What the F*ck!

Today I had a busy day at the office…nothing new thought since working on technological projects projects has always crazy overloading days difficult to forecast in advance.

Actually, I used to work mostly of the time under unpredicted scenarios and that, as I said, it is not a surprising new…

The new is that I have been checking my feed at steemit and partiko whenever I could, I mean, as usual, at the coffee break, at lunch, on my way to different places etc… and today I noticed something that did not happen to me since long time ago…

My Voting Power reached 100%… actually, and sorry if I missed something interesting posted by the people I follow, I have not found any article that attracted me minimally to give my upvote and that is really weird! I am a consistent upvoter, or at least that’s how I consider I am myself…but I like to upvote some good stuff as well which, honestly I miss nowadays…

I don’t know what is happening here but I really think that not only the quality of the posts are decreasing but also the amount of posts is also doing so… even if it seems we are escaping from the BEAR’s claws, it looks like people are not so motivated to write about interesting things or even normal life topics or projects…

Very difficult to find usual steemians writing these days, even more difficult to find new ones…

…or perhaps it is only my subjective perception…. I don’t know…

Hope the good times will come back…


…and after getting enrolled at SNAX…

… by following the useful and quick tutorial written by my friend @ervin-lemark , I have managed to bind my twitter account and also my steem account, earning just for these two actions 100 SNAX which means a value of… well, nobody knows yet but it is very likely that it would have some value in the future… Do not ask me why because I am still learning from the whitepaper and studying the Roadmap.

But what I can tell you is that this project tries to reward the Social Media content creators with an specific token that seems to evaluate and measure the level of engagement, influence , followers etc…

From the whitepaper we can read:

We want to offer a solution which allows to measure the value of a public content
transparently and reward its creators without pushing social platforms to change established
business models.

Also, from point 3 of the same document:

SNAX is a utility token, which provides users with access to Snax economy, and is based on
rewarding active and influential users on public social platforms. Users can transfer SNAX
tokens to each other, stake SNAX to vote for block producers and buy computing resources
for dApps. Any user has three main ways to earn Snax tokens:

  1. Receive Regular Publisher Rewards.
  2. Receive donations from other users willing to support the author of the interesting
  3. To be elected as a Block Producer and receive Block Producer Rewards.

I am really curious to see how all this project evolves and, of course, for the moment it looks like free-token for everybody so, I like it πŸ˜‰

Now is time for also getting some additional SNAX by participating at the #snaxBountyProgram .

Follow the indications of @dragosroua in this post in order to know how to do it…

By the way, our good steemian and witness, @dragosroua is an efficient SNAX Block Producer so, if if you have installed Β SNAX-Voter , go and vote for him , he is called snaxtopia !!!



STEEM is experimenting a slightly increase in the Trading volume, mainly coming from buyers!!!!

It is still a shy green growth but seems sustained on the 4 Hour-chart.

Also, what I like most is the fact that on hourly of the STEEM/BTC chart, there are 3 on-a-row green candles after having touched the lowest STEEM vs BTC price ever at 4657 Satoshis, and this is happening at the same time BITCOIN is growing in price!

Lately, there is nothing better than seeing STEEM changing the direction, let’s see if we can hold this trend…

In my opinion, everything depends now on the entrance of new FIAT to the market so, we need BTC to keep growing not because the leakage of the altcoins but the TETHER and FIAT from the investors…

Let’s break that 200 Billion USD market cap to ensure the trend!!!!

Stay positive my friends!!!!


Seems that finally “marketing” starts from today

Yes, seems that finally the people from Steemit Inc. have decided to do something, somehow diffident for the moment but definitely dedicated to promote Steemit beyond the borders of Steemit itself…

They have created a new account called @steem.marketing from which they want to promote the Social Web Steemit at Twitter.

Many people are right know commenting in the announcing post, the majority of them are supporting the new initiative, some others ironically complaining about while also in favor, because, of course, no one can be against it…

To tell you the truth, I am expecting even more efforts on the Marketing side from Steemit. Promoting Steemit and more lately Steem as well have been done for many long term steemians till now while Steemit contributions has been almost zero at Twitter.

Steemians as @nathanmars , @stephenkendal , @theycallmedan they are really working hardly already at twitter , spreading the Goodness of the steem blockchain anytime and in every place.

Now, they want to start from the “basics”…that’s fine but, come on! WE HAVE TO REACH THE WORLD HERE!!!!

Could you tell us what will be the name of the Twitter account to follow in order Re-Tweet your Marketing Tweets?

I hope this is only the beginning of a major Marketing Plan so, please @steem.marketing team, do nice ads, share your twitter account, call the community for spreading your message and it could be a good start!


Game of Thrones is about to go ballistic.

Image result for white walkers

Watched episode 2 a few mins ago. I liked it because im a fan but if im being objective the episode was pretty boring.

A lot of holding hands and dark rooms. Goddammit, everything is super dark. Cant see anything. Had to raise the brightness on my TV and pull up the curtains.
I wasnt a fan of how they dealt with the “reunions” if i look at writing alone but seeing the characters together did feel good.
Im starting to feel that Game of Thrones is experiencing the “end of series weakness”.
Show runners under pressure to wrap up everything lead to holes in story telling.

But lets see what happens. I wouldnt want main characters to just die in battle for the sake of shocking the viewers. And i feel that might be the case. Every single major character up to this point died in a meaningful way plot-wise.
If they kill them off next week in episode 3 in a “simple” battle i will be extremely dissapointed.

Whatever happens next week will be “balls to the wall” 24/7 excitement. And ill be up at 2 AM waiting to pick up the show the second it goes live no matter what. Still…. Hope they dont fuck it up.

Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Hoping the new Lord of the Rings series can take its place.

Ill see you around.

Keep on killing them White Walker. πŸ˜‰

Flies away….

If BINANCE asks we react…

If there is one mandatory task that any good steemian should or must do regularly besides voting for witnesses is to promote STEEM every time the opportunity appears.

Our friends of BINANCE are asking which tokens we would like to see at their BINANCE Chain which, in case you don’t know yet, it is a custom blockchain that features a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX). For your information, this new blockchain will become available to the public on April 23 and I am sure there will be some positive effects on the tokens listed there.

You can see the announcement in the following link from twitter:

I have already replied them obviously “voting” for STEEM and I think would be good if you do the same.

So, please, go there and reply telling $STEEM or #STEEM or whatever the tag used but always with STEEM !



Looked at some Web traffic for Steemit/Dtube/Dlive/Whaleshares

After the Dlive drama i wanted to take a look at some webtraffic of a few websites i use. Wanted to see if there was a major change these last few weeks and months. There are a few things i found.

  1. After a disastrous 2018 Dtube finally hit the bottom and is slowly recovering while Steemit.com is still on a decline in Alexa rank, but seems to be recovering in daily total visits.
  2. Dlive continued their meteoric rise but still has not caught up to Steemit.com
  3. Dtube is still highly dependent on Steemit.com. With more then 70% of the traffic coming from Steemit.
  4. Whaleshares numbers, after a rapid rise are starting to drop off.

STEEMIT (@steemitblog, steemit.com):

Taken from “Similar Web”. Shows slight increase in total visits from February to March of aprox. 2 million total visits.

Alexa rank. Global rank decline over the last 3 months.

WHALESHARES (Whaleshares.io):

Taken from Similar Web. Shows a sharp drop in total visitors from February to March. From 300k to 170k stopping the momentum Whaleshares had over the last few months.

Alexa rank shows a similar trend.

DTUBE (@dtube, d.tube) :

Taken from Similar Web. Shows a sharp increase in total visitors from February to March. From 870k to 1.7m. (More then double)

Another jump around the same time in the Alexa ranking but not as significant.

DLIVE: (@dlive, dlive.tv)

Taken from Similar Web. Shows a sharp increase in total visitors from February to March. From 3 million to 4.6 million.

Alexa rank for Dlive shows amazing growth of over 20 thousand places in ranking. 3 months ago Dlive and Dtube were ranked about the same place.

I hope you find these charts informative and ill see you guys around. πŸ˜‰

No idea what to write about // One of those posts

Do i post a meme, do i write how i love some song, do i gossip a bit? I dont know. I just know i dont feel productive today.

Its one of those days you just want to grab a cold beer and lay around but are too lazy to go to the supermarket and get one, or 5.
When you think about watching a show on Netflix but cant be bothered to scroll through the menus with your remote control.

I just might write this post in increments of 10 minutes…
Just watched the Joker trailer on youtube. It looks pretty damn awesome. Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing as the Joker. I hate when something is overhyped before it comes out (ADA @enforcer48 :P) but i have to say that he might be on par with Ledger. Yes, i said it!

Look at that psychotic face. Troubled childhood. Deranged behavior. Awkward demeanor. Beautiful! Give him half a million SP and he will be a twin. (Whoops) haha

What else. Watched a animated show on Netflix yesterday. Its called “Love, death + robots”.
The Netflix promo looked awesome, the aesthetics looked awesome. What i didnt know is that the show producers were screwed in the head. lol
To keep it short, the show feels like it was made by M. Night Shyamalan on steroids! First episode i watched i was amazed as to how bonkers it was.. The show is absolutely mental. A series of animated 15 minutes shorts with self contained storylines with each being memorable for a unique reason. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by David Fincher.

What else? Made some vegetable soup, tastes like you would imagine it would. Im really bad at cooking haha.… But at least i didnt add kale. Kale tastes awful, but i have to say something that is indeed a very strange statement to make: It can look awesome when you have a talent for photography. Huh? πŸ˜€

I have no idea why this photo attracted me so much, but ive been sneakpeeking it for the last couple days for some strange reason. Tell me this doesnt look gorgeous.

No idea what else to write about so Ill see you around.
Keep on! πŸ˜€

Are you viewing STEEMIT ads? // You should be

Ive seen some backlash from folks about STEEMIT.INC adding ads to their site. While i can understand that people might be pissed about it, i see this as a good thing. I usually have my adblock on (The Brave browser works slow for me) but in the case of Steemit i decided to turn it off.
Not only did i turn my ADBLOCK off, i also made a promise to myself to click at least 1 ad a day in case the advertiser opted for a CPC advertising model (Cost per click) instead of a CPM model (Cost per 1000 impressions).

Look, i know Steemit.inc messed up and that its their fault and their fault only that they are in a position they are now. But now is not the time to keep hammering on that point… Repeating the same thing over and over again. Whats the point of that?

Its time to help any way we can. I cant code nor am i one of the cool kids that can get their voice heard by Steemit.inc and affect change that way. I cant do any of that and neither can most of us here….

But dammit, i can click on a ad couple times a day and help out that way!

I know a lot of people are emotional right now and that Steemit.inc is an easy target. I also know everyone is waiting for some miracle community effort.

The community needs to come together!

(I cringe so hard when i hear this platitude repeated over and over again, haha)

How about we just click the damn ads few times a day for a start? How about that as an idea? Thats a concrete thing you can do for Steem and the best thing of all is that you can do it right now, by yourself… Go do it now!

By helping to keep Steemit.inc afloat youre (hopefully) affecting Steem development in a positive way.

Ill see you around and keep on!

Drug Wars tip #1 // How to stop anyone from attacking you ever. COM week 666

You all heard about the No 1. most glorious STEEM game on STEEM. I will not go into unnecessary detail but i have to say:

Drug Wars is the da bomb. Its the 100 proof alcohol homeless people crave. Its the steroids dumb bodybuilder bouncers crave. Its the sushi Ninjas love.

Damn, arent stereotypes amazing!

At least they didnt try to make the spy unit a reference to James Bond. Looks like Johnny English, has 0 attack, always dies on his first mission.
Haha. What kind of weak ass spy is that? Why even have him wear a suit? Oh no, wait… I get it… He knows he will die 100% when you send him on a mission so hes already wearing a suit for his funeral. #ThinkingAhead!

But thats nor here nor there. Im trying to teach you how to stop anyone from attacking you ever.

So theres this guy that attacked my alt account yesterday. Whooped my ass.

Screenshot (331).png

When everything is summed up, he ended up being 80k alcohol in plus while destroying my team that is worth around 500k in resources. Alrite. Thats cool. He came out in the plus.
But that made me kind of mad. Wiped my whole team for 10 hours of alcohol production!?!
Hell no!

So what i did is the following. I didnt want to destroy his whole team, because that “wouldnt be fair” (didnt want to be a complete dick) but what i did do is be a slightly less jerk and destroy only double the resources he spent on his units then he gained from me.

Screenshot (332).png

I sent a few hundred more Rowdies afterwards.

Now consider this! Who in their right mind would attack you for resources if they knew that you would just destroy double the unit worth of resources they stole from you. No one!

Its a fool proof tactic.

This deserves to be a comedy openmic entry due to Drug Wars being ridiculously bad to the point of laughter. This is not how you set up your battles system, ffs. lol

Keep on Steeming/Whalesharing and doing drugs.. Because doing drugs is much better then playing Drug Wars. Youll live a healthier life.

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