The Ultimate Inside Guide to Crypto Arbitrage

First of all I will explain what Crypto Arbitrage is. Crypto Arbitrage is making a high profit from a cryptocurrency and ow is this profit made, it is made from buying a cryptocurrency from one exchanger with a lower price and selling it on another cryptocurrency exchanger on a higher price. So in this situation you are making profit from both exchangers that is what we called Crypto Arbitrage.

There are some steps to check before proceeding on a Crypto Arbitrage.
To first start with it you have to first check the percentage difference on both of the exchanger thus is the on exchanger you are buying, you have to check the lowest bid and the exchanger you are selling you have to check the highest bid to make sure if when you buy the cryptocurrency and you sell it on exchanger 2 you will make a profit from it. Also you have to know that both exchanger allows you to make a withdraw and a deposit of that cryptocurrency you are buying and deposting and again check the fees on both exchangers to be sure if it is worth it to make this arbitration. There are alot of swings that is drops of the price on the crypto market so you have to know that the time frame you will make your deposit to sell it there wont be any swing on the market price so that you can make back a profit on the cryptocurrency.

In everything there are Advantages and Disadvantages
Some of the Advantages of Crypto Arbitrage is you can make instant profit from it, there is a high degree of getting more profits. The Disadvantage of Crypto Arbitrage is there is also a high risk of losing profit if the crypto market swings alot.

To my understand, I dont think Crypto Arbitrage is a way one can make money fast.

Yesterday was not my lucky day

Yesterday I place a nice bet that I almost won the bet but one team just one team spoiled the bet for me. In the begining when I was staking the bet I was not sure that it might go through to that point and also when I saw that the team that I know will spoil it will spoil it I tried to do a fast withdrawal of which I wont get the full money. But unlucky for me when the money came that was 65gh when I tried to with the team has already been scored so they took away the money again. It really hurt me that I didnt remove that team from my best and fix in Arsenal or PSV or Celtic so that I could have won the bet. It really pain me that I could won that bet because it was a serious bet that anybody wont go for that kind of bet but I did. But better Luck next time.

United playing Draw With Az

Hello everyone, Yesterday was more fun in the Europa league as Manchester United played Draw with AZ and took home with a 1 points and now they are leading the table with 4 points. Manchester United has to win their next match to secure their position to qualify to the next stage. The group that was given to Manchester United was an easy go team but look at what they are doing. Truely this shows that the team is really not in a good form. Lazio did well to do their comeback thing to win the match again Rennes. It was really sad when I saw Rennes leading by 1 goal in the first half before they went on the half time break. But I think the peep talk that was given to them worked nice so when they came back from the half time break they did what they can to make sure that they take home the 3 points. Nice game to Lazio. Manchester United on the Other had has alot of work to do else if we qualify to the next stage of the Europa League we might get off from the Europa League. Because with this kind of performance is not really showing that the team can win something this season.

Liverpool Nearly Played Draw

Hello guys, it was a lucky day for Liverpool As they took a lead of 3 goals to 1 in the first half of the game. When they came back from the Half time break Salzburg applied some full force to equalize and they did it to make it 3 -3 but since Liverpool has this speedster and he is capable of doing wonders he did it again by putting Liverpool on top again by scoring in the 69th minutes of the game thus Mohammed Salah and the Assist was their fantastic Striker Firmino. Liverpool is now in good form that if care is not taking they might take the Champions League again and also take the Epl. They lost their first game of the Champions League so they have to work harder to get to the top as they have 3 points now and at the 3rd Position of the Table. But when you come to epl they have played 7 matches unbeaten so this should show you how serious they are this season. Nice game from them. Today is Europa league and I will bring you more details and News on it thank you and have a great day.

Nice Comeback From Barcelona

Barcelona has done well to win their game against Inter Milan. When the game started they were down by 1 goal to 0 in the 3 minute of the game. And when they went on half time it was still 1-0. But you have to know that when a team comes to Camp Nou. For that team to win will not be an easy task for the team. You will have to struggle more before you can win and this time too Messi started the game so it was much of more confidence in the Barcelona team that they can do something. Low and Behold they were able to comeback in the second half from and Assist from Vidal and the goal scorer was Suarez that was in the 58 minutes of the second half. Then getting to the last minute of the game thus 84 minutes of the game Messi also gave an assist to Suarez to increase the tally. So it became 2-1 against Inter Milan. Messi was not able to Level up the Record of CR7 with the scoring of 33 different teams in the Champions League. So as it stands now CR7 is now the only player to level up with Raul the number one striker for Real Madrid. Nice game from Barcelona Tho and a great win for them.

United Crash with AZ will be light

Manchester United will be travelling to AZ to play the next match of the Europa league. Paul Pogba will miss this match same as Wan Bissaka the right back of Manchester United. These two players is among the key players of Manchester United. So if these players miss this match and the coach play Ashley Young then this means that by all means we will conceed a goal. The right back will be loose and same as the midfield as always. The attacking of Manchester United has been slow because of Rashford. So the best Result for Manchester United will be a draw. Because when I see the form of AZ they are actually picking it up small small. I will bring you more of the game on thursday so have a great day.

New Record for Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)

Juventus won their match 3-0 as Cr7 scored the closing goal for his team Juventus. There was a record set by the former Real Madrid Star Raul. He has scored against 33 different teams in the Champions League during his career. CR7 scoring the final goal for Juventus has also leveled up the Record which was set by Raul. Now CR7 has also scored against 33 different Teams in the Champions league. Which he will still continue to score more goals and set new record. When you check on the Barcelona star Lionel Messi he too has scored against 32 different teams in the Champions League. Today Messi can level up with CR7 when he is able to scored against the Seria A team Inter Milan. This team has been a challenging team for Messi to score against. And now they are meeting them in the Champions league at Camp Nou. We will see how it will turn out. Champions League Day. Let us all get ready for the matches.

Tottenham Taking 7 goals at Home

Hello everyone, Today is another for all of us. Champions League continues. And Yesterday too some of the Champions League matches went on. Tottenham played played Bayern yesterday. During the first Half Tottenham showed Bayern that they will score them and took the lead with a nice strike from Son. Kimmich didnt allow that lead to proceed so he gave a nice placement straight to the net of Tottenham making it draw. The goal was really nice and fantastic. The way he dribbled the player and didnt move the ball again and placed it at the right bottom corner of the goal keeper, everyone in the room was clapping. Getting to the half time of the game. Lewandoski gave a nice skills which was marked by Champions league Instagram page as the Skills of the Day. And gave a nice pass but that one didnt go through so he has to come and struggle for the ball as the got the ball it was a nice turning with a shoot straight into the net. So when they went for Half Time Bayern was leading by 2 goals to 1. When they came back from the Half time Bayern added another 5 goals and then Tottenham scored 1 to their 1 making it 2. So when the match came to an end it was 7-2 against Tottenham. Thank you for your time more news coming.

Great Football By Manchester United and Arsenal

Hello everyone good morning, Hope we are all doing great. Today is another day for all of us. Let us all be protected by the God Almighty. Today I would like to discuss something small on the Manchester United vs Arsenal match they played yesterday. This match was nice to watch. But one thing most people has to take note of is that Manchester United has not kept a clean sheet when we started the Epl so when Manchester United scored first I told a friend sitting beside me that if Manchester United dont score again they will by all means concede and the game might end up draw. True talk it came to pass as I said. De Gea tried all that he could to keep a clean sheet but most of the mistakes comes from the defenses and most of the them comes from Linderlof. The pass that he missed was not supposed to missed but see he missed it and that was the second time he missed a ball and it was nearly a goal but De Gea helped to save to balls on target. Also Rashford has to sit at the bench for some couple of matches to learn some lesson because he is really wasting more of Manchester United chances. So that we will try the Greenwood guy and see how he will also play. The team really needs a full change in most part of the position. Our next game is between Liverpool and if we play like this they will score us more. I will end here thank you for your time have a great day.