BREAKING NEWS // Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto

Have you ever wondered? Have you asked yourself? Do you go nights without sleep pondering about this very question?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

I am here to answer that question! Satoshi Nakamoto is this man below.

Slikovni rezultat za Craig Wright

Now that you have been thoroughly bamboozled by my clickbait i shall commence with my post.
Just to be clear, Satoshi is most definitely not this man above. The man above is a fraud whack job….. Which leads me to the topic of the day.

What is it about cryptocurrencies that they attract weirdos and so many morally corrupt egomaniacs of questionable sanity and mental health?

Is this a question that kept you up at night? Because that one is at least as interesting as finding out who Satoshi is. (Well maybe not, lol.)
There have been pages and pages written about Craig Wright and the fraud he is. Technical incompetence, faked documents, forged signatures, plagiarism, etc.
He is mostly a joke that gets attention.
But lets move on…

Povezana slika

Tone Vays. I literally cant think of a more obnoxious little weasel. He reminds me a bit of Wormtongue from Lord of the rings or Gargamel from the Smurfs.
I just cant stand the guy. I cant stand listening to him talk. I cant stand his domineering pushy behavior. I cant stand that awful haircut of his. He seems like the guy that has no friends and lives in a basement apartment sitting at his PC all day writing mean comments in a Youtube comment section.

How about someone more fun?

Povezana slika

John McAfee. What can you say about the guy that pays girls to defecate in his mouth and is running for president of the United States from his yacht, while running from the IRS?
All you can say is:

Sometimes heros dont wear capes!

I could talk about Roger Ver next or Brock Pierce, but theres really no need. You get my point. The faces of crypto are very strange indeed.

How about we go a bit closer to home?

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Jerry Banfield.
You all remember that guy, dont you? Self-fellatio, half naked vlogs, ridiculous claims, scammy behavior, spooky looking eyes.
If i believed in aliens id bet he was one.
Very strange…..
But where ever you look around here you find weirdos. I just ran into one very strange individual that is somehow a “community leader” on Whaleshares.
I wouldnt let him lead my neighbors dogs to the park.

And i hate my neighbor and his dogs.

On Steemit, same thing… There was drama a few days ago between two narcissistic whales. Bullies and type of folks that enjoy hurting others.
All you need to do is take a minute and look around to see what surrounds you. I could name a dozen more individuals that are influential but stand out for being people that you would actively avoid in real life.

Is crypto a digital “New World” where the degenerate, shunned, socially rejected try to finally play out their fantasies of grandeur at the expense of the normal folks?

Where they can finally be important in one way or another and achieve something that they can finally be proud of?

I think so. I think that while IRL those kinds of people make up a small percentage of the overall population, here, in the crypto world, the NORMAL to WEIRDO ratio is much closer to being 1:1.

So really… Try and stay safe, because you never know where another Jerry or a McAfee could be lurking. Lol

Ill see you around.