Save Lives Easily with BLS Certification in Highlands CA


Basic Life Support is a foundation program available for trained first responders and healthcare professionals in California. These experts care for patients in pre-hospital and in-facility settings.

Topics You Study in BLS Certification in Highlands CA

The course associated with BLS in Highlands CA focuses to impart knowledge on cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. Important topics you study during the BLS and CPR Classes in Highlands CA are-

·        Survival chain of an individual with cardiac arrest

·        Single or double rescuer CPR technique 

·        Imparting top quality chest compression technique with an appropriate feedback device

·        Multiple rescuer teams to perform CPR in Highlands CA

·        To give instant relief from choking 

·        Different categories of CPR treatment, like ACLS in Highlands CA for adults and PALS in Highlands CA for infants and children

·        Use of the right barrier devices and bag-mask devices to obtain ventilations effectively

·        Application of AEDs to revive individuals from heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest

Along with this, a few expanded programs related to CPR Certification in Highlands CA include the study of an opioid to deal with life-threatening problems. Here, opioids remain to attach to opioid receptors or proteins on nerve cells present in the spinal cord, brain, gut, and other body parts. 

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Features of Pursuing BLS in Highlands CA from PDRE

The American Heart Association releases its latest guidelines for CPR i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency level of cardiovascular care. Accordingly, the instructors associated with the AHA have to recognize the latest guidelines, valuable recommendations, and other changes in BLS and other similar First Aid Certification in Highlands CA. Hence-

·        PDRE i.e. Palm Desert Resuscitation Education recognizes the significance of staying updated with the AHA guidelines, and recommendations.

·        Here, the instructors discuss certain changes by considering the AHA guidelines. You may see such changes in the contents while attending online, classroom-based, or out-of-site PDRE certification programs.

·        PDRE provides a few of its updated details and scientific rationale during its video-based lectures. You may practice the respective activities while watching videos and attending your standalone practice sessions.

Other Features of BLS Certification Program

Diverse Learning Styles

An interesting aspect of pursuing Basic Life Support Certification is that it supports diverse learning styles with exclusive learning formats. These include a blended format to allow students to gain knowledge online according to their own pace. Simultaneously, candidates may get in-person-focused skills training.

Application of Feedback Devices

The certification involves the application of feedback devices, which may improve learning skills and mastery in the program during testing and in-person practice.

Hands-on Practice

CPR and BLS certifications reinforce the significance of direct coaching and hands-on practice to acquire and elevate proficiency and skills.

Emphasize the Significance of CPR

Certifications related to cardiopulmonary resuscitations, like BLS, PALS, and ACLS Certification in Highlands CA emphasize the significance of high-quality CPR treatment. They even include the importance of coordination in team dynamics. 


BLS certification is a cornerstone program available for responders and healthcare professionals. If you want to serve others and have the willingness to save the life of people, you may acquire the BLS program organized under the American Heart Association.

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