How to Acquire Red Cross CPR Certification Online

Approximately 3 lacs of cardiac arrest take place outside of a hospital yearly in almost every area of the United States. Moreover, about 50 percent of cardiac arrest victims do not receive CPR treatment before the arrival of an ambulance. On the other hand, the survival of cardiac arrest patients increases by double or triple when they get CPR and rescue breathing timely. Indeed, getting an online Red Cross CPR certification helps candidates save the life of their loved one someday. Here, you will know the process to get your CPR Certification online and boost your career as a healthcare provider.

Process and Content to Acquire Your CPR Certification

You have to get your mobile device or computer to attend and become CPR certified online rather than attending your in-person class. You may access any online CPR program easily from your home and complete it at your own pace. Accordingly, instructional materials and content for the certification are available as interactive lessons or modules, which candidates may take based on their choice. Besides, online programs will let you interact with your instructor with the help of video chat or email.

Red Cross CPR online or blended program often consists of-

·        Downloadable student manual

·        Written content

·        Instruction-based videos

·        Illustrations

·        Interactive prompts to let candidates understand the study materials

·        Practice questions after the completion of each lesson or module

·        Certification after the completion of every module

You may complete the modules in a single go or take some time for revisiting them according to your requirements. Online CPR study materials are similar to the ones of in-person classes. Reputed organizations create video-based instructions to let candidates become CPR certified online so that the content remains the same for everyone.

Hands-on Opportunity via In-person Simulation

Many online programs associated with CPR also provide candidates with the hands-on opportunity to apply CPR skills on manikins. Hands-on opportunity on manikins is of huge significance for every medical professional or healthcare provider who wants to go ahead in the industry. Hence, a few online programs compulsorily include a blended model, which contains an in-person simulation and online programs.

Online and Blended Learning Let You Choose Your Pace

Online certification associated with Red Cross CPR is a self-paced program. Accordingly, you get the freedom to decide the speed and pace of your course and lessons. You may commence or stop your training according to your choice. You may continue your studies even while working in a medical setting in your area. Furthermore, you may complete every module and test in a single day or dedicate your time to complete the program for a few months. In other words, online programs let you watch instructional videos and give access to course content regularly. Besides, you may re-watch your instruction modules and pause until you understand a particular module properly.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation provides a lifesaving technique to handle emergencies, like cessation of heartbeat or breathing. CPR training and certification let you learn to apply CPR techniques timely to make sure that the blood continues to flow to various organs, including the brain of the victim until the arrival of medical services to provide proper medical care.

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