Another attempt at image transfer – Sunflower 2

An image transfer is when you use a certain polaroid or in this case fuji instant film and then transfer the emulsion onto art paper before it has developed properly.

Photo taken with Polaroid 600SE  camera, Fuji fp-100c

More instructions on how to do an image transfer in the link below

Testing my Polaroid 600 SE professional (aka The Goose) with fuji fp-100c instant film.

I recently bought this ‘Goose’ off ebay, specifically to shoot with fuji fp-100c instant film.
You may have read in 1 of my previous posts, i bought a M.P.P. 5 x 4 Inch film camera to shoot fuji instant.
Unfortunately i had not anticipated how bad my arthritis in my wrists would affect me with such a big camera.
I found i was struggling to use it so i decided to go for the polaroid.

Polaroid 600 SE professional is based on the Mamiya Universal/Press. And has an interchangeable Mamiya lens with inbuilt seiko shutter.
It is a view/rangefinder camera, so you are not seeing exactly what you get on the film, although so far i’ve found the view/rangefinder to be pretty accurate and reliable.
Still a bit on the heavy side but far lighter and easier to handle than the M.P.P.

Even though you can hand hold it, its still really a tripod camera, as you have to set everything on the lens, which means you have to look at the lens to set shutter speed, aperture and cock the shutter.

I love the unique aesthetic quality of instant films like polaroid or in this case fuji, or as i like to call it fujiroid lol.
This is an old pack that was in the camera and had become slightly warped in the pack, which may have caused the unique edging.
This type of film can also be used to do an image transfer, where you peel apart the film after a short development time and transfer the image onto watercolour paper. There is also the emulsion lift technique where you can float the emulsion off the print and lay it onto other mediums such as paper, wood, metal, glass etc.

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