Neymar move to Barcelona is still on Hold

Hello everyone Good morning, How are we all doing? Hope we are all doing great. The move of Neymar has still not been a success. There was a deal which was about to take on which will be Osumane Dembele for Neymar but the manager of Osumane Dembele is not interested in this deal and is not happy to move his client to PSG. He said he will want his client to spend his third season at Barcelona not PSG. So as at now there has not been any strong deal for Neymar to move back to Barcelona. Neymar has been out from PSG team sheet list for the past three games. And we dont even know if they are going to add his name to the next list for their next match. Because Neymar really want to move to Barcelona but the deal that Barcelona is submitting is not in the interest of the PSG team so they are not accepting those deals. But yet still they are hoping to bring Neymar Back to Barcelona. There was a news that Dembele agreed on the Deal but now that the Manager of Dembele has come out to speak about the Matter then there is not health in this move or swap for Neymar so Barcelona might search for another player to swap in for Neymar else they have to spend that amount of money to buy the player. The close of the Transfer season is also due/near so they have to make everything fast a possible as they can so that they can get the deal as early as they can. Thank you for your time have a great day and enjoy your day.

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