Writing is hard, writing consistently is hardest.

Every few months, or years… I try and get into the habit of writing. Mostly I try document stuff I have done and find interesting and I stay away from opinion pieces, mostly because they can be such tripe.

My latest attempt has been to write 2 posts a week, only on the Steem blockchain, but to do that consistently. I have already failed.

Most people consume, I believe, because it’s easy. Twitter and a Facebook feed is addictive because it’s such low effort and you get your little dopamine hits. People scroll that stuff for hours.

Writing on the other hand taxes you much more, especially if you try write more than a few words, if you try an add value. It’s possible to do this in short spurts, a post/article here and there.
Doing so consistently is even more taxing, it’s awfully easy to let things go and fall back to consumption mode, no-one reads your stuff anyway, or so it feels.

I had hoped to write something on what I did this weekend, basically a lot of work for little to no gain. But it feels too much effort and I have other things which feel much more pressing. My mother in-law is set to move in with us in a few weeks time. We have a separate space almost like an apartment under our house where she can live with autonomy, but close to her grandchildren and with us close in case she needs help.
Before she moves in we want to break out a fireplace in the kitchen, so that the space is freed up. Right now it’s really just in the way and theres no way she will be using it to cook, so it has to go.
Instead of doing that, though, I have been spending time, trying to get our water pressure upstairs right, so our hot water lasts more than 2 minutes. I have reached the point where I can do nothing more, save buying a pump to boost the water pressure.

All that time spent on water, means I have fewer weekends to break out a fireplace, render the walls, clean and finally paint. All before the impending move. Alot of the pressure is self-imposed but it causes me to weigh up costs and benefits to what I am doing in an extreme fashion. I forego ‘fun’ stuff and work more, hoping to dig myself out of a hole.

Writing kind of falls into those ‘fun’ or ‘leisure’ activities, things that don’t improve the house or our situation, so it falls by the wayside.

Hence you have this, an opinion piece, of sorts, maybe more of a braindump? But at least I made something instead of using some of my ‘idle’ time consuming snippets of others’ lives (more like presentations of snippets of their lives – social media is so full of people pretending…

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