Probably the most important new about crypto I have read lately.

Ahhhhh, what an amazing country!

Just one week ago that I came back from a holiday trip at Portugal, mostly at Algarve and Lisbon area.

Chatting with my wife we both agreed that Portugal had surprised us in many aspects…

There we found an exemplary country in my opinion, excellent gastronomy, beautiful and clean beaches, preserved nature, modern and efficient infrastructure, healthy industry…

It gave us the impression that the country is emerging from the European economic crisis in a more efficient way than the rest of the southern countries …

… and not only at the traditional levels of the economy….

The Portugal Tax Authority has a very clear approach regarding BITCOIN and CRYPTOCURRENCIES:

“Cryptocurrency trading and payments in Portugal are exempted from tax”

Read the Authority Rule here (Portuguese language) and a more synthetic new here .

Do you think Spain and the rest of European countries will learn from Portugal’s Example?


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