Messi to Accept CR7 Formal Request for a Dinner

Hello everyone, Today is another day for sports news. When the Fifa awards was ongoing a question was thrown to CR7 where he addressed it nicely so as Messi was also given the same question    And he also answered it nicely. Messi said he will accept a dinner request from Cristiano Ronaldo if only he sent it. But he is also bot sure if the request will come off because both players has their differences which might not make them meet or have the dinner together but it turns to happen he will accept that and go with Cristiano Ronaldo. This has cleared the point of this Rivalry between these two players because people taught that it was personal but it now turns out that it is not but is a healthy Rivalry. The Rivalry comes only in football they dont take it off pitch. Thanks for your time for reading have a great day. 

About the author: Desmond Duodu
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