The Fall of Price Is not the End of CryptoCurrency



If you check the current price of most of the Crypto currency you will see that the price of the crypto has really dropped down. Most people think that when the price drops that will be the end of it then they will start to dump the token/crypto onto the market. The more you drop the crypto onto the market the more the price will drop but the more you buy from the market the more the price will go up. Taking Steem as an example when steem was launch the price was not up to $1 but during 2018 the price of shoot up to $8. Why did that happen, alot of people bought the crypto and started to invest in it. This brings me to how people got to know about the platform. They got to know it through promotion of the platform. The whales of the platform who has more stake and more views on different platform should try and promote the platform to others this is how the platform can grow but we all sit and look at the platform to develop by it self it wont just happen like that because people have to invest in it before we can see growth in the platform. Before the price will shoot up, you could see that alot of people was actively posting on the platform but as soon as the price dropped they all stopped posting. This also get back to the whales. They should try as much as they can to support people on the platform rather than just holding the stake and doing nothing. Some also turn out to power down and withdraw the steem. If we want to see a growth in the price of the steem we all should try and dedicated to the platform and help it to grow like we use to do it way back in 2017-2018. And there we can se some changes coming through.

About the author: Sophia Duodu
I am a hard working girl who recently joined crypto and will want to know more about Crypto Currency.

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