STEEM did not MOON after HF 21-22 BUT metrics are looking better. Check this out !

Dear Steemians,

As I wrote in previous blog posts, I reinvested in STEEM ahead and after the HFs.

After cruising, interacting and curation Steemians posts, I can say now I like the #newsteem better than the old one. This is a feeling but I believe people came back to the platform and interractions / payouts are less skewed thanks to some bots switching to curation and some whales “playing the game”.

Below I am going to share with you some datas that I believe should make us optimistic about STEEM future.

As seen in @penguinpablo ‘s statistics (link here)

  • Accounts transacting are increasing steadily since last week to reach 39,647 on week 36 of 2019 (vs 34,958 the previous week)

STEEM Power up !

  • Most importantly, the Net Power up was STRONGLY positive last week at +977,939 ! Something we didn’t see for months !
  • As shown in the tables below, Week 33 saw the biggest net power up at 363,873 STEEM over the past 8 weeks.
  • To add to these great numbers, other Steemians (as myself) have been BUYING STEEM on Exchanges ! More than 1,145,000 STEEM have been purchased FROM exchanges

In addition, do not forget that @steemit inc. announced they would pause their power down for a few weeks which should help STEEM prices.

Daily Users

Looking into @arcange statistics I could also some good news, Active users remain stable and sit at the top range of the past weeks (c.40k daily). If we continue to promote and curate good contents, these numbers could be finally increasing and sit passed 50k as it used to a few months ago


Transactions on the STEEM blockchain are also healthy and should remain high as many projects continue to onboard users (@steemmonsters, @actifit, @steemhunt, @appics, @esteem …)


As stated by @jrcornel, STEEM inflation is quite reasonable versus other altcoins and is supposed to decrease below 8% in 2020 to reach 0.95% in 2037.

Here is the table of STEEM’s inflation rate

Year Supply Inflation New Supply
2016 250,000,000 9.50% 23,750,000
2017 273,750,000 9.08% 24,854,398
2018 298,604,398 8.66% 25,854,554
2019 324,458,952 8.24% 26,727,942
2020 351,186,894 7.82% 27,452,027
2021 378,638,921 7.40% 28,004,740
2022 406,643,661 6.98% 28,364,989
2023 435,008,650 6.55% 28,513,181
2024 463,521,832 6.13% 28,431,762
2025 491,953,593 5.71% 28,105,742
2026 520,059,335 5.29% 27,523,204
2027 547,582,539 4.87% 26,675,768
2028 574,258,308 4.45% 25,558,997
2029 599,817,304 4.03% 24,172,733
2030 623,990,038 3.61% 22,521,348
2031 646,511,386 3.19% 20,613,886
2032 667,125,272 2.77% 18,464,106
2033 685,589,378 2.35% 16,090,399
2034 701,679,777 1.93% 13,515,587
2035 715,195,364 1.51% 10,766,608
2036 725,961,973 1.08% 7,874,074
2037 733,836,047 0.95% 6,971,442

Current Price and Market Cap (53,472,257 USD). Sits at Rank 80

Maybe we are sitting at the bottom, only time will tell, but overall I want to emphasize that this #newsteem as much higher changes to go up than before for all the points mentionned above.

I know that you all probably believe in STEEM if you read this, we have to continue to get the words out as some of us are doing on Twitter or other social medias.

What do you think?

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject. I will set a 10 STEEM @steem-bounty to open the discussion.


Is STEEM preparing to Bounce Strongly ? 💰💰💰

As I wrote in this post a few weeks ago when I digged into HF21, I believe this will be very positive for the STEEM price in the Medium Term.

Now that we have different tokens (thanks to Steem-Engine and soon to SMTs). The ecosystem is flourishing quickly through the many dapps that you all use daily.

With this new HF21, stakeholders (therefore investors) might play a bigger role curating and harvesting more value of the STEEM Blockchain. In order to do so, they will have to increase their SP Holdings (which we are seeing during the past 2 days).

STEEM Price is performing very well ahead of HF21

I read daily very carefully @penguinpablo reports. In the past days, we have seen Steemians STAKING more than they were Unstaking ! Yes, you read that right.

This has not been the case for a long, long time and I believe considering the current price of STEEM outperforming the Crypto Market, a few more days like this and we could get into a STEEM Frenzy again.

Steemians and Investors have been powering up in the past 2 days

I have been buying STEEM in the past months and will try to do so before HF21.

Active Steemians Writers are also staking

I came accross this post from a fellow Steemian @toofasteddie:

In this post, he is explaining why he sells its STEEM Alts to Buy more STEEM before the upcoming HF.

I think, to make STEEM price continue on this trend, we just need a few hundreds of Steemians, before outsiders see the move and amplify it !

Stay Put, Kepp Building and Kepp Buying STEEM !

🔫 DrugWars Last Update’s Guide ! 🔫

Dear Steemians,

As most Drugwars players are aware, there has been a few updates to the game, I will try to guide you through them in this post, if you have any question, feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I think everybody figured out a way to settle their Primary base in order to continue playing.

The easiest way was to click under your avatar to find a spot to settle.

Map and Base system

With this new update, we understood that we will be playing from now on on a DW “World Map”.


Once you decided to settle in a territory, you could access this view where you can see other people’s bases. Gang name has been added when you click on a specific base

🔫 Useful information 🔫


  • You can only develop 5 new bases with this new “Occupation Troop”. In the future, you might be able to have some more (around 5) but you will need to pay to have them
  • As the game is today, nobody can steal your base

New Occupation Troop

This is the troop you will need to train in order to settle and create a new base

New troop “moves”

  • Occupy: To colonise a new base. You will start from scratch with this new one
  • Transport: To transport ressources from one base to another, useful to give a boost to your new settlements
  • Station: As it is called, it is to station your troops at another base. Your troops WILL participate at any fight against this base. Useful information: When a fight happens, the owner of the base will have priority over troop losses

Storage Capacity

  • The storage system changed. Until July, 25th it will stay the same except if you increased your storage capacities
  • The new system is going to be 15% of the total capacity compared to 25% before, nevertheless the total capacity of your storage building has been multiplied by 3-4x meaning that the new Safe is 2.5*3x higher than previously


  • HQ is specific to the base as the Training Facility and all production storage buildings
  • The level of trainings you researched are common for all your troops even the one hired in a different base than the Primary
  • Pantheon level is also common to the account and not to a specific base

🔫 New Upcomings 🔫

  • More developed GangWars
  • A through tutorial for beginners
  • a WikiDrugWars to access all needed information
  • Cards with possibility to trade some
  • New Units
  • Token Listing
  • Fixing Bugs, I understand players’ frustration but do not forget the FutureShock team is small and is doing its best
  • Much more…

🔫 To conclude 🔫

I think this update is EXACTLY what I was waiting for, the game is going to be much more strategic and less about farming inactive players.

I understand that these changes should have been better explained and that there are numerous issues to fix.

Going forward, I will work with @hightouch to bring some insights to players in order for all of us to take adequate decisions and strategies.

Please do not hesitate to comment under this post for any bug / questions you have.


Play on a fair STEEM CryptoGaming website !

The Steemit “Genesis” post

More than 3 Years from this post. No more posts since then…

625 Votes received, 0 votes done…


429 $ per 1 upvote…

Around 4000$ a day at 100% VP…

What a waste of resources…

I can think of a few ideas that @steemit could do with that Voting Power, such as rewarding the best promoter of steem outside the blockchain for instance… I think more than one professional would come delighted and work on a good marketing plan …
while you dedicate yourselves to continue selling your stake.

A fair Betting / Gaming Website using the STEEM Blockchain !

Dear Steemians,

Today I want to talk to you about a nice website if you feel like betting or gambling !

KryptoGamers is the website/dapp I am talking about.

Every bet is auditable through the running code (see below)

This is a nice addition to make you willing to trust a third party.

3 different games you can play

On their Platform you can play:

  • Dice
  • Blackjack
  • VideoPoker

They developed their own token listed on @steem-engine: GAMER

You can earn these tokens in many different ways:

  • By playing, you earn some tokens
  • Buying them on Steem-engine
  • Some were Airdrops to early birds
  • Daily Promotions (see the picture below)

You can stake them in order to get Dividends

  • 70% of the Profits calculated as per the house edge of each game are distributed as dividends
  • Upcoming dividends will be ready to claim after 8:30 AM UTC Daily
  • Only Staked Tokens are eligible for dividends
  • Upcoming dividends may vary as players stake and unstake

Kryptogamers just introduced a BuyBack system founded by 0.05% of the total wagered amount

This is suppose to increase the value of the Token over the long term.

If you are convinced and want to develop the STEEM Ecosystem, just log in with Steemconnect and start playing here


Play on a fair STEEM CryptoGaming website !

Join this new Free To Play on the STEEM Platform !

The sorry state of Whaleshares.

When Whaleshares started up many hated it, many were skeptical, many called it a steemit clone. But im someone that likes giving projects the benefit of the doubt. I gave it a shot and for a while things were going ok. There were promises of massive development, of some kind of secret update that would change everything (still dont know what that is) so i stuck around.

I did my best to talk positive about Whaleshares and to be part of the community and for most part it was enjoyable. I met some great people and some not so great ones but overall the positive camp was much bigger.

Whaleshares in a couple months will be 1 year old and looking back i cant say i see them ever achieving much. There was a lot of promise, there were passionate people involved, there was a solid ground to build upon and a solid idea…

But unfortunately passionate people and solid ideas does not necessarily translate into success.


Lets be honest here. When Whaleshares came to be, it came to be from a few disgruntled individuals that thought they could create a better Steemit. A fairer community with better token distribution and rewards for the best contributors. They thought they would eliminate bots and vote buying..

They were wrong.

They failed so badly that they didnt achieve any of that. Vote buying turned into whaletoken purchases on Bitshares and the fairer token distribution went down the toilet with “curation projects” like V12 lead by Scipio that would basically vote up a post with a small percentage and then upvote the comment on the post in question of the V12 account saying: “You got curated!” (Im paraphrasing) with a full vote.

Then you had guys like Haejin or Vladimir self voting just like on Steemit and nothing was being done about it. Now i dont know if they are still on Whaleshares. I dont care to look but a month ago when i last dropped by that was the case.

The problem with some Whaletokens (Not all allow trading) is that the purchase of a vote would get you around 2 times more WLS then if you purchased WLS directly. This ofc acted as a downward pressure on the price.
What some people did, and what i did for a time is simply sell the WLS i get from powering down, purchase the vote and then again just sell the WLS.

Bam! You just made a 200% return on your purchase and that just compounded over time. All you need to do is repeat this over and over. There was no point in buying WLS. Only selling it.

So those are 2 things..

The biggest issue though, i will talk about next is the behavior of the people heading the project. Again, i have to repeat, the devs in charge are really nice people and i cant say a single bad thing about them in terms of their actions towards me nor have i ever seen them act unfairly to anyone.

But…. i have to touch up on the most important thing which is why im basically done with Whaleshares for now



Related image

I have discussed this issue with the devs in the Whaleshares chat, DMs and on chain on a number of occasions and the responses i got were extremely discouraging and showed me a complete lack of understanding of how the crypto market works along with an irrational fear of leaving their small corner of Bitshares.

I will not name names but you can always find the conversations in the Whaleshares discord chat or on chain if youre interested.

I have talked to a number of people and the strange thread of thought they had is the following:

>If WLS gets listed that will lead to whales taking control of Whaleshares and then they can dump WLS and that will destroy the price.

The feeling i got from this is that they want to live in a bubble hidden from the world. They fear they will lose control if investments come in.

That was very strange to see because the price has already tanked by 99.1% in 10 months. (now at $0.003 from a high of $0.33). The smaller your market cap is, the easier it is for anyone to manipulate the market. Someone with a few thousand dollars could do it. Without money coming in all you have is WLS going out, votes being purchased and the price tanking even more.

It seems to me that the unreasonable fear of the market, the fear that Whaleshares will end up like Steemit (in their minds) is the downfall of Whaleshares and WLS.

It is a sorry thing to see from a project that had potential. Sorry even more so because those are some good people there that put in work and dedication to create something “better”. Unfortunately their mindsets are not well suited for success in the world we call crypto.

Just a few thoughts and ill see you guys later.

Is ready for the next Alt season?


Its really a simple question tied into an inevitable event. If you havent washed out already and you stuck with alt coins during these lows it will probably pay off for you eventually. It wont pay off for you as much as if you followed Bitcoin to 12k and then sold into Steem again but those of you that were unapologetic hodlers will get their time.

Now there is something to remember… Not all alts are going up and with Steem dropping slowly but surely towards the 100 rank in MC it is a question as if we will ride the wave as well. But lets be positive for a moment.

There needs to be a plan once the sentiment shifts. Maybe the EIP is one of the things that will help. Who can say? But what i think Steem needs is a solid project to drop at the right time.

SMTs. Yep.. The illusive SMTs.

People like to talk about them as the second coming but during a bear market, had they launched SMTs i highly doubt anyone would have noticed.
But maybe when the research into what token is undervalued, what great things are created whereever, that just might be the moment for SMTs to shine.

Look, the expected players will have great gains. ETH, LTC, EOS, TRX. It doesnt matter what they offer or what future they have. It really doesnt. It might be the lowest of quality spam transactions and illegal activity. It just doenst matter.

Hell, even today Justin Sun tweeted how they have 500 active dapps and i went and did a count.. I didnt go all the way but 70 of the top 100 dapps on TRON is illegal gambling dapps.

I mean its all a cheap facade what the industry leaders put up but moonboys dont care… So what needs to do is throw some moonboy bait.

Time it well and hook us some trading volume. Hopefully have a marketing budget ready. 😉

Ill see you soon.

Save some of your SBD in the wallet…

…because you will have the chance to buy STEEM even enormously cheaper soon!!!!

We all thought Steemit INC was planning somehow to reduce the amount of STEEM they used to withdraw to the exchanges due to the excellent cost reduction and new incomes coming from Ads revenue but…


Instead of reducing, they are increasing!

Last Tuesday:

Just today (less than a week later):

340,000 STEEM thrown out to the exchanges in just 6 DAYS!!!

This is what I call an Excellent “Programmatic but Erratically weird spoil Sell“…. and the best of all, I am sure they are selling at any price so, save your SBD and be prepared to buy STEEM below 0.20 USD or much lower because once STEEM reaches the 101 position the SURVIVING MODE will come back again.

It is really painful to see this happenning…

…but I am keeping being positive with the Long Term future for STEEM… we just need @steemit to finish squeezing the lemon, though…

For the moment I am keeping all my SBD at the wallet and exchanging the liquid Steem I have earned to SBD as well… this is the only way to avoid further losess due to both, the Market correction and the @steemit “Programmatic Sells”…


Good News, Steemit programmatic sells are diminishing

as it was already recognized by @ellipowell on this amazing Steemit INC Financial Update , Steemit INC has been obliged to execute a monthly programmatic sell in order to cope with their costs while implementing powerful upgrades which are starting to bring high cuts on the expenses and good revenues coming from the ads.

She is talking about Monthly programmatic sells but in reality, they used to deposit hundreds of thousands of Steem in a weekly basis.

They still power down the same amount of steem, which is around 326000 steem a week but lately I have noticed that the amount withdrawn mainly to BINANCE and HUOBI exchanges is decreasing continuously as you can see in the picture below:

@gsr-io is one of the accounts used by @steemit in order to withdraw Steem to the exchanges.

I am curious to see @penguinpablo weekly post regarding the total amount of Liquid STeem stored at the exchanges… I think we should start to note an inflexion on the trend, hopefully starting to create some scarcity that would help the price of STEEM to get recovered earlier.

I would like to thank @elipowell and @steemit INC team for sharing the current situation of Steemit and I hope to read further updates on that regards more often since it can mitigate uncertainties and speculations.

I think steemit has started to work towards a more sustainable organisation, I really like the way the express the new vision and new objectives however I still haven’t read so many :-).

Steem on.


Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of May 2019 Update 🚀

Thanks to ALL of you, Steemit is still alive, stabilizing and preparing for the next Bull Run !

We reached 13.19 mn visits in May 2019!

There is an important difference between total visitors to a site and unique ones. In this case the 13.19mn include the multiple times a person visited the website.

Therefore, as a good Steemian you probably connect everyday which will make you count for a total of 30 visits.

Therefore, how many “unique users” does Steemit has?

This is a very important question that I will try to answer later on. According to the Beta Analysis from the website I use to compile these datas, it is around 7,69mn (vs c.7mn last month) !

One quick word about the Methodology

  • Datas can come from multiple sources listed in the end of this post
  • These sources get their raw datas from companies working with them and sharing their datas in order to get access to competitor’s ones, browsers add-ons, in-app softwares which allow the Big Data to have a very large panel of users (north of 20mn) in order to statistically have the number of users/visits…
  • I use these raw datas to make excels tables, graphs…

I] Traffic

Daily Steemit Traffic

In January 2018, we experienced the best daily numbers at 1.5mn+; they decreased a little under 1.5mn in February.
Unfortunately the daily traffic on Steemit slowed down to c.400 000 in December 2018. Let’s hope it is just a little setback
In April 2019, the average daily traffic was closer to 450k per day. In May it increased a little more.
Another, explanation could be that people spend more time on apps (Partiko, Steepshot, Dtube, Steemmonster, eSteem…) which are not accounted in this analysis.

Numbers are still low BUT it is improving (stabilizing would be more accurate) since January 2018 !

Steemit website is ranked 5,316 worldwide. In April, it was sitting at 5,325.
Steemit kept on deteriorating its ranking as it ranked 1400+ last year.

Google Trends

Google Trend is an Indice based on 100, which means that 100 represents the week when most people searched for “Steemit” on Google.

Google Trends are still very low but there is hope as Bitcoin Google Trend is increasing again, maybe more crypto users joining decentralized platforms?

Bitcoin Google Trend Graph

Steemit Traffic share by country

In the Top 5, the strongest traffic increase came from Venezuela with +9.75% visits!

Mobile Traffic is increasing compared to last month as it represents 50.1% of the total

This is increasing as it was only c.42% in January 2019

This is useful to know how people use the Steem platform. Initiatives like Partiko (mobile app), eSteem (mobile app),, SteepShot (Instagram), Zappl (Twitter like), utopian-io…, TIMM will probably help the community to grow on mobile phones.

Be Careful with the Number of Visits

Also, remember that if you connect from a different device (home/work computer, mobile phone, tablet) you will count as a “new visitor” on each of these devices.

So as an example, let’s say you connected at home, at work and in the subway. You would represent 3 visits out of these 1mn+ Daily Visits.

II] Marketing Mix

Organic Search is once again improving and represents 65,6% of the incoming Traffic.
Organic search is when people research on Google. As the number of quality bloggers on Steemit increase, our content has a higher probability of being listed in Google’s Top results.

Different Channels:

Direct: When you type in you Web browser
Mail: When you connect to through an e-mail link
Referrals: When you connect to through a link found on another website (github…)
Social: When you connect to Steemit through a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… page or link
Organic Search: When you type a search term like “Crypto” on Google and you click on one of the following steemit link proposed to you

Traffic Share Evolution since inception of this analysis

The Organic Search Strategy which means the Content Strategy is working as people come across Steemit looking for Crypto, Blog, Travel, etc… related articles.

Referring Social Pages

Youtube represents 30,7% of all the social platform incoming traffic. Reddit is also a strong source of new visits on the Steemit Platform. Last month, Facebook was the first Social Media to bring traffic to with a 33.1% contribution.

5 most searched terms on Google that leads to

To be honest, I don’t really get how some of these requests lead you to Steem but… it does.

What are Steemians main interests?

Gender Demographics

Age Distribution

III] Steemit website metrics

You feel a bit confused about these 3 metrics? Let me explain.

  • Bounce Rate is the % of people that leave the Website after just navigating on a single Webpage. The lower, the Better
  • Daily Pageviews per Visitor is the average number of pages a visitor opens. The Higher, the Better
  • Daily Time on Site is the full time a visitor spend on the website before closing the internet Webpage. The Higher the Better

My assumptions for May 2019

  • Total visits to 13,19mn
  • Assumption of Total unique visitors in January: 6.7-7.2mn
  • Total Daily visitors: 380-400k
  • Assumption of Total Daily Unique visitors: 240-280k

This is a collective achievement and I would like to congratulate all of us! We need to do better and get back to the January 2018’s type of numbers.

This monthly report makes me very optimistic about STEEM’s future !

As you probably all followed, we have a new communication strategy. We have Steemit Inc. delivering on numerous fronts (including HF21). The community is continuing to build. Just look at our dapps ecosystem and the latest @steemmonsters release (app coming sooooon :D)

We have so many projects that have matured, such an amazing Community and with Crypto prices bouncing we might have a chance to attract new users very soon!

Bring your friends, engage with fellow Steemians and make little Tribes !

What do you think of this Steemit Big Data Update? Please let me know in the comment section

Next BigData Analysis coming on @Steemmonsters @drugwars and other cool projects !

Sources: Alexa, SimilarWeb, Google Trends…

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