Links and Essential Aspects of Chains of Survival in CPR Certification in Lake Forest CA

Death and brain damage due to heart failure or cardiac arrest has become common in the United States. The problem is that more than 35,000 sudden cardiac arrests take place annually and out-of-hospital. In particular, 70 percent of cardiac arrest incidents take place at home.

Another major problem is that victims often seem to be healthy without any risk factor or known heart disease. Luckily, we have bystanders to impart cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR gives temporary relief to victims until the arrival of an ambulance or emergency treatment.  Hence, whether you are a healthcare professional or a bystander, you must attend CPR Classes in Lake Forest CA toacquire CPR Certification.

Overview of CPR Training and Certification

CPR Certification in Lake Forest CA involves a group of problem-solving medical techniques and procedures designed to impart urgent treatment to cardiac arrest victims. The CPR in Lake Forest CA training makes candidates competent enough to handle life-threatening emergencies, including stroke and cardiac arrest. In some cases, candidates will learn to operate an AED i.e. Automated External Defibrillator. Depending on your chosen program, you may get First Aid Certification in Lake Forest CA with CPR training and certification.

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CPR Training Involves Teaching Chains of Survival

Whenever an individual suffers cardiac arrest out of the hospital, bystanders have to perform a sequence of events to increase their survival chances. Experts involved in CPR and BLS Certification in Lake Forest CA refer to the sequence as chains of survival. One has to perform chains of survival out of the hospital and the links/steps included in it are-

  • Quick recognition of heart failure or cardiac arrest and activation of AED and related emergency response system
  • Imparting cardiopulmonary resuscitation as early as possible with a strong emphasis on depth and rate of chest compressions
  • Application of AED to perform defibrillation rapidly
  • Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation by healthcare providers and similar types of emergency medical services
  • Care and treatment after cardiac arrest
  • Finally, experts imparting BLS in Lake Forest CA conduct recovery of cardiac arrest victims. Here, the procedures include additional treatment, proper observation, rehabilitation, and the necessary psychological support.

Details of the Links in the Chains of Survival

Early Access

The first link is the early access to an emergency response system. It consists of recognizing the cardiac emergency early and notifies it to the rescue personnel with a universal telephone system. Simultaneously, the personnel with BLS Certification in Lake Forest CA activate response in an internal alert system.

Early CPR

The second link consists of early CPR in Lake Forest CA consists of a set of necessary actions, which a rescuer performs by following a sequence. In this way, the second link assesses and supports airways, circulation, and breathing.

Early Defibrillation

The third link refers to early defibrillation, and it consists of delivering a shock to the patient’s heart to recover the normal heart rhythm. The knowledge of early defibrillation is crucial for all candidates who want to pursue ACLS in Lake Forest CA.

Early Advanced Care

Early advanced care is the matter of the response to highly trained and fully equipped pre-hospital experts of the emergency system. These experts check the response to patients and administer drugs, apply advanced airways, and related interventions.  

Therefore, CPR certification and its chains of survival lead to a quick recovery and improvement in the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients.

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