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Everybody’s dream is to build a beautiful house for living. The beginning of a beautiful house starts with the best of building materials. Just like the ceiling of the house is made beautiful with different ceiling accessories available, the beauty of the floor of the house is enhanced by beautiful floor tiles. Earlier, the floor tiles were limited only to bathrooms and kitchens. The flooring of other rooms was done with marble or any other material. For the last two decades, the floor tile/carrelage ceramiquehas reached every corner of the house. Be it a guest room, or living room, or anywhere, the floor tiles have taken over almost all the places of our homes.

The modern tile designs and variety available are different for different places of homes. Now, even the walls are equipped with tiles, not just in the bathroom and kitchen but also in other places. Different modern tiles are now available for the exterior walls of the house. So, the bottom line is that you can fix tiles in the entire house after all tiled surface provides another level of aesthetics to the house. However, you should have an idea as to which tile will be perfect for walls and which will be perfect for the floor.

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Let’s start with the floor. The perfect tiles for flooring are the vitrified floor tiles. They are tough and can withstand high traffic. The vitrified tiles are made of clay, and a mixture of few minerals, and a special solvent. All these materials make it hard and ideal for flooring. These tiles are extremely durable and weather-resistant for heavy daily use. Good quality vitrified tiles are scratch-proof and discoloration resistant. If they are handled properly, they can last up to 10-15 years, however, they are breakable if not handled properly.

On the other hand, Ceramic tiles/prix carrelage m2 is ideal for multiple usages. Ceramic tiles are made up of water and clay and baked at high temperature. Ceramic tiles are used for the floors of bedrooms and living rooms inside the house. Mostly it is used in the bathroom and kitchen and because of the cool temperature it is used in places with high temperatures. Ceramic tiles are comparatively less strong than vitrified tiles. They are prone to breakage due to various reasons. Firstly, they can break due to improper installation, and secondly if anything heavy falls over them.

Porcelain tiles are almost similar to ceramic tiles in usage. They are made up of specialized clay, very finely grounded sand, and feldspar. The porcelain tiles are the best alternative for ceramic tiles. Many people say that both are the same but only there’s a slight difference in their composition. The porcelain tiles can be used for interiors as well as exteriors.

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Tiled surface, whether it’s a wall or a floor, looks aesthetically beautiful. Before installing tiles to any surface, we should be aware of each and every aspect of the usage of that place. Waterproof tiles or tiles with less water absorbing qualities should be used where there is water usage, like bathrooms and the kitchen. There are tiles available for each place, just need to select the right one.

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