Crypto isnt a scam. But why does the market so badly want to make it seem like it is?

Been looking at the twitterverse lately. @nathanmars still going strong pushing Steem exposure forward. Bitcoin maximalists talking trash and shilling Bitcoin like its the second coming when in reality its the FORD T of crypto right now. Binance listed Dogecoin yesterday (facepalm) with the justification of:

Elon Musk mentioned it that one time!

Dogecoin went up 40% that day (i assume there was a correction soon after)… But it begs the question of how the hell did it end up at 30 in MC anyway?

I never understood this. The coin itself is a joke, had almost no development whatsoever for a long time and you hold it instead of putting it into a project with greater value and potential?
It doesnt even have to be something you research thoroughly, something thats hyped up like Tron, supported like Bitcoin…. It can literally be anything. You could literally write all the top 100 cryptos without Dogecoin, each on a piece of paper and pull them out of the hat and you would draw a superior token to Doge. Yes even BSV.

But look at the other projects. Ive talked trash about ETC being listed on Coinbase. When i tried researching ETC and its usage. What i found is almost no info on any dapps and 200 times less daily transactions then STEEM.

Take a look at TRON. Hyped beyond belief, filled to the brim with gambling dapps and still has less transactions then STEEM… Im not saying transactions stats are be all, end all, but JustinTRON loves to proclaim when ever Tron passes EOS in any metric.

A few days ago i wrote this tweet:

And i really do believe it.

If McAfee said he would cut of his penis if BTC isnt at a million USD by whatever date, i will copy his wager and say that if STEEM ever reaches 10 billion USD, a third of ETH market cap right now, and one of the Steem social dapps doesnt overtake Facebook, ill cut my penis off as well and toss it into the long dark night never to be seen again. lol

On a more serious note.

The fact that we are seeing lackluster projects taking top spots in Marketcap is for me a warning sign. It shows to me that the market has a very hard time evaluating projects. Seeing Doge being listed on Binance strengthens that belief.

You can say im wrong to do so, but I will question the future of any market that sells trash assets at a premium price in the long term.

I believe that crypto has a sound foundation. I believe it has the potential (important word) to change the world, but to realize that potential the market needs to take a serious look at itself.

Ruining the perception of the outside world about cryptocurrencies will bring nothing good to anyone in the long run.

About the author: lordbutterfly
Im a Steem and Whaleshares blogger that writes about crypto and everyday stuff.

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