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The Best Wedge Pillow For Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy can be a really tough time, especially when it comes to sleeping! Between all the extra weight you’re carrying and the extra sleep you need, your body is probably begging for some support. But which wedge pillow is the best for pregnant women?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best wedge pillows for pregnant women, and explain why each one is a great choice. So whether you’re pregnant or not, read on to find out which wedge pillow is perfect for you!

What is a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is a type of pillow that is designed to help you sleep on your side. Wedge pillows are also known as maternity pillows, side sleepers’ pillows, or pregnancy pillows. They are often recommended for people who have trouble sleeping on their back because they help distribute your body weight more evenly across your entire bed, which can improve your sleep.

Wedge pillows are also popular among pregnant women because they help to support your spine and pelvis while you are sleeping. The pillow is specially shaped so that it helps to keep your head and neck in a neutral position while you are sleeping, which can reduce the risk of snoring and other problems related to sleep apnea.

Wedge pillows are not recommend for people who are overweight or have a high BMI because they can cause pressure on your hips and abdomen.

Types of Wedge Pillows

There are different types of wedge pillows, including pregnancy-specific wedges. Some of the most popular pregnancy wedge pillows include the Snoogle and the Wedge pillow from Snore Safe.

The Snoogle is a pregnancy-specific wedge pillow that contours to your body to help you get a good night’s sleep. It features two chambers, one for your head and one for your hips, which helps to provide support and reduce pressure on your back. The Wedge pillow from Snore Safe is also a pregnancy-specific wedge pillow that helps to reduce pressure on your back and neck. It features a contoured design that fits comfortably against your body, and it comes with a removable cover so that you can machine wash it.

What are the Benefits of a Wedge Pillow?

Sleeping on your side during early pregnancy can help reduce the risk of major birth defects in your baby. A wedge pillow for pregnancy can also provide additional support for your head, neck and back during this time. Here are some of the benefits to using a wedge pillow during pregnancy:

– Helps reduce the risk of bed sores or other skin irritation

– Optimal alignment of your spine helps to maintain your natural spinal curvature, which can reduce the risk of back pain and other health concerns

– Helps distribute your body weight evenly across your entire bed, preventing pressure points from developing on any one area

– Allows you to stay cooler and more comfortable during hot weather months, as well as reducing fatigue and insomnia

How To Adjust The Wedge Pillow During Pregnancy?

One of the most common complaints pregnant women have is a lack of support. This can be due to a combination of the changing body, increasing belly size, and general fatigue. A wedge pregnancy pillow can help alleviate some of this discomfort by providing extra neck and shoulder support. Here are a few tips on how to adjust your wedge pillow during pregnancy:

  1. Begin by sitting up in bed with your back support by the headboard and your feet flat on the floor. Place your left arm behind your head. And lift your right leg up so that it’s resting on top of your left thigh.
  2. Place your left hand on top of your stomach, just above your pubic bone. And place your right hand behind your back. Use these hands to rotate the wedge pillows to the correct position for you. Be sure to adjust the height and width according to your body size; if it’s too wide or too short, purchase another pillow until you find one that fits well.
  3. If you’re finding it difficult to adjust the pillow yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a maternity pillow from a store or online retailer. These types of pillows are design specifically for pregnant women.

Comparison of the Top Wedge Pillows for Pregnancy

The best wedge pillow for pregnancy is a personal decision that each pregnant woman must make for herself. That said, here is a comparison of the top three wedge pillows for pregnant women.

  1. The Snoogle Wedge Pillow: This pillow is shape like a wedge and provides support to your entire body. It is made with a soft, comfortable material and can be use during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. The Snoogle Wedge also comes with an insert that can be removed and washed if need.
  2. The Comfy Cervical Wedge: This pillow is design specifically for pregnant women and features a special gel filling that relieves neck and back pain. It also supports your head and shoulders, making it great for sleeping on your side or stomach. The Comfy Cervical Wedge can be use during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. The Utopia Pillow: This pillow is a combination of the Snoogle Wedge Pillow and the Comfy Cervical Wedge. It has the same support as the Snoogle Wedge but also comes with an insert that can be removed and machine-washed for easy cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Pregnancy Wedge Pillow 

The best pregnancy wedge pillow is a personal decision that depends on your needs and preferences. Before you buy one, though, you should consider the pros and cons of each type to get the best possible outcome for your pregnancy.

Here are four types of wedge pillows, their pros and cons, and when to use them:

  1. Comfy Cervical Wedge Pillow: This type of wedge pillow is design to support your neck. And provide relief from sciatica, headaches, and other neck pain. It’s also beneficial for pregnant women because it helps them avoid leaning too far forward, which can cause stretching in the back and neck. The downside of this pillow is that it can be difficult to adjust to your specific needs. So you might need two or more to get the perfect support.
  2. U-Shaped Wedge Pillow: This type of pillow is design to conform to your body shape. And help relieve pressure on your back and sciatica. It’s also great for prenatal yoga because it keeps you upright during poses. And prevents you from leaning too far forward. The downside of this type of wedge pillow is that it’s not as comfortable as the comfy cervical wedge pillows.

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After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of the different types of wedge pillows. And which one is best for you when pregnant. I hope that after trying out a few different types of wedge pillows. You can find the perfect one to help get your body into the correct sleeping position and ensure a good night’s sleep. If you have any questions about which pillow is right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below!

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