Why aluminium is the perfect material for construction in the Middle East

Aluminium is considered to be one of the finest metals in all sorts of constructionworks.It is widely used in construction of multi-storey buildings because of its inherent properties like lightness and corrosion resistance. In many Middle East high-rise apartments aluminium is used for the construction of exterior facades, walls, ceilings, window screens, screen doors, staircases, shelves, railings and many other applications. Because the Middle East climate is extremely harsh throughout the year, aluminium proves to be an excellent selection for the construction industry.

The Middle East climate is extremely hot which adversely affects the external doors and windows of the home. Even the internal doors and windows are affected by the heat of Middle East. Also, there is a need of protection in big villas and high-riseapartments. Protection from insects and bugs, protection of pets, protection of children from windows and much needed protectionfrom intruders. The flimsy mesh used for screening doors and windows are not very effective in the scorching heat of Dubai and they do not provide long lasting services.


To overcome this problem, the mosquito mesh Dubai market has now launched the latest safety screens that should be a part of every Dubai home. These safety screens are used for constructing fly screen door abu dhabi, mosquito nets, window screens, screen doors and what not. All these safety applications use aluminium as an essential material for their construction. The frame in which these safety screens are installed are made of aluminium only. Because aluminium is very light weight it is easy to transport and due to its corrosion resistant nature it lasts for decades giving a much longer life to the newest safety screens available in the mosquito net Dubai market and all across UAE.

Aluminium is an intrinsic material for construction in high rise buildings when there is a requirement for safety applications. These safety applications include fly screens, mosquito screens, window screens etc. The mosquito net Dubai industries are now manufacturing mosquito screens made of stainless steel enclosed within aluminium frames which have around 10 years warranty. These safety screens are stronger and longer lasting unlike the conventional flimsy meshes which needs to be replaced every now and then. The fly screen market would have not been updated without the use of aluminium frames.


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As stated earlier that different levels of security and protection is always needed in the homes of Middle East. The screen doors are also becoming quite popular in Dubai homes and across the UAE because it provides high level of protection from bugs and insects. They are also extremely tough! These screens allow natural ventilation and peaceful sleep without the use of AC. These screen doors used for protection also use aluminium as an important material for making the frames in which the mesh is enclosed. These screens do not use any kind of screws or mechanical fixatures for attaching the mesh and the frame. This helps in avoiding corrosion and therefore lasts longer.

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