CryptoMania – A Provably Fair EOS-based Slot Game (Comprehensive Review)

Unless you have been missing out on the actions. EOS-based games and casinos are the new rages in town.

Lots of fun and earning opportunities have been created in what is now becoming the mania of the current crypto phase.

If you are a lover of decentralized gaming applications and would really want to maximize your fun and earning capabilities. Here is the secret… You need to join in the rush during the launching period or earlier days of a Dapp in this category.

Meanwhile, maybe you have missed out on a few ones in the past and want to bury such misses for good.

I am glad to tell you there is a new hot-sauce around.

I bring to you CryptoMania slot – the first provably and decentralized EOS-based casino game.

In this CryptoMania review and explainer post, I will provide a general overview of how this slot game is played and highlight its uniquenesss. You should also rest assured that I will be showing you series of illustrations on how to get around the game and fill your curious mind.


Your Slot Games On EOS

CryptoMania is a casino gaming platform built upon the decentralized EOS infrastructure to enable a fair, transparent and rewarding gaming experience.

The game is constructed with a wider outlook to bring the gaming experience of traditional advance platform by using a battle-tested algorithm and mathematical random number generator.

According to the project Manifesto – CryptoMania game is a work of a team of experienced gamers, developers and blockchain enthusiast with over 50+ years of accumulated experience in the gaming industry and over 9+ of experience in the blockchain space.

Current use of the game is restricted to the EOS blockchain at the moment. However, there are underground plans to enable universal onboarding gateways and experience.

Placing a bet on CryptoMania is conducted via the EOS coin or MANIA token with future plans to allow other cryptocurrencies. The winning probability of bets is determined not only on luck but also by factors which are regulated by the adopted algorithm.

A Provably Fair and Trustless Gaming Platform

One unique feature that should excite all players of CryptoMania slot is the trustless onboarding process. Using the advantage of innovative escrow contract tools like Scatter, a player can start engaging with the slot game without ever needing to make a direct deposit or withdrawal, thereby, mitigating the risk associated with trust.

This trustless operation prevents heartbreaks experience when a project suddenly runoff with user’s fund as your private keys stay with you and you only.

The provably fair concept is realized by using the data of the hash of a blockchain transaction of a bet, which is regulated and calculated by the widely used slot machine “Mersenne Twister” algorithm for random number generation. This algorithm is the #1 used slot machine randomness determinant in the traditional world and top casino platforms.

The calculation of how the hash is determined is explained in this section on the CryptoMania website.

To instantly verify the fairness yourself a “maniaresult” blockchain result is provided to you every time you place your wager.

The advantage of this is that players do not need to trust the honesty of the algorithm adopted by the slot machine which mostly is rigged with cheat and unfairness in most traditional slot gaming, but to openly verify the authenticity of data backing a bet result.

Author’s Remark

By Combining the concept of verifiable gaming fairness and trustless payments, Cryptomania ticks the boxes of a credible casino dApp game and is worth keeping tabs on.

How CryptoMania Works

Your Chance To Multiplying Your Stash

CryptoMania slot machine matches symbols in a random but deterministic way, using a set of data to compute a winning bet.

Winnings are calculated and identify according to the value each particular symbol carries. Using this in conjunction with their combination and formation determines the result of a bet.

This diagram reveals the worth of each symbol and their combination worth.

The way the combination of any of these symbols forms a line and their frequency determine a winning bet and the payout amount.

Each formation of line with their assigned number is shown in the image below.

A zoom-out format

Author’s work

Lines are drawn on the basis of 3 rows and 5 reels or column.

A pattern must reveal at least 3 members before it is considered a winning bet. The number of appearance or frequency increases the winning amount. that is – 3x, 4x, or 5x.

Look at this example

The winning line in the above sample form a pattern similar to line 10, therefore the winning line is line 10.

These are some of the factors that determine winning lines.

Winning lines must be in succession from both leftmost to right and rightmost to left.

There are 10 X 2 possible winning lines per bet.

You can read the full rules from the project manifesto (page 8).

Here is another sample with winning line 5

Author’s Remark


Multiple lines of winning and winning combination provide a greater chance of winning.


  • Winning lines are difficult to get at first, but becomes easy afterwards.
  • More than 5 symbols provide some level of difficulty to easily win.

Placing A Bet

CryptoMania slot is an EOS-based game and this requires you to connect your EOS account via Scatter on Desktop or Token Pocket/Lynx or any other EOS mobile wallet before you can make a bet.

To place your bet: Get an EOS account if you don’t have one and follow the steps below.

  • Login to your scatter or mobile EOS wallet browser and navigate to
  • Choose your token of preference (EOS or MANAI) at successful wallet connection.
  • Choose your desired wager amount. The minimum bet is 0.1 EOS while the maximum is 400 EOS.
  • Click on SPIN to make your bet. Press and hold your finger on the SPIN button to automate your bet until you press the Stop button.
  • The result will be revealed almost instantly and is verifiable through the ‘maniaresult’ receipt.

Author’s Remark

Smooth login and onboarding process provides players with top experience. Intuitive website design simplifies the overall experience.

Crypto Mania Token Economics and Its Advantages

A good tokenomics determine whether a token fits an investment checkbox.

In the case of CryptoMania, tokens are generated under the concept of “play to mine” that is, for every successful bet wagered, a number of determined tokens are generated and replicated into two different pools.

The original pool serves to reward players in the form of dividends. The replicated second pool is divided among various sections like marketing, team, bounties, and investors.

Dividends are payout on an hourly basis and distributed proportionally among users who qualify. A user needs to stake some amounts of MANIA tokens in order to be eligible. Unstaking of tokens takes 24hours before they are released.

CryptoMania token generation is strictly based on the concept of “play to mine” and there are no pre-mimed tokens. There would be a total of 2.1 billion MANIA tokens which will be distributed in a period of 30 months.

For every 1 EOS a player wagered, the player receives Mania mining rewards. Higher mining rewards are enabled with an accumulated wagered amount of 10 EOS. which can also be leveled upped within four bonus levels.

Apart from the mining reward and distribution, 96% of the house edge profit is distributed back to players.

VIP Status

VIP members are entitled to up to 0.4% cashback on wagered amount.

Referral Program

CryptoMania affiliate program is one of the best you could come across with so many attached benefits. You stand to receive;

  • 0.2% lifetime on all your referral wager.
  • 10% extra Mania bonus on all Mania tokens mined by your referrals.

Consult CryptoMania Manifesto for other huge benefits. (Read from page 10)

Author’s Remark

The concept of “play to mine” without any prior pre-mine provide a fair tokenomics as tokens are generated based on usage giving the tokens a reasonable value.

Graphical representation and summary of CryptoMania Slot game

Infographic is the work of the post author

Author’s General Remarks and Conclusion

Judging from an honest side of view based on my understanding of decentralized applications and casino games. The approach of operation adopted by CryptoMania is “Provably Fair” in many respects.

One aspect that is worth taking note of most is how there is no direct deposit or withdrawal, which goes a long way to minimize the risk associated with theft, hacks, and deceit.

Also, tokens are generated according to the usage of the system in a deterministic way, which ensures fair protection of the token value.

It is also important to point out the transparency I observe from the project product and resources while I was doing my research. An example is how a mathematical explainer of how bet results are calculated. Verify here.

On the other side of things, the obvious downside is the absence of any personal documentation of the team. The team operates under an anonymous banner with no one to be held responsible for a bad event or experience. Judging from my experience with many gaming and betting Dapps, most of them operate under this anonymous status ( it is seen with even the established ones). This status quo among betting Dapps may be assumed to avoid regulation pressure that is related to strict KYC process required to operate in this niche, geographic restrictions and other forms of regulations.

My Overall Rating

4.4 of 5

My rating resolve to a positive review, therefore I will be suggesting a befitting slogan that matches CryptoMania concept and usage.


Spin and Win with the blocks

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Project Resources 

CryptoMania Website 





All related project images used in the post are sourced from the project resources and website except the ones made by the author.

Special Note and Disclaimer

This review was conducted as an entry to a CryptoMania review contest hosted by Though, I tried my possible best to give an honest review and overview of the project. Nevertheless, I shall not be held responsible for any investment, gaming, trading or betting decision made by readers of this review. Shared information is based solely on my own assessment and opinion. It is advised you do your own research before making any form of decisions related to the content of this review.