Why mosquito nets are important for keeping your family safe

What could be more alluring than a peaceful night of relaxed sleep for your family? However, this is possible only when the room is properly ventilated and free of mosquitoes and bugs. If you too want a similar environment, you would probably know the importance of mosquito nets especially if you are living in Dubai. You would find the mosquito nets equipped on most homes in Dubai but because of extreme heat and harsh weather they won’t last long and need constant replacement and repair. This is the reason the mosquito net Dubai companies have introduced modern mosquito nets made out of stainless-steel mesh and strong PVC coated polyester mesh. 

The mosquito net Dubai companies are now making people aware of the importance of the use of mosquito nets and fly net screen over other ways of repelling insects. Below are the major benefits of using a mosquito net: 

Protection from diseases: The common feature of Malaria, Dengue, Yellow fever, West Nile virus, Zika fever is that they all are dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. The risk of any disease that may be carried by a mosquito can be reduced with the use of mosquito nets. The use of mosquito nets minimizes the entry of mosquitoes and thus helps in reducing the risk of the above diseases. 

Protection from other bugs: A good mosquito net also acts as a fly net screen and stops the entry of flies, bugs, and other insects. We know that all these insects lead to insect-borne diseases of some kind or the other, so it’s better to install a mosquito net and get all-around protection. 

Safe and natural: The commercial ways of protection from mosquitoes mainly include chemical mosquito repellents which can be hazardous for your health. Moreover, overuse of these chemicals starts producing resistant breeds of mosquitoes which is more dangerous. The best solution is to get a mosquito net installed at your home. 

Improves sleep quality: People are indeed unable to sleep peacefully at night due to various reasons and annoying mosquitoes and bugs are one of the major reasons. If your room is free of mosquitoes and has proper ventilation the chances of getting peaceful sleep increase. Ventilation during the cooler winter months is better with a natural air flow through your windows rather than the recycled air from an air conditioner. This along is one of the major reasons residents of the UAE install quality mosquito nets on their windows.

The use of modern mosquito nets holds the utmost importance because it is sturdier as compared to conventional mosquito nets. The old mosquito nets with flimsy screens may distort and may develop holes and tears in them. Even a single hole is enough to allow a large number of mosquitoes to enter the home. This swarm of mosquitoes increases in number and gives rise to mosquito-borne diseases. The mosquito net if installed and used properly acts as extra protection especially for sleeping kids. It is important to have a home where there are children free of mosquitoes because they are more prone to mosquito bites and subsequent rashes. 

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