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S&P 500 [SPX] Index and NASDAQ [NDX] Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Trading
Plus US Stocks: AMZN, GOOG, AAPL,SQ, FB,TSLA With Elliott Wave theory applied

Overview: The SP500 is in a bullish corrective pattern and I’m trying to figure out if the pattern is completed or not. The current top is critical in the next direction of the market.

S&P 500 Elliott Wave: tracking two counts

SP500 Trading Strategy: Long above current highs, otherwise expect the indices to edge lower


Overview: Iron Ore and copper have further downside, they are in a larger corrective pattern but only in their first leg down and of course affecting resource stocks.
The strength for the ASX200 will come from the banks as they are in an uptrend

ASX 200 Technical Analysis:Bullish ASX200 and banks and bearish resources

Trading Levels: Support at 7000

ASX200 Elliott Wave:Wave v of (iii)

ASX200 Trading Strategy: holding long with adjusted stop loss order

DAX 30 | UK100 | FTSE 100 | STOXX 50 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Trading

Overview: today I look at a more bullish count for the Euro Indices, that said a short term abc correction first.

Elliott Wave Wave (iii) higher

TradingLevels: Support 15,000

DAX30 Trading Strategy: Looking for the abc retracement as the long trade set up.

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About the author: Peter Mathers
I am professional Elliott Wave Analyst with 10+ years experience.

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