Festival Floating man 15.-17. of August

We would like to invite you to our first Liberland Music Festival

The first Floating Man Music Festival (and the official wedding of Vladan and Silvia) is set to take place at Cora Airport, located only ten km away from Liberland.

The whole Saturday will be spent on the water, visiting Liberland with different ships, boats and even smaller vessels. It’s a great opportunity to see the construction of Floating.ll.land as well the Free Trade Zone in the port of Apatin. 

Learning from the best experience of events like Burning Man or Ephemerisle, we are bringing something new to Europe and the Balkans. Principles like self-reliance and high regard for the environment reflect the spirit of the event.

You can also meet Liberland artists, thinkers and best musicians and in addition to visiting Liberland from skies or by boat. Side events include a presentation of Liberland Flight Academy, our soccer team, and our chess team. Music experience will include some of the best Liberland DJs and jazz performers. We are looking forward to hosting Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, the famous composer of Liberland’s anthem. 

Your event ticket is included with the purchase of Liberland e-Residency. Accommodations can be arranged in one of the nearby hotels or directly on the spot with tents which will be available for sale. 

Link to our facebook event.

About the author: liberlandpress
Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river. This is the official account.

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