My Journey on Steemit


I always love to share my experience on things that I have done or been through. My journey on steemit has been a lovely one. It all started in the year May 2018. I was in school and my Senior Brother @desmond41 called me on phone and told me that he will show me a blogging platform to blog on it but before that I use to send him some stories then he will post on his blog. So he created the account for me and did everything for me. So he came over to my hall in legon and took me through the process on how to go about on the platform and follow everthing but I did it for quite a while and stopped. Later on I Came back again and started blogging again. I am also a fun of football so I start blogging about football but before that I wasnt actually earning that much on so i told him I am not earn and he encourage me to post I will by all means get there so I continue posting. Later on I had some steem and then Sent him the steem for him to withdraw it for that was my first wow of then I got hooked up on the platform. So he then came to me and showed me a curation platform and I joined. That is what has been holding me now. So if anyone too will like to put me an auto upvote to get something small I will be appreciated. My journey on steemit has been a cool and tough one but it is all part of the platform because nothing is earned on a silver platter. Always work hard for it. Have a great day.

About the author: Sophia Duodu
I am a hard working girl who recently joined crypto and will want to know more about Crypto Currency.

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@peepso_user_24(Quod Scripsio)
Hello Sophia,
When you post an article, if you add a featured image then it will show up here in the feed. You can choose whether or not the featured image will then show up on Steem by checking/unchecking the "Add featured images on top of the steem post" in the SteemPress settings.
If you add the image, then your featured image shows up at the very top of your article. So you can then either not put it in the article itself, or put it in later so that it's repeated. If you prefer to not have it at the top, then please uncheck the box in SteemPress and add the featured image from the library before posting. It'll make our presentation look better.
If you need help, you can DM me.
4 years ago
@peepso_user_90(Sophia Duodu)
okay Sir
4 years ago