Steem Whale Should Start Posting

I just realized on the steem blockchain that most of the whales have stop posting and they are now delegating to Dapps so that they will get daily rewards from the dapps. So those who post on the blockchain is mostly the minnows on the blockchain which is also not good. If we want to grow the platform all the whales should start posting or they can start curating post and give users daily reward so that it will motivate them to post more. Because most of the users do post quality post but dont get rewards on their post which make them feel that they are wasting their time but if we should get whales who curate post and reward users alot of them will post and make sure to post more. I think we all should try and think about this and know how we will go about that.

About the author: Sophia Duodu
I am a hard working girl who recently joined crypto and will want to know more about Crypto Currency.

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