POS Masternodes made easy – Simple POS Pool review for beginners

How to invest in masternodes without any knowledge of virtual servers or wallet commands.

Masternodes are an alternative to crypto mining. A masternode is a pc/server running a ledger containing a full copy of a specific cryptocurrency’s blockchain, in exchange, the owner recieves payment for upholding the ledger and running transactions. This payment comes in the form of the currency being mined.
The main differences from mining are that you do not need expensive pc equipment (mining rig) to mine. However you do have to have a ‘stake’ in the coin. this amount various from coin to coin. ranging from just a few dollars worth of crypto to over a hundred thousand of dollars in the case of DASH masternode (currently $165,444 )

simplepospool.com Makes it easy to just buy a share in a node without having to invest in a full node. this means you can now invest as much as or little as you want so you can test the waters without having to risk a fortune. You also do not need any knowledge of setting up software, wallets,blockchains servers or anything techy.

Is it trustworthy?
Ive used their service now for a few months and have not had any problems at all. No issues with deposits or withdrawals (withdrawals are manual so are not instant, they require support to confirm) no issues with masternodes.

Please use this referral link when registering.

Basically you decide which masternode you are going to invest in and then you deposit that currency into your simplepospool account. you then click on masternodes and then select ‘available masternodes’
you then select how many slots you want to buy. Thats it. its that simple. You will then see a return every so many hrs/days depending on the coin you have chosen.
Make sure you check on ‘available masternodes’ to see how many coins are required per slot and if any slots are available. E.g. theres no point going to an exchange and buying 18 coins if a slot requires 20.

Sounds easy. well it really is. However choosing which currency to invest in is a different kettle of fish lol.
When i first started with masternodes i lost a couple of hundred dollars on bad choices.

The return for running a masternode differs vastly from coin to coin. Most on startup offer a massive return for running a node, often over a 1000% in the beginning, some ‘offer’ you a ROI (return of interest) within days rather than months. Dont be tempted by the percentage alone unless you are prepared to gamble.

Nearly all new crypto’s/tokens tend to have an inflated price when launched, then take a massive dive in price and then level out at a small perecentage of what they started at. (hence the massive ROI offerd by most)
As the price stabilises and more coins enter the market, the masternode (mining) ROI decreases.

You need to have a logical reason to choose a coin, don’t just go for the offer of riches.
If you are going to choose a new coin then choose it for a reason. i.e. who were the developers? have they had experience before? (some coins have devs from other stable coins) is the idea/concept sound? (check the white paper) does it sound too good to be true? There are so many coins/tokens out there, does this 1 have a place? does it solve a problem over others? there are many peeps jumping on the band wagon and making their own currency without much backing. if you buy a node by investing your hard cash/BTC you are the backing.

a good idea is to do some research and look at the trading history and check how many crypto currency exchanges the coin is listed on. If its listed on many then there’s a good chance there is faith and backing in the coin. check to see the price is stable or is on a downhill slide. How long as the coin been running? the longer its been running and the more exchanges is listed on and the more monetary trading volume gives it more chance of not crashing and being de-listed.

If you are unsure then start with a small investment, an amount you are willing to lose until you have experience, often you pay to learn with this game.

If you are really not sure but want to learn then maybe just throw £10-£20 at a masternode and then leave it for a few weeks or a month. You have to be patient with crypto, you will not make much quickly unless you are experienced with a LOT of cash. Patience is the game.

Heres an example : i recently invested $115 in SINS coin. https://masternodes.online/
The current ROI (annual) is 253.31% which is pretty good.
Notice its 2nd in the chart listing trading volume (currently $3,491,643) its also a decent dollar price at $6.5810 which means traders have some faith in it… Also if you then click on the link https://masternodes.online/currencies/SINS/ and scroll down you will see that the coin is listed on many exchanges.
It has also been running since oct 2018 and is now at a higher price than when it started (most start high then drop like a stone lol)

Or another coin that has been running for a good while and is pretty stable but with less return is PIVX. Investing in PIVX will currently get you a ROI (annual) 10.27% 
Ok that’s not a ROI but its listed on many exchanges, has been running for over 1.5 years and has been at a relatively stable price for a good while now.

I’m not necessarily saying you should invest in those 2 above, im just trying to point out things to look for. i.e. price, volume, longevity, listed on multiple exchanges, stability etc etc.
Don’t be impatient and research each coin you want to invest in. Don’t spend more than you are prepared to lose until you gain experience.


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