in opening and closing hard to open container doors, frozen shipping container doors and rusted doors and locking mechanisms found on conventional style (side by side) doors, allowing opening and closing of frozen shipping container or rusted doors to be a great deal easier.

As a Door Latch Handle Extender, it is a safety leverage bar to assist the truck driver and operator in opening and closing shipping container doors. Great for opening and closing cargo containers that are rusted or frozen!

Leverage tool uses the principles of leverage to do the difficult work

Promotes safety, reduces injury and workman’s comp claims.

Leverage helps to loosen hinge pins and blades that are seized due to corrosion

Leverage helps to loosen damaged or frozen gaskets preventing shipping container doors from opening and closing.

Eliminates the need for additional tools.

Tire Thumper

The Tire Thumper function assists the truck driver in a quick method of evaluating properly inflated tires for truck driver safety. Properly inflated tires make a loud, sharp thud. Poorly inflated tires make a dull thud.

A quick and easy way to check tire pressure is by thumping your tires. Some trucks have many tires and tire thumping is the fastest method for checking tire pressure before hitting the road.

Tire Thumper (aka tire beater) assists the truck driver and operator in evaluating properly inflated tires.

Some trucks have many tires and tire thumping is the fastest method for checking tire pressure before hitting the road.

If there is air in the tire, the tire thumper will bounce easily and make a loud, sharp thud; and if the tire is flat (no air) it will not bounce much and will give a sound like a dull thud when it is smacked.

Eliminates the need for additional tools.

5th Wheel Pull Hook

The 5th Wheel Pull Hook assists the truck driver in releasing the fifth wheel which can cause neck, shoulder and back injury, damaging your clothes with grease, oil, and road grime. This pull hook can help eliminate these problems.

Using a strong 5th wheel hitch pull hook is recommended when separating a tractor from the trailer to help reduce neck, back, and shoulder and other injuries associated with having to reach under a trailer in order to release the tractor from the trailer.

Soft-metal hooks (such as those made from aluminum) are unsafe as they are too susceptible to bending. Our hook is made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel.

Reaching under the trailer to release the fifth wheel can cause neck, shoulder and back injury, as well as, damaging your clothes with grease, oil, and road grime. Our 5th Wheel Release Hitch Pull Hook can help eliminate these problems.

Eliminates the need for additional tools.

Shipping Container Safety International

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How to increase immunity with IV hydration therapy

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Vitamin C is the main nutrient required for immunity along with other micronutrients and people often advise to take it orally. Oral intake is easy but then the quantity of vitamins which is required in our body is not completely absorbed and most of it is lost during excretion. On the other hand, when we take a dose of vitamins through IV hydration therapy in any Coachella IV Drips Joshua Tree CAcenter, they are injected directly into the bloodstream and there is no loss at all. This is why IV-hydration therapy works faster than any oral therapy.

People are also preferring IV hydration therapy as their weekly or monthly wellness dose. Lack of vitamins and their deficiencies lead to many other physical and mental problems. People are busy and due to this; they are unable to take proper diet which gradually leads to deficiency in the body. Intake of vitamins and proper minerals through IV hydration therapy weekly or monthly gradually improves the quality of our life. Weakness, lethargy, and lack of concentration are all gone, immunity gets stronger and productivity becomes higher. All these benefits can be attained with very little expense. You just need to search Therapy Near Me Joshua Tree CA and get ready for improving your life quality.

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Significant Considerations When Choosing Top IT Company to showcase Your Business

The internet has changed the way we market our businesses. instead of counting on the older “knock and drop” methods, you now need to consider on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword analysis, online marketing campaigns then far more.

Many companies prefer to outsource this work because it is extremely time-consuming and with the constant changes in Google algorithms, staying up so far on the newest requirements can leave you with less time to consider the daily running of your business moving forward.

When trying to find the highest IT Company in India, there are a variety of things to require into consideration to assist you to identify the simplest company which will work with you and help push your business to the highest of program rankings, helping you achieve success moving forward.

The best option is to form use of a number one comparison site, one that updates monthly supported the performance of the IT Company. Using these sites can assist you to identify how long the corporate has been in business, what percentage of customers they need, their retention percentage, their on and off-page optimization percentage then far more. These are all vital factors you would like to think about ensuring you select the simplest company to push your business forward during a competitive online environment.

The first thing to seem for once you are using online comparison sites to seek out a top IT company is to spot how long they need been in business. Only work with the highest three, anything less than which will not provide you with the results you’re looking to realize. Compare the highest three Company supported age. Obviously the longer the corporate has been in business the higher as they will offer years of data and knowledge in marketing to assist your business to grow.

The next step is to seem at their overall score. the location should have taken everything into consideration and supply you with a erase of 1 hundred. Obviously, the web marketing company offering a 1 hundred percent score may be a safe bet. Though you’ll find that the businesses are similar during a score, aim for the very best score if you would like to realize the simplest results and therefore the highest levels of service and support.

Next, check out the number of consumers the corporate deals with on a daily and monthly basis. Obviously, a corporation that has over 300 regular and on-going customers is doing something right in comparison to a corporation that only has twenty or thirty customers. additionally to the present, once you check out their customer retention rate, this may have more meaning.

The customer retention rate is some things you would like to seem very closely at and can have a high pertaining to your decision moving forward on which IT company to settle on to assist grow your own business. The retention rate is what percentage of customers the corporate holds which use their services on an on-going basis.

When watching the customer retention rate, specialize in companies that have as on the brink of 100 percent retention as possible, ninety-nine percent is right, as companies can’t keep 100 percent of their customers moving forward. the corporate is doing everything right so as to carry onto such a high volume of their customer base, which suggests that their customers are already enjoying the rewards of using this company for his or her online marketing.

The final step is to seem at the scores in terms of on-page optimization, off-page optimization, reporting, and keyword analysis, ensuring the corporate you select to assist grow your business and achieve results can provide you with the simplest leads to the longer term.

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When reality outdoes fiction

Excellent ink painting of recent creation, recreating a typical scene of the events that happened and still happen in what some call “Civilized Democratic Society” …
The author wanted to reflect a peak moment in which Catalan protesters protect themselves from the rain of rubber balls thrown by the “security” forces of the Spanish state.

  • Creation date: Week from October 14 to 20
  • Place: Barcelona, Catalunya, Western Europe
  • Author: myself after “stealing” the following twitter photo:

Sometimes, the effect caused by a painted image, oil, ink or pencil, is greater … We tend to think that a painting is almost fiction so we tend to contemplate it more closely.

Undoubtedly, the photo is much better than my gross electronic modification using a simple image editor but I’m sure you’ve been attracted to the painting, haven’t you?

Now, I want you to think deeper on the Catalan conflict… What’s your opinion about?

would not we deserve to be listened? Not only by the Spanish Government but also by International Community…

Do you think is fine to maintain this situation getting worst day after day?


When Children Cry

There is something about the cry of a child that adults immediately react to

It’s instinctual.

No matter how civilised we like to think we are, humans are essentially still just cave people, albeit cave people with fancy clothing, table manners (some of us) and cellphones.

Our basic biological imperatives remain the same: take what is mine and I’ll hit you; seek physical and emotional security; kill that which threatens you – nothing changes. The cry of a child puts adults on edge, millennia of evolution have conditioned us to rush to the defence of a threatened child, it’s how we have survived. Men out there will be able to relate: the scream of a women in distress has the same spine-chilling effect that immediately mobilises you into action.

Our caveman inner-self is only ever a veneer of civilisation away, and all it takes to bring our animalistic proto-self to the fore is some pressure.

But this isn’t a post about biology, psychology and the evolution of humanity – it’s a post that’s making a point: that we are conditioned to react to a child in distress.

There is something about the cry of a child that adults immediately react to…
…and there are those who would abuse that

So when little Greta Thunberg stands in front of the world and berates world leaders on the topic of climate change – ask yourself “What is really happening?”


This is not another pro-Greta/anti-Greta post, there are already FAR too many of those! Read on…

Back in 1990

Prior to the Gulf War, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl stood up and testified in front of the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus. Her name was Nayirah, and what she said came to be known as the “Nayirah Tesitmony”. You can watch it below if you like, but I’ll tell you the important parts.

Nayirah spoke of her time in Kuwait and what she had seen there. She spoke of her sister and her infant nephew and the harsh conditions they faced. She spoke of helping in a hospital, and then she ripped at the heartstrings of the world:

The child cried:

Nayirah testified as to what she had seen in the hospital: Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators and leaving them to die on the ground.


She went on to speak about torture, anti-American sentiment and ended with a hint that Kuwait could be rebuilt.

Nariyah’s testimony went global. Remember, this was pre-global internet, we still relied on the mass media for information (as many still do today). Medialink sent footage of the testimony to over 700 US TV stations, including ABC and NBC. Her story reached tens of millions of Americans that night.

It was everything that Bush needed. Armed with collaborative information from the UK based Amnesty International, it provided the justification to push ahead with a large military response.

The child lied:

There was just one problem with what Nariyah said: it wasn’t true.

Nariyah’s testimony was prepared by PR company Hill & Knowlton who allegedly “provided witnesses, wrote testimony, and coached the witnesses for effectiveness.” [1]

Amnesty International later retracted their support, the Human Rights Watch denied that any babies had ever been removed from incubators, and while it was acknowledged that some babies in hospitals had died, it emerged that this was due to medical staff fleeing the area and leaving them behind – not nearly as effective a propaganda tool as stories of babies being taken from incubators by Iraqi soldiers.

Worst of all, Nariyah, the poor Kuwaiti girl who had so far only ever been identified by her first name, was found to be Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States.

The adults had played the child, so that the child could play the adults.

Both were successful.

Enter Stage Left: Greta Thunberg

How many of you were asked to address the UN at age 16? 

I wasn’t. Bit Brain is Bit Brain, I was just as smart at 16 as what I am now; less experienced, but no less intelligent. Nobody ever asked me to address them – ever. But hey, let’s play fair, I wasn’t exactly asking for attention either. But others were…

I had other kids in my class, more outgoing than I was, more environmentally concerned, more experienced in public speaking. They DID ask! For example: one girl started an environmental club from scratch, she was a particularly industrious individual, charismatic and with no lack of brain power of her own. She did her best and her club had minor successes, but not in her wildest dreams would she ever have considered addressing the UN – such things simply don’t happen to 16-year-olds.

…unless somebody powerful makes it happen.

*POOF* in a puff of smoke Greta Thunberg appears before the world. The child cries, and adults react.

And react.

And react some more.

Some stop and ask “why?”, “how?” – an attempt at seeing the truth, but an anticipated attempt – and one which plays into the hands of the manipulators.

And suddenly social media is awash with Greta stories and the whole world hops on an eco-conscious high horse. Climate change moves to the fore and people literally take to the streets in support of Greta. On the flip-side of the coin, staunch capitalists reject what Great has to say, grabbing the testimony of anti-climate change scientists and pointing out all the other evils of the world where money could be better spent (committing a variety of logical fallacy transgressions as they do so).

The debate RAGES!

The environmentalists know they are right. They know that global warming is real. They know about pollution, CO2, the loss of rain-forests and the extinction of animals. They know we can’t eat money and that the world is growing more and more toxic by the day – as is plain for anyone with half a brain cell to see if they look at the difference between now and 200 years ago.

The anti-environmentalists know they are right.  They know that Greta is somebody’s pawn. They know that 16-year-olds don’t address the UN unless somebody has something to gain. They know that CO2 helps plants grow and that for people to survive they need money, and to make money you need to develop your economy.

Both groups are right.

Wait, let me rephrase that…

Both groups are WRONG!

The effect of Greta’s argument has been this: it’s polarised society. People are either strongly for her or strongly against her, the middle ground is practically non-existent. I know, I’m standing on that middle ground, and it’s a very small and very lonely patch of Earth!

It’s human nature

Back to our caveman selves: the human brain grabs what it likes and rejects that which it doesn’t. So while either of the two groups may start out right, they soon lose the plot and grab onto anything which seems to foster their own argument, rejecting that which does not. If I see another person deny that CO2 levels have risen remarkably since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, then I fear that I may have to beat them over the head with their own arm – freshly ripped from their body by an angry Bit Brain. If I see one more fool confuse natural climate cycles with sudden man-made global warming, then I am going to force the aforementioned arm down their throats. The same applies to the Greta supporters who don’t even bother to ask themselves the uncomfortable question: “How the hell did an unknown kid grab the kind of international attention that not even celebrities or presidents can usually attain?”

Whether you are for Greta or against her, here is the truth, here is what I observe from the middle ground:


Do you know what a distraction is? You should, because by engaging in this “debate”, you are part of one.

Greta, and the whole debate around her, is a smokescreen. She is there to bring climate change to the fore, she is there to make people angry, she is there to raise emotions and to create a little chaos. And you’re all playing your assigned parts beautifully!

Right or wrong?

I don’t wish to go into the climate debate now, any more than what I wish to go into the invasion of Iraq. Let me say this: climate change IS real, but don’t for a moment think that those “leaders” who oppose it are doing so for any reason other than for personal gain.

Same story as in Iraq: there was good reason to stop Hussein, the tens of thousands of murdered Kurds lying in mass graves being just one. But the real reason the US went in there was because of oil. Had Kuwait been know for its production of apples instead of oil, it’s doubtful that the US would have reacted as it did. In order to get the public in the required anti-Iraqi frame of mind, Nariyah was used, and non-existent WMDs (remember those?), and a non-existent Iraqi “Super-Gun” (remember that?) etc. It’s all a matter of propaganda. (See the links at the end of the article.)

There is merit to the arguments of both sides, but to get lost in those arguments is to miss the point.

Here is what is happening behind the scenes:

Forget the arguments. You WISH there was a simple right/wrong answer to something like climate change! The fact is that it’s an interrelated web of economics/population growth/politics/wealth distribution/technology/ecology and you can’t simply create a one-solution-fits-all-scenarios solution to it! Such a solution can not exist! 

Somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose.

…which is why we now see Greta.

The pro-Greta point-of-view is the easier one to understand: we need to stop polluting because we are killing the environment and leaving nothing for the future. Okay. Fine. Stop polluting. Got it.

The anti-Greta point-of-view is trickier. I think that the majority of the anti-Greta camp don’t really understand what they are being misdirected towards. Greta is a Western phenomenon: a Western kid trending on Western media. A Western world problem sold to the West by Western media. The ire of the anti-Greta camp is not being drummed up to oppose pollution in Western states, it’s been stimulated in order to use as a weapon against the East…

Demonising the enemy

Demonising the enemy is an age old tactic in warfare, it’s used in practically every major conflict. No sane soldier likes to kill people, in fact, a soldier feels good when he (or she) can protect people from harm. That is why soldiers are led to believe that their adversaries are less than human: it’s why (to Americans) Vietnamese soldiers were not men and women, but “gooks”, it’s why (in World War II) Jews were not citizens, but big-nosed devils seeking to plunder the fatherland.

In the public domain
In the public domain

Obviously it’s okay to kill a devil who started a war and who sits upon the skeletons of those he conquered while counting his money, you’re only defending yourself against him! Hell, better kill his kids while you’re at it, they’ll grow up to be just like him! And so we justify the atrocities we commit against one another – because our humanity can simply be switched off by our “leaders” when they choose to do so.

And as with the Greta saga, most people won’t even question this logic.

The target in this case, the demon, is the East. Specifically: it’s China. 

This is to be expected. A major trade war at the moment indicates just where Western interests currently lie and the lengths they are prepared to go to to foster their own agendas. Actually, that doesn’t even begin to start to explain the lengths to which they will go, which is where Greta comes in.

The Greta debate/smokescreen is generating anger and hostility. These negative feelings need an outlet – a target – and one is being presented to them. The pro-Greta movement need emissions reduced and the environment to be saved. The anti-Greta movement need to shift the blame to somebody other than themselves. The two movements find common ground when China becomes the enemy…

But meanwhile, the debate rages so furiously that few see the demonisation of China even taking place. Hey, who cares if a billion rural Chinese have no access to power, as long as the environment is safe, right? I wonder how long it will be before they just become “gooks” as well…

Why now?

The US is losing ground to China. While communism is often (and rightly) vilified, it has allowed the Chinese government to make and implement plans over a period of decades, as opposed to the short-term five-year max planning of the Western world (the typical period between elections). Sure I hate communism, but I damn well hate representative democracies too! (See the links to “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” and “Decentralised Victories” at the end of this article for an explanation as to why I say that.)

Feeling the upper hand slowly slip from its grasp, the US (and its Western allies – specifically the EU) needs to try to repress Chinese advancement and restore its unchallenged position at the top of global economics. (Spoiler alert: it won’t succeed.)

It’s latest weapon in the war of economics is climate change: with a 16-year-old Swedish girl being the pawn who is (unknowingly) firing the shots.

But won’t the US be shooting itself in the foot too?

No. Because (as the anti-Greta movement will very quickly point out), US carbon emissions are in decline, while China’s are growing. In fact (as they will also point out) China now produces considerably more carbon emission than the US does.

Bad China! Good USA! 



Because, as I said earlier, there is no single solution that applies to all cases.

The US is a developed country, its citizens enjoy one of the highest living standards on Earth. The average US resident is “rich” compared to the global norm. The US can afford the luxury of investing extensively in expensive renewable and environmentally friendly energy. China can’t.

China is a country that is still growing. It has a lot of wealth, but it also has about 20% of the world’s population – most of whom are extremely poor. Despite Western reports to the contrary, China does invest extensively in renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources, but it is in no position to turn away from coal and other pollutants – not without starving about one billion people!

Put in simple terms: The US can afford to become far more environmentally friendly than what China can, and it’s using this to make China look like the “bad guy”.

It has no right to do so.

I don’t like the fact that China pollutes so much, I hate it! I don’t like that it’s let its population explode to such a degree. But like it or not, that is the current situation, and we have to deal with it as it is now.

But while the US points fingers, those who are so quick to jump on the anti-China bandwagon would do well to see that they are begin played – again!

You see, when comparing apples, make sure that you compare them with other apples! The first thing that you will never see the anti-China movement mention is that per capita carbon dioxide emission statistics put the US in a position FAR WORSE than China! According to these 2017 statistics, the US produces 15.7 tons of CO2 per person per year, compared to China’s 7.7, that’s more than double! No, the finger pointers will stick to total emissions, which play in their favour.

But they’re only in their favour because the US is an already developed country. Is it fair to suddenly tell all the undeveloped and developing countries that they must conform to First-World emission norms when they haven’t had the chance to grow their own economies yet? Sure, technology is available today, but it comes at a price! Were the global distribution of wealth to be more equitable, then the Western powers would have an argument, but it isn’t  – so they don’t. Instead, the wealth lies firmly in the grasp of the already developed countries: those who already developed, already polluted, already made their money. How can they now say to the others: “we’re fine now, we’re going green, you guys are not allowed to develop at the cost of the environment as we once did”?

Once again I remind you: I’m not speaking in favour of anyone here, I’m merely showing you how the finger-pointing happens.

The graph below is one you will typically see the anti-China group use: the accompanying text being something along the lines of: “look how the US and Europe are reducing emissions while China is increasing theirs to record levels!”

From Zieben007 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons – modified by Bit Brain

Looking at the graph you can see that that is true; but what else can you see? Well for starters, let’s remember that China has about four times as many people as the US does, that already throws the “bad China” theory out the window. Then we remember that China is still developing, then we remember how much damage the US and Europe have already done in their time.

Put into perspective, this is the total CO2 produced by China thus far:

From Zieben007 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons – modified by Bit Brain

And here is what the US has produced:

From Zieben007 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons – modified by Bit Brain

Compare the size of the shaded areas. Compare the countries respective population sizes. Who is the “bad guy” now? Don’t forget the EU in all of this: sure, 100 million tons of carbon is nothing by today’s standards, but when you were producing that in 1865, while the rest of the world combined were virtually on “0”, then you an appreciate how the EU got such a massive head start back in the low population world. Should other people be denied that opportunity now?

The fact that we now see Greta in front of the UN tells us that there is political will to put her there, which in turn tells us that big money wants her to be seen there. That in turn tells us that big money stands to profit from a move towards green technology, which then tells us that big money now owns solar companies, hydroelectric equipment suppliers, wind turbine manufacture plants etc. If big money didn’t stand to gain from this, then you wouldn’t see Greta. Evidently it is now the plan of the West to move towards clean energy, a drive been made possible thanks to a newly concerned public who are been sheeped into that direction (probably far too late to actually save the Earth!). You can bet your bottom dollar that renewable energy is going to be ballooning into (and is already becoming) the next multi-trillion dollar industry.

If it wasn’t, then a 16-year-old kid would never have made it to the UN on her own merits. The cry of the child would not have been heard.


Greta is there to stir up attention, to cause the ecology debate to hit centre stage on the global agenda. Her supporters ensure that.

The opposition to Greta is there to direct the focus, to shift the responsibility of climate change and pollution off the West, and onto the East.

This is done is an attempt to suppress Eastern development, and therefore competition, as the Western world continues to lose ground to the likes of China, India and Russia. This is also done to make a few very rich people even richer – with taxpayer money – as Western governments invest in green energy. The big money scores double – and all it cost them was a little PR effort for a 16-year-old kid.

The environment is in danger, REAL danger. Unfortunately, no matter what we do at this stage, people will suffer. Ignoring environmental consequences sets up a nightmare scenario for future generations: for Greta, her children and their children. For undeveloped countries to attempt to go fully green now they will be forced to neglect and starve many of their current citizens – cue rioting, international condemnation, instability etc. I tell you again, there is no quick and easy fix.

The fact is simply that the world is overpopulated – grossly so. As long as the caveman breeding instinct continues to triumph over common sense and forward planning, our children will be doomed to suffer a life on a planet with increasingly limited resources.

I honestly don’t know if the green revolution can come in time to save this planet. It can’t happen all at once, for reasons already stated above. It also can’t stem the tide of humans breeding like flies, that too needs to stop if we are to survive as a species. What I do know is this: people now seek to make money from green energy. The West seeks to put the blame for climate change on the East. Greta is just a very visible part of that process. You’re being manipulated. You’re being played.

There is something about the cry of a child that adults immediately react to.

Additional reading:
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Yours in crypto (which can hopefully help a little with this mess)

Bit Brain


[1] The Global Public Relations Handbook, Revised and Expanded Edition: Theory, Research, and Practice ~ Sriramesh Krishnamurthy & Vercic Dejan; Taylor & Francis, 2009

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons

Footnote: I considered breaking this article into two or three parts, but decided not to split it and break the logical flow. I realised that if somebody was not going to make it all the way through, then they probably weren’t the kind of person who was going to make it halfway through anyway.

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  • Bitcoin Bulls in Danger as Price Drops $500 in Minutes Back Under $10K ;
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  • SEC Charges Token Sale Platform For Illegal $14M Securities Offering ;
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Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? New Bitcoin Mutual Fund Eases Crypto for Wary Asian Investors

Hong Kong-based venture capital group CMCC Global launched its Liberty Bitcoin Fund to provide crypto currency access to accredited investors in Asia who are very interested but have been slow to buy the coins directly.

The Liberty Bitcoin Fund is a single-asset passive tracker of Bitcoin and offers services including buying and safekeeping coins.

“We have received more and more questions over the years from our existing investor base about whether we could help them buy Bitcoin,” Martin Baumann, managing partner of CMCC Global, told CoinDesk. “The new fund is really a demand-driven.”

? Everyone’s Worst Fears About EOS Are Proving True

The Takeaway:

EOS is the world’s seventh-largest blockchain by market cap, with a value topping $3 billion since February 2019.
However, the project has long been plagued by fears that its structure was too centralized, and now the lion’s share of entities that govern the chain are in China, prompting fears of state intervention.

EOS contributors devoted to building decentralized apps (dapps) and development tools for the blockchain are losing clout – and making little or no money from contributing to the health of the ecosystem. One of them publicly disavowed the blockchain earlier this month, citing the excessive power of the largest EOS token holders.

Block.One, the company that launched the code behind EOS following a $4.1 billion ICO, is the largest token holder. Critics say it could easily redefine governance on the chain but has yet to take action.

? Bitcoin Bulls in Danger as Price Drops $500 in Minutes Back Under $10K

For the past few days, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been hovering above the 20 Moving Average (MA) and drawing closer to the moving average as volume continued to taper off and lower highs were set each day. 

Crypto Market Data

The digital asset began to look bearish on multiple time frames and it seemed that a downward move was more likely than any other outcome. Once the 12 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) dropped below the 26-EMA on Sept. 16, aggressive intraday traders correctly predicted a double bottom bounce at $10,075. 

BTC/USD 6hr Chart

? Binance to Add Fiat-to-Crypto OTC Trading in a Month, Co-Founder Says

Crypto exchange Binance is planning to add over-the-counter (OTC) trading to its platform in a month to provide users with fiat currency gateways.

Binance’s co-founder and chief marketing officer He Yi said at a media session on Tuesday during the Shanghai Blockchain Week that the exchange will specifically support fiat on-ramp via OTC for Chinese yuan.

He added that the new service will be part of Binance’s plan in the coming months to dedicate more time and resources to compete in the Chinese market. Further, the exchange is also rolling out a payment service to allow users from 170 countries to buy crypto assets using fiat currencies at

Fiat-to-crypto OTC trading has been a critical part in terms of fiat on-ramp for crypto traders based in China as local authorities prevent the direct connection of exchanges to banks and fiat deposits as part of the ban on initial coin offerings in September 2017.

? SEC Charges Token Sale Platform For Illegal $14M Securities Offering

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued ICOBox and its founder Nikolay Evdokimov for conducting an illegal securities offering and for acting as unregistered brokers.

SEC says ICOBox’s digital tokens are worthless

In a press release on Sept. 18, the SEC claimed that ICOBox and Evdokimov sold the firm’s ICO tokens to more than 2,000 investors in an unregistered coin offering in 2017.

The SEC goes on to say that the defendants claimed that the tokens would increase in value upon trading and that ICO token holders would be able to swap them at a discount for other tokens promoted on the ICOBox platform. The SEC claims that the ICO tokens are now virtually worthless, adding:

“By ignoring the registration requirements of the federal securities laws, ICOBox and Evdokimov exposed investors to investments, which are now virtually worthless, without providing information that is critical to making informed investment decisions.”


? Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 19th?

On Thursday, 19 September 2019, VexGift expense wallet can be converted to VP so you can use it to redeem vouchers and lucky draw.

Charles Hoskinson and Nathan Kaiser from CF to speak at the event.

Open Core Summit 2019 in San Francisco from Sep 19-20.

“Attention Zurich! We invite you to join our workshop on September 19! Spend your Thursday evening exploring Waves’ technology…”

“The next meeting is to be held at LTO office, and results to be presented on September 19.”


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Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


Yesterday I was talking to you about a W pattern which is a bullish signal. Look today the acceleration of the move. We could go test the resistance line at 0.178$ very soon and it would be a very good news if we can break it. Let’s wait my friends and let’s hope the BTC won’t correct in the coming days.


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General Mills prevails in false ad lawsuit over sugar content in cereals

General Mills prevails in false ad lawsuit over sugar content in cereals (Foodnavigator USA)

  • After a three-year long class-action lawsuit, the case accusing General Mills of falsely advertising its cereals as healthy when they contain high levels of sugar has been dismissed by a federal judge in California.
  • The judge noted there was no consensus on how much sugar is healthy (the FDA hasn’t updated their definition of the word since 1994 and also has no clear guidelines on how much sugar in a product is too much).
  • He further noted that “the actual ingredients were fully disclosed” on both the front and side panel of the company’s packaging and the plaintiffs therefore could not plausibly claim to be misled about the sugar content of their purchases.

Analysis and Comments

  • While the case was dismissed a few weeks ago, it’s still worth pointing out as it is not the only one of its kind; there are two similar lawsuits filed in 2016 against cereal makers involving the same law firm and some of the same plaintiffs which are still in play.
  • There’s also a class-action complaint claiming Kellogg overstated health claims on its cereals and cereal bars that  was recently referred to mediation.
  • Another lawsuit against Post is still in court, claiming that their packaging is allegedly misleading as it states that honey is the primary sweetener when according to the plaintiffs the cereal gets most of its flavour from cane and beet sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, malted barley syrup, and molasses rather than honey.
  • This issue is unlikely to go away anytime soon (even though the ruling may speed up the closing of some of these cases), as breakfast cereals are a major source of free sugars in children. Sales volumes are likely to continue to go down because of the consumer backlash at their high sugar content.
  • Currently, in the majority of countries it is mandatory to have nutritional information for food and most drinks. However, the problem is that for the average consumer the data is meaningless because of its complexity. In the long term, we think that there is a strong possibility that graphic health warnings and traffic light labelling could be used for high-fat sugar and salty (HFSS) food and drinks.

? Daily Crypto News, September, 18th?

  • ‘Get Ready for Bitcoin $20K,’ Says BitMEX CEO as Fed Panic-Prints $53B ;
  • Will Bitcoin’s Price Rally After Federal Reserve Rate Cut? ;
  • Bitcoin Addresses Worth $100,000 or More Hits All-Time-High ;
  • Binance.US Opens Registration Today, Excluding 13 States ;
  • CoinDesk to Move Into Same Building as Owner Digital Currency Group ;
  • ? Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 18th?
  • STEEM Trading Update

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete Press Review, Coin Calendar and Trading Analysis. Enjoy!

? ‘Get Ready for Bitcoin $20K,’ Says BitMEX CEO as Fed Panic-Prints $53B

Bitcoin (BTC) could soon shoot to $20,000 as a result of emergency measures from the United States Federal Reserve, also known as The Fed, one of the industry’s biggest firms has said.

Fed echoes 2008 crisis moves

In a tweet on Sept. 18, Arthur Hayes, CEO of derivatives giant BitMEX, forecast that fresh quantitative easing (QE) would further decrease faith in fiat currency.

The comments come a day after the Fed swooped to decrease interest rates on some loans which reached more than 10%, or four times its target. More than $53 billion was pumped into the economy. 

“QE4eva is coming. Once the Fed gets religion again, get ready for #bitcoin $20,000,” Hayes wrote. 

The Fed’s QE injection marked its first emergency intervention since the end of the 2008 financial crisis, an event directly leading to Bitcoin’s creation. 

? Will Bitcoin’s Price Rally After Federal Reserve Rate Cut?


Bitcoin has dived out of a narrowing price range and may see a deeper drop if key trendline support near $10,120 is breached.

Acceptance below $10,120 would expose the recent low of $9,855.

Some notable observers believe the decline may be reversed following Wednesday’s Federal Reserve rate cut, although historical data suggests otherwise.

On the higher side, $10,956 (Aug. 20 high) remains the level to beat for the bulls.

? Bitcoin Addresses Worth $100,000 or More Hits All-Time-High

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses holding a minimum of 10 BTC — worth over $100,000 to press time —  has hit an all-time high, multiple data sources reveal.

According to BitInfoCharts’ Bitcoin Rich List, as of Sept. 17, there are 157,210 addresses holding between 10 and 1,000,000 BTC. 

Earlier this month, Coin Metrics’ State of the Network report had plotted the latest data historically to reveal that these mega-holders are at an all-time high for the network.

Addresses Holding At Least 10 BTC

? Binance.US Opens Registration Today, Excluding 13 States

Binance.US, United States branch of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, announced that the opening of accounts registration, scheduled for Wednesday, will not include New York, Washington, Florida and 10 more states.

According to the blog post published on Sept. 17, registration will start at 8 a.m. ET on Sept. 18 in most U.S. states, excluding the following: Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont and Washington. The post continues:

“Although it is upsetting that we cannot offer Binance.US in [these] states […] at this time, please rest assured that this is just the beginning, and it is our mission to bring access to those of you in these states many of us call home.”

? CoinDesk to Move Into Same Building as Owner Digital Currency Group

Employees at cryptocurrency news publication CoinDesk were told Tuesday that the firm is moving into office space in the same building as its parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG), a transition that will take place in March 2020.

In an email sent to employees, his first ever to CoinDesk’s entire staff, DCG founder and CEO Barry Silbert outlined four reasons for the move, vowing that while seeking to create new business synergies with the media company, one of three wholly-owned subsidiaries, the parent would continue to respect and strengthen the editorial independence of the publication, founded in 2013.

The other two subsidiaries, Grayscale Investments and Genesis Trading, work out of the DCG office building in Manhattan.


? Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 18th?

Ten high-impact sports-blockchain startups pitch to leading blockchain investors and VCs.

“Safecoin will be announcing SafeNodes Phase II on Wednesday, Sept 18.”

GRI PropTech India 2019 in Mumbai.

On Sep 18th, 10AM (UTC+8) for UNetwork 3rd Monthly Live AMA, your exclusive chance to ask our project lead @yilu_uuu anything related.

DeFi Asia in Shanghai from 2:30 – 5:30 PM (CST), co-hosted by Harmony, Findora, and Algorand.


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


What a nice pattern that we have on the STEEM. We have a W pattern or a double low if you prefer that we can clearly see on the chart. For the one who still don’t know that pattern, it is a bullish pattern ! It looks like that the Alt Coins are taking back some percenst of the global market compared to BTC. We are still far from the Alt Season that we experienced back but it could be the start… why not ? Regarding the STEEM, let’s see if we can go test the resistance line in red around 0.178$.


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DW.jpeg

Overwatch League announces multi-year deal with Kellogg Company

Overwatch League announces multi-year deal with Kellogg Company (Esports Insider)

  • Activision Blizzard has announced Kellogg Company as a new multi-year partner of its esports Overwatch League (OWL).
  • The deal will last through 2021 and includes co-marketing initiatives with the company’s Pringles and Cheez-It brands, which will be the presenting sponsors of the halftime show and the highlights segments during this year’s OWL finals.

Analysis and Comments

  • The deal is a further sign of the growth on eSports monetisation, showcasing the rapidly increasing number of non-endemic brands that are willing to put marketing dollars into eSports.
  • eSports, while still under-monetised, continues to be one the most high profile platforms for games companies to advertise and broaden their audiences, enabling key beneficiaries such as Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA etc. to increase engagement and publicity for their games.
  • Given recent structural changes within high-profile eSports such as League of Legends and Overwatch (franchising, home and away games, regular season play etc.), we think we could see eSports becoming a profit generator for the games developers (rather than just a marketing tool) sooner than expected.
  • Notably, MTG Esports, one of the largest US based businesses, recently reported huge growth in its eSports league (ESL). Over the course of the first seven months of 2019, ESL’s data shows that unique users (+90%), hours watched (+190%) and video views (+55%) all significantly increased as a result of fans tuning into properties such as ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and ESL Pro League tournaments, shattering the numbers recorded in 2018.
  • It is possible that we could see an professional (multi-game) eSports teams/organisations become sufficiently profitable that they could look to go public, which could materially change industry dynamics.

Activision’s Share Price