Reminder for this weeks @pcste sponsored NLHE poker freeroll on (steem poker league) next game 17/04/19 22:35 gmt

Free to enter. 10 SBD in prizes. Come and join us on lucksacks.
SPL is a really friendly community site, unlike any other online poker site. come and give it a try.

@pcste 10 SBD Freeroll
start time : 22.35 GMT 17/04/19
registration starts 18.35 GMT

To register for lucksacks you must have a steemit account with reputation of 35 or more and a verified introduction post in order to receive payouts from Lucksacks.
Account approval within 48 hours. is brought to you by @tuck-fheman, @bigpchef, @bethalea and all of your upvotes!

If you like my posts and what i’m doing on steemit, please give me a witness vote.
witnesses keep the steemit blockchain running smoothly and it costs us to run our servers.
Your witness vote helps to pay for the server cost. as yet i do not have enough votes to cover my costs.

Please vote pcste for witness.
to vote for me go to : scroll down the page and enter pcste into the box (dont use @sign) then click vote.#