How shade sails and awnings reduce the temperature of your outdoor living area

During the summer season, the UAE residents witness temperatures as much as 50°C. Such a high temperature not only affects humans, but also non-living objects. If efforts for cooling are not done in our homes, living conditions would be uncomfortable. Also many Dubai villas have large outdoor areas and open balconies which need to be covered and shaded so that excess heat is not absorbed and the temperature can be reduced to a tolerable level. If cooling or shading mechanisms are not applied outside the houses, it also affects the temperature inside the house. The awning shade Dubai companies offer different kinds of awning shades and shade sails so that outdoor temperatures can be maintained by providing large shaded areas. Awning shades can help quite a lot in reducing the temperature outdoors as well as indoors by reducing the amount of sun and heat penetration through your windows. 

High temperatures can damage furniture and vehicles lying outside the house; therefore, they too need a shaded and cool area and a traditional shade sail provides a good solution. 

What is an awning shade?

Generally, awning shades use an UV resistant outdoor fabric that is rolled inside an aluminium box structure. They are placed above a window and two guide rails run down the side of the window. A motor controls the winding and unwinding of the fabric as it runs down the guides to provide sun protection to the window. The colour of the material can be selected to match your taste and villa colours. The can also be known as motorised awnings as they are controlled by the push of a button which drives a Somfy® motor.

 How does an awning shade work to reduce the temperature?

The main purpose of awning shade is to provide shade and reduce the temperature of indoor areas. When placed outside a window that is in the direct sunlight, they block the harmful UV rays and infrared rays coming from the sun. The infra-red rays of the sun have the property of heating the objects whichever comes their way. Hence to maintain the temperature inside your home all windows in the direct sun should be covered. The fabric used in awning shade is thick and flexible which can block the infra-red rays; hence they help in keeping the surroundings cool. 

We all have already heard about the harmful effects of UV rays on the human body. They even cause cancer if our body is exposed to it for a long time. The awning shades protect from both UV and infrared rays. 

The awning shades are available mainly in two types; manual and automatic. The manual shades can be motorised or opened and closed by a hand crank. The second type of shade is the automatic which can be programmed to open and close on a timer. They can even be connected to your home automation system as Somfy® motors are simple to connect to any system.

In summary, the hot Dubai summers can be made cooler through the installation of awning shades over your villa windows. 

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