Why IV Hydration Therapy in Cathedral City CA is Recommendable to Treat Dehydration


Intravenous therapy is a common treatment procedure with approximately 90% of the hospitalized people getting IV as an important part of their care. Besides, many individuals search for IV Hydration Therapy in Cathedral City CA to undergo intravenous treatment to cure dehydration. 


About 60 percent of the body of a human consists of water. We regularly lose water while breathing, urinating, sweating, or exerting us physically. There are multiple factors, which lead to loss of water and increase the risk related to dehydration. These include spending time outdoors, drinking alcohol, participating in sports activities to lose water and many more.

In some cases, dehydration occurs from certain health conditions. Regardless of the reason, a person needs immediate hydration to prevent the situation getting worse. Hence, patients either go with oral rehydration or IV Therapy in Cathedral City CA


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Thirst-Symptom and Prime Indication of Dehydration 

Thirst is the first symptom associated with dehydration. However, if dehydration continues without any countermeasure, your body will start to compensate for the fluid loss. For this, your body will increase the blood pressure and heart rate to maintain enough flow of blood to different organs of the body. 

Common Dehydration Symptoms 

·        A sticky or dry mouth

·        No or reduced urine output 

·        Dizziness 

·        Dark and concentrated urine 

·        Weakness

·        Headache 

·        Bouncing back of the skin quickly at the time of pinching it 

However, if a person has severe dehydration, he will have vomiting, diarrhea, and seizure. In this situation, patients and their family members have to search for IV Drip Near Me in Cathedral City CA to get an IV treatment for dehydration. Intravenous therapy is an efficient and a fast way to replace fluids present in the body.  

IV Therapy is perfect for Rapid Delivery of Fluids and Medicines 

IV Therapy Near Me in Cathedral City CA involves the delivery of blood, fluids, and medications directly in the system of patients through their veins. Indeed, intravenous therapy is effective for patients, who require rapid delivery of fluids and drugs via IV method. 

IV Therapy is Recommendable to Treat Dehydration in its Advanced Stage 

Doctors and other healthcare experts use IV hydration therapy in Cathedral City CA for treating individuals in the advanced stage of dehydration and the ones who require replacement of fluids immediately. For instance, intravenous treatment is recommendable for fainting symptoms or with the ones have heart stroke. In most cases, human body needs one hour to process only one liter of water from its bloodstream. In contrast, IV catheter delivers fluid directly in the vein in no time. 

Why IV Therapy from Replenish 360

Replenish 360 offers VIP access to a professional, reputed and hygienic intravenous hydration therapy and other related wellness services. Here, doctors supply vitamins, life-sustaining fluids, and antioxidants via intravenous method to treat mild to moderate type of dehydration. 

Moreover, if you choose to undergo intravenous program in any popular local event, like Coachella IV Drips Cathedral City CA, you will get discounts to save your money. If this is not enough, Replenish 360 has many referral and skilled wellness services, like fitness trainers, dietitians and health enthusiasts to guide you in the best way. 

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