The 50/50 curator/author split is a “thing” again.

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Im going to keep this brief. Every once in a while someone comes up with a “big” idea and they present it. It doesnt matter if that idea is horrendously stupid, it doesnt matter if the outcome of implementing that idea completely counters the initial hopes stemming from the proposal.

All that matters is who said it.

And that is fucking scary even though i knew this before i started up here.

I can say that this type of mob behavior stems from crypto being a “WILD WEST” or sorts, but the truth of the matter is that it all goes back to basic human behavior..
We just love the “cult of personality”.

What this means is that the community isnt able to discern smart ideas from stupid ones. They value opinions based on standing in the community, or SP, or reputation ,or some other metric that has nothing to do with the value of the actual idea..
Willingness to accept arguments based on their merit is a distant thought.

If im being honest, its the same thing as in real life.

The bandwagon has arrived.The loudest community members (curators) are pushing their agenda, the leeches are staying quiet because this wont affect them in any way whatsoever …. and then you have the very “stupid” ones who cast their vote based on what is best for the platform.
They get screwed the most because there dont really subscribe to any Steem interest group.

Fuck them! They think for themselves, we dont need folks like that, theres still room on my bandwagon.

A few thoughts as always. hehe If you think im wrong, please feel free to counter anything ive said.

… and ill see you around.

Keep on!. 😀