Steps to Buy SCROOGE Tokens Easily

SCROOGE is a type of hyper-deflationary token and it has REAL utility in the future. The coin can pay you 8 percent of BUSD reflections on each of your transactions whether it is buying or sale. Moreover, SCROOGE allocates approximately 4 percent to the funding of the marketing and casino. Besides, it allocates pending 2 percent to automated liquidity.

Steps to Buy SCROOGE Tokens

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We know that cryptocurrency traders cannot buy SCRG tokens directly from any Coinbase wallet. In this case, one has to follow certain steps for buying them easily. The steps include-

Step1-Install Your MetaMask Wallet

SCROOGE or SCRG is one of the blockchain apps similar to bitcoins. Hence, to start buying SCRG, you have to install a MetaMask Wallet. The wallet lets you install any type of cryptocurrency within a few seconds and is available as mobile apps and browser extensions. Other than that, MetaMask has a secure login, a key vault, and a token exchange. In other words, you get everything required for managing your digital assets.

Step 2-Purchase BNB

Next, you should purchase BNB, which refers to the native token of Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. The utility token allows its holders to pay discounts while trading on any Binance exchange. You are available with different modes to buy BNB, which are as follows-

Bank Transfer

Individuals can buy stable coins available from the Binance list by wiring money from their accounts to the coins’ providers. Later, buyers may use stable coins for purchasing BNB available on Binance exchange.

Debit Card or Credit Card

One can purchase BNB directly by using their debit card or credit card from Binance. In particular, if you want the best route, we recommend you to buy BNB with your MasterCard or Visa Card.

Trade BNB

Binance allows traders to deposit approximately 300 cryptocurrencies, many of which you may change at the best market rates to buy BNB.

Buy BNB Directly

You may purchase BNB directly from any other person online or offline on your set terms and conditions.

Step 3-Visit Pancake Swap

Now, you have to visit the link of Pancake Swap exchange and press to Connect Wallet for connecting your Meta Mask wallet. Pancake Swap allows users to swap between different cryptocurrency-related assets by simply tapping in liquidity pools generated by users. Accordingly, the exchange has a pool of opportunities for different liquidity providers.

Step 4-Set the Slippage Tolerance

In this step related to how to buy Scrooge tokens, you have to press the gear button to set slippage tolerance at 10 percent.

Step 5-Enter the BNB Amount

Lastly, you have to enter the BNB amount that you want to exchange for your Scrooge. Press on the Swap button and confirm the transaction.

Therefore, with easy steps, you will exchange the Scrooge token with any other currency of your choice.