Building Minnows: @anaclark found + SBI Sponsoring [W4]

The number of active steemians keeps going down despite a little recovery experimented one month ago.

According to STEEMTOOL we are ending May with 5714 daily active steemians that post around 9200 posts a day…

Still very far from the level we were playing with on early 2018 which were more than five times those values.

As you can see, in terms of active writers we are at the level of the second half of 2017, previous to the big bubble which brought the STEEM price to touch 7.5 USD by the end of that year… I am still convinced we can reach not that level but higher.

Anyway, all in all, nowadays it is not easy to find newcomers with good written stuff…however, I found @anaclark today…


@anaclark has written one of the best introductory post I have read lately. So, Who the Heck Am I?

This canadian lady is a writer and despite according to her post she seems not to be in the best conditions of her life, she wrote a perfect post, talking about her life, preferences, problems and hopes… I definitely enjoyed reading it so I followed her straightly. Hope she keeps writing here. I think she can find many support in our STEEM community.

…perhaps other supportive steemians as @slobberchops and @steevc may help her also.

SBI Sponsoring

Besides @anaclark, I am keeping my particular “raindrop” of @steembasicincomes shares on @marenontherun and @mrhill .

@marenontherun looks to be fully recovered from her injure and she is really increasing the running activity consistently.

@mrhill keeps posting daily on his @actifit count mainly. From time to time I check how the accounts of the people that I follow behave, just to see if they keep growing according to the expected plan. When I checked @mrhill I realized that he was still stuck at the very same level as it was one week ago… so, no growth at all or very little actually… Then I understood he had a problem getting his Author Rewards, something related with how you set up the actifit App… but @mrhill finally fixed it after my comment…

The Steem blockchain has so many things to discover, some will benefit you, some not so much… we have to keep learning.

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.


Got fat // Gym day 1

Related image

It was time to face the music. Stuffing your face every day with food unfortunately starts showing over time. haha
Today i looked at myself in the mirror and i saw a Turkish kebab vendor that is his own best customer. It was time for a change.

I have this problem, kinda.

I never watched what i ate. When i was younger i used to play basketball. Training twice a day and games on sunday, so i could eat a horse and not notice it.
I remember during college in the university cantina id order something crazy like 3-4 hamburgers and end them in a couple minutes.
But then injuries came and knee surgery and my career was done.

Because of that i never learned my limit since i could eat as much as i wanted and never get fat.
Go a couple years into the future and i went from a 6 pack to a cushion belly. Lol.

Anyways… Since i follow @exyle and @nathanmars on twitter, my twitter notifications are filled with them doing the “Seven” challenge. So i decided to join the Seven challenge myself (kind of lol)…

Doing 7 push ups per day wont do much for me so instead ill try and lose 7kg (15 pounds) in 30 days or as long as it might take. Thats a pretty difficult challenge to do while keeping healthy but its not impossible since i have already done it a year ago. (lost a bit under 15kg in around 2 months) Ill also try and increase my bench press by 70 kg. (A year ago i benched around 150kg or 330 pounds and today i did a 5×3/ 80kg.)

So i have 2 sevens present. haha. I think thats symbolic enough.

So here are some numbers…

On 22.5.2019:

Weight: 128kg (282 pounds)
Height: 198cm (6 ft 5)
Bench press: 80 kg (176 pounds)


Weight: 121kg (266 pounds)
Height: 205 cm (6 ft 7)
Bench press: 150 kg (330 pounds)

To make it more juicy im going to share my “shame” now. Haha. A gym, day 1 selfie. I would have taken my shirt off but the man titties arent a pretty sight. lol

Ill see you guys and

Keep on exercising!

Steem Monsters just got a bit better.

Image result for splinterlands

Every now and then i like to write a few words about Steem Monsters. I might be the biased since i did invest quite a bit (for my standards) into the game but i still will say in a honest tone that the game outperformed my expectations.

Smart addition, one after another and at the proper pace and moment.

If i were to sum up this latest update into a sentence id say that they just added a whole new reason to stay logged in and play the game. Before all i did was the daily (maybe a tournament or two) and now i find myself doubling the time i spend ingame..

Its very different from the experience ive had on Next Colony or Drug Wars. A chore i dont enjoy doing everyday but i still do it because i fear missing out on something down the line.
The first i still grind through a bit every day when i see my resources fill up and Drug Wars i completely gave up on. (Still hoping my 20k Future tokens will sell some day on obyte)

SM is starting to get a significant amount of polish as well. You can clearly see a new aesthetic take shape. Tie that in with the depth the game is starting to show and you end up with a enjoyable time for the player.

Just a few thoughts while i wait for my promo cards. 🙂

Keep on!.

Someone at Steem Inc should hire these guys…

I am not a big defensor of @drugwars, despite I am still playing the game from time to time, I have been very critic with some of the decisions they have done…

I think they did some bad movements leaving the STEEM blockchain but I understood why they did thought…

I have to recognise that they know how to build a business from almost zero…

They have a Business case, they have a goal and a Development Plan and they are implementing the necessary changes for the game to be more and more playable every week, no doubt about…

Even if they move out of our blockchain, they are still highly supportive with STEEM… and seems they are really focused in Crypto ADOPTION…

ACCESS for free with your FACEBOOK or GOOGLE account but BUY a STEEM ACCOUNT to obtain more benefits/advantage

The game will improve and also other projects of their portfolio will be launched… It is a question of time only…In the meantime they develop their own token at Obyte (FUTURE) and they reward with both, FUTURES and STEEM…ok, maybe to get rewarded with STEEM is more complicate now since you have to pass by their forum but, come on! They are doing something really focused on bringing investors, even if they are only gamers, to the STEEM blockchain!

We should all recognise the fact they are good developers doing great business…and that is an important point to learn by others…also at the STEEM Blockchain…

You can have the best product but that is irrelevant if you don’t know how to sell it.

By the way, thanks to @beiker that told me that now you can support @drugwars with BAT tokens using Brave… as I said, they are smart and they know how to make business…

I set up already my monthly contribution of BAT to them, you deserve it.


What the F*ck!

Today I had a busy day at the office…nothing new thought since working on technological projects projects has always crazy overloading days difficult to forecast in advance.

Actually, I used to work mostly of the time under unpredicted scenarios and that, as I said, it is not a surprising new…

The new is that I have been checking my feed at steemit and partiko whenever I could, I mean, as usual, at the coffee break, at lunch, on my way to different places etc… and today I noticed something that did not happen to me since long time ago…

My Voting Power reached 100%… actually, and sorry if I missed something interesting posted by the people I follow, I have not found any article that attracted me minimally to give my upvote and that is really weird! I am a consistent upvoter, or at least that’s how I consider I am myself…but I like to upvote some good stuff as well which, honestly I miss nowadays…

I don’t know what is happening here but I really think that not only the quality of the posts are decreasing but also the amount of posts is also doing so… even if it seems we are escaping from the BEAR’s claws, it looks like people are not so motivated to write about interesting things or even normal life topics or projects…

Very difficult to find usual steemians writing these days, even more difficult to find new ones…

…or perhaps it is only my subjective perception…. I don’t know…

Hope the good times will come back…


Steem Price Rally – Keeps on Passing Me By

Does something count as a rally if it doesn’t breakout above it’s nearest resistance level?
The Alt Rally That Wasn’t?
So after BTC ripped we did see a small alt rally, especially in the larger cap coins like ETH, LTC, EOS and even XRP.
All of these coins pushed higher out of the ranges they had been stuck in.  Unfortunately STEEM did not do the same.
Looking at the chart in the post you can see we saw a little price rally for a few days that tested the 40 cents resistance area only to get smacked down.
Disappointing indeed, but atleast it made a

Read More

Building Minnows: SBI Sponsoring [W3]

I am really pleased to have found people as @himalayanwomb this week.

I really enjoy that type of posts that bring me to places I would like to go, but I like even more if the context of the posts also talks about running.

That’s what @himalayanwomb offers, exotic places from India, Nepal , Himalaya together with experiences about running, hiking, exploring…

This guy started on the Steem Blockchain early 2018 but seems he has not so many followers and support despite he has maintained a sustained production of good and original posts including also very interesting pics.

(Extracted from: 10Km Train Run With 1650 meter Elevation Gain )

He is really at the boundary to become a Minnow so I think he deserves some support to reach that condition, perhaps other supportive steemians as @slobberchops and @steevc may help him also…

SBI Sponsoring

Besides @himalayanwomb, I am keeping my particular “raindrop” of @steembasicincomes shares on @marenontherun and @mrhill .

@marenontherun is doing great also reporting on her running tasks as well as getting better from an old Fasciitis Injure which is not a minor issue.

@mrhill keeps posting daily on his @actifit count mostly but he is also investing some STEEM in order to grew up in the platform. Well done mate!

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.



Despite, as I wrote 2 days ago, @drugwars is doing really a very good work on attracting new players and possibly new STEEM users as well, after the last upgrade of the gamem on which transactions are not running anymore on the STEEM blockchain I am afraid that the game cannot be called anymore, if ever was, a DApp AKA “Decentralized Application”

According to Wikipedia: “A decentralized application (Dapp, dApp or DApp) is an application that is run by many users on a decentralized network with trustless protocols. They are designed to avoid any single point of failure. They typically have tokens to reward users for providing computing power.”

It is true that you still can interact minimally with the steem blockchain since you can share your battle in the internal forum which is connected somehow with STEEM and so eventually, get an upvote from @drugwars account from time to time but… this is really very far from what I understand would be the definition of a DApp itself since it is not running on a blockchain…or, at least, it is not running on the STEEM blockchain anymore, it is not clear to me if any layer of the game programm is really depending on a supposed FUTURE Token built on the OByte Blockchain but I guess… no?

However, State of DApps  is still ranking DRUGWARS as the first one which in my opinion is a mistake…

I don’t know what is the criteria for being listed inside this ranking but it should be there also the possibility of “Delisting” a supposed DApp that is not anymore as so…

If someone “serious” and informed would come to the “State of the DApps” and find in a first place of the ranking something that seems not a true Decentralized App, probably he or they would not trust anymore on the information provided…and that, would be again a very bad message for the possible audience…


DRUGWARS: One step back and, surprisingly, 100 Steps Forward!

The last upgrade of Drugwars doesn’t look to provide so much improvements in terms of “playability”, even worst, they removed the option of “Share your battle at STEEMIT” thus, if you were doing it regularly, and so trying to get the good upvotes of the @drugwars account, seems that it is not anymore possible… I don’t care because, I thought since the beginning that these kind of non-editable posts without content were just increasing the level of spam at the steem blockchain… so, somehow and personally I am happy for that…but if you were building your Steem account based on this sort of income, this last point seems one step back

Looking at the Discord, seems that perhaps they are deviating the share of the Drugwars post from Steem to the TokenBB forum, and looks like it may be rewarded because, if you share your battle at the forum, it creates a comment on a general post at Steem with the title “Forum Drugwars” , and this comment MAY be upvoted… I did it myself, I share one battle at the forum and I selfvoted it. The battle appears as a comment at the steem blockchain, including the upvote 🙂

Besides this new thing which can be seen “counterproductive”, you know I have been very critic with Drugwars development strategy lately, this time I have to recognize they are demonstrating they have the things clearer than I was expecting in terms of Business Plan…

This last upgrade comes with one amazing option I will show you next:

Yes man, you can now create an account of @drugwars by log in with FACEBOOK or with your GOOGLE account, and this is the 100 Steps Forward I was referring at the Title…

These guys are really working hard towards crypto adoption, and more in particular towards STEEM adoption. This is a smart move from the team in order to attract gamers to STEEM, despite the game could be better of course.

This time I have to congratulate the team!!!

Well done FutureShock , I promise I will never criticize you again if you keep doing as you did this time 😉


Done with Drug Wars. // Next Colony is starting to look like it might end up the same way.

Image result for burning weed

Its been a long time coming and the recent wipe of my armies really made it clear that i should just stop with wasting my time.

From day 1 i knew what was going to happen but that doesnt really matter now. A lot of time has passed and the drama has died down. Maybe it was actually drama that kept me playing?

At this point its getting old. The game itself is boring, there is no earning potential any more. Future tokens are worth a fraction of a cent and the mechanics are still dumb. I earned a few steem when steem was being payed out and im happy with that. Im done with Drug Wars, feel free to farm. :

Whats happening with games on Steem is actually a sad sight. Really, at this point only Steem Monsters holds my interest.

Even Next Colony seems like it will end badly. Something i had high hopes for and they rushed out a product that isnt really even a game.

All you do is restart timers on word rows.

Its silly, tedious and its dumb. Id wager there is more work and thought put into those textual RPGs made in the 80s then these two games.

Image result for textual rpgs

We need to stop rewarding this silliness.


No they fucking wont. Not these devs at least. Our main dev team is of questionable talent and you think Highcloud, or whatever his name is will take STEEM mainstream? No.

I know no one gives a fuck and most of people out there are either brownosing, circle jerking, vote selling…. But if there are any sane people out there, stop throwing money at anything and everything that is new and makes bold promises.

Im starting to feel like i should round up everyone, line them up in a row and do a slap-by. Might actually do it the next STEEMFEST. haha

Anyways.. Keep on… dunno… Drinking the kool-aid, i guess.

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