My First Post On

As many times before, my friend @toofasteddie introduced me through his post, to something new, interesting and noteworthy.

This time it is a blogging site, built ton WordPress, using SteemPress plugin and connecting when desired directly to Steem.

It is called and here I am, posting away my first post on it.

I’ve already updated my profile to be able to post since you need more than 50% completion of the profile to post. It’s really easy to achieve that. Enter your data and you are set to go.

I’ve also connected the profile with my Steem username and used the posting key to achieve that.

Remember – account is not the same thing as Steem account. They are different entities.

Some more polishing, a quick one indeed, and my header is set.

In theory, after I click on the Publish… button, this article should appear on and, at the same time, on Steem.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

Ps: it is really easy to write here since I am familiar with WordPress for I-don’t-know-how-many-years 🙂

Better and better

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