Building Minnows: New Steemian to follow and SBI Sponsoring [W1]

Since yesterday I am following @mrhill , one steemian enrolled on September 2017 but he became active on January this year.

He wrote an amazing post about running with a non very attractive title but with a good level of quality in the topic inside. He explains his thoughts and feelings about being a consistent runner as well as his opinion about Murakami’s book which I fully recommend you to read if you are a runner (“What I talk about when I talk about running”).

Besides that post, @mrhill ‘s blog looks very interesting, being a sportive man, he is an active user of @actifit, which posts have nice stories and pics inside which I appreciate more than the typical Actifit post without nothing to say but the count done.

Also he writes about Child Literature and Education, he is a teacher also, both topics are very interesting to me since these posts can help me with my children as well…

SBI Sponsoring

I’ve been thinking for some time on how to help those active steemians whom I consider good content creators and who are struggling on their way for becoming Minnow.

I thought for a while about delegating some SP on them but, honestly I am not a big dolphin and the current Market situation does not help a lot in order to not lose excessively my already tiny Voting Power, even if it is a temporary action. Actually, I decided that only would delegate part of my stake to someone who I consider in a really “need condition”.

Then, I had a second look back to the @steembasicincome initiative, which I supported and used long time ago and from which I am receiving some small intensity upvote on my posts from time to time… I think that now that I am a small dolphin, @steembasicincome can be a good tool for me in order to support those steemians I would like to help while also increasing my shares there thus, somehow, both are benefiting for this action.

I am going to do this action in a weekly basis. For the current week my SBI shares are going to:



The two first are really good steemians and runners as well, is my fellow colleague at @runningproject initiative and @marenontherun I know her since long time ago also because she is part of the @runningproject ‘s family. I am contributing with this action to the #tenKminnows and #maybeaminnow initiatives. Thanks to @steevc to arrange them.

Steem on.


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