Alexis Sanchez move is Successful Now

The Chile Striker has now finished his loan deal and is now moving to Inter Millan to continue his football career there. When he came to Manchester United he was not able to perform well because of some small injuries that he was facing. But before he was being brought into the team team much was being expected from him but he couldnt produce more for the team scoring 3 premier league goals was a lost for his side because as such a striker he should have scored more goals for Manchester United. The move to inter Millan is good for him to build up his form there. Meeting his team mate Romelu Lukaku will also give him more morale to play with him. Inter Millan wanted to buy Alexis Sanchez but Manchester United remove that offer from the deal so when the Loan deal ends that will be the end they cant buy him. So now Alexis Sanchez is an Inter Millan Player.

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