PSG Bid for Mandzukic has Been Rejected

Hey Guys today the sports topics relating to the transfer market is really interesting. PSG sent in a bid for the Croatian striker Mandzukic but the player turned the offer down and said he will be with Juventus till the next window opens before he will make his move to any club or not. The PSG team really needs supporting player who will be there incase of any crisis but as at now they are in such a crisis where Mbape is on injury so they have to find a striker to replace him. So they went in for Mandzukic and Mandzukic turned down their offer. So right now I dont actually know the kind of player they will go in for. And if they dont get things in place for now their winning will be difficult for them because when it comes to the attacking players it will be left with Di Maria and Cavani. Neymar is also is a process of making it back to Barcelona. That will be the end of the morning news on sports.

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