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Woodplastic composite, abbreviated as WPC, is a highly functional alternative for the conventional timber pergolas Dubai found in many villas and hotels. The composite material is now being used instead of timber for making composite pergolas because itlooks as good as timber but with much greater strength and performance. As a result, the outdoor structures have a great look and much better durability than the regular timber structures. There are numerous other benefits of using composite material for making outdoor structures which we’ll be discussing later but first, we’ll some other outdoor structures that can be created using the composite material. 


Pool Cabanas: It is a sheltered place near a pool or beach which is used privately for changing swimwearand also relaxing. Usually, a pool cabana has three lightweight walls and one open side facing the pool. There might be a curtain on the open side that can be used when needed. The timber which has been used for making the lightweight walls is now being replaced by composite material. With continuous interaction with water, timber can warp but the WPC material won’t. 

Pool cabanas are an outdoor structure that is a great option if you have a swimming pool in your villa. You can have one or multiple cabanas on your poolside. 


Gazebos: Gazebos are shelter outdoor structures that are open from all sides. They may be separate or attached to the garden wall. They generally have a roof to provide shade and shelter from the rain. The gazebos are not meant only for shelter but they are also looked upon as an ornamental feature. They are also found in parks and some of them are so big that they serve as bandstands. Wood pergola UAE companies are using composite materials for creating personal gazebos for Dubai villas.

Barbeque shade pergolas: The composite pergolas are also available for proving shade to your BBQ. Till now they were made of timber but composite materials are now being used for creating BBQ shade pergolas. However, when you make the entire setup of the BBQ grill and pergolas, the BBQ mustnot be placed against any of the beams of the pergola as it may cause damage to the panels. The best location of BBQ is in the middle between posts and at the outer edge of the pergolas. 


Now when we have discussed the various other outdoor structures which can be made using composite material, we also need to discuss why composite is better than the convention timber. These include:

  • It is UV resistant.
  • It is eco-friendly (because it uses recycled plastic for its manufacturing) and natural-looking.
  • It is European manufactured therefore it is high in quality. 
  • It is available in customised design and flexible options. 

Composite materials are a much better material for any of your outdoor structures. The composite wood can be manufactured into anything that timber has been used for in the past and does it better! This is due to the great overall properties of the material and its long lasting nature in the harsh UAE environment. Perfect for modern Dubai living.

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About the author: Tracey Banks
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