Printing a koda trace (screen print positive) with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 (lucia pro inks)

Most guides say you need dye based inks, RIP software, custom black inks, epson printer or double printing.

The pro-1000 breaks all these rules and prints screen print positives very easily.

This is due to the Lucia pro inks containing UV blockers. This means you don’t need to print a truly opaque black layer, just a layer that can block out UV.
Therefore you don’t need RIP software to lay down maximum ink, you don’t need to risk damaging your printer by adding 3rd party custom inks, you don’t need dye based inks, epson printer or double printing.
I’ve even found that you can print a koda trace with red or yellow ink, which when held up to the light are not opaque and look like they would not block enough light to make a
successful screen, but because the ink has UV blockers it works!

To print a Koda trace (screen print positive) on the Canon pro-1000 you will need some inkjet positive film. I use Posiprint screen film 130mic from colourbyte in the UK.

If you are in a different country, look for a film that is specifically made for screen print positives. I wouldn’t recommend just going for a cheap acetate.

Once you have your design. open it in your DTP program or printing software. I use Photoshop.
In Photoshop you open the print studio pro plugin.
Then set your media type to :
Photo Paper Plus Glossy II .
Set your colour mode to :
Black and white photo
Print quality to :
High or highest

I’ve found that the screen film prints better using the manual feed tray and not the rear tray. I’ve nearly had a sheet get stuck in the rear tray.

Exposing the screen to UV light with the positive placed under the screen.

Wash the screen then leave to dry.

tape your paper down, place the screen on top then squeegee your ink through.

Finished screen print.

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