Did you have your hissy fit for the day?

Lately i have been seeing a worrying trend. I dont know if the trend is fueled by the abundance of time on peoples hands, too much sugar in the bloodstream or is it due to a chronic lack of sex.
Maybe its all those things combined.

But folks have been on the edge lately. Drama tokens filling up the comment sections and “Gotcha!” posts calling people out.

Folks being certain in the justification of their actions.
Some climbing the pedestal of martyrdom.
Ready to “die” for the cause. Signaling their virtue where ever they can.
Some being annoying and spamming all day long.

Did you see what He/She/It did today!?! Did you know that He/She/It spams a thousand times a day!?!? Did ya know He/She/It likes this other He/is/Shit i dont like!?! Did ya know that your He/she/It is much worse then mine?!?!

Was it really this bad before? Maybe i didnt notice it this much since i cant say i knew how STEEM and relationships here worked, but now that the novelty of blockchain for me is wearing off due to being here more then a year, i cant miss it.

Especially since its always the same people doing the same thing over and over again.
If youre here long enough, you start to notice this group of loud mouths thats always involved in some bullshit. Always on some sort of crusade, chasing a cause, fighting something or someone for some reason… Its always the same people. lol
You dont see the classical music community, or the Fantasy football community making headlines here with their drama, do you?.

Its always the same outrage peddlers seeking attention for the worse of reasons fueling it all even more just so they can have something to write about..

Im not saying that there arent things to be outraged about or things that should be written about but at some point repeating the same thing over and over again has to get old. Not only that but it extends the shit that is happening indefinitely.

To end this post off with a solution for all the frustrated mofos running around. I have a cure for you… Its an age old remedy used since the days of Ancient Rome… Cures frustration, moodiness, stress, agitation and even bunions!

Povezana slika

Have fun! And see you all when you are better. 😉