This week i have been experimenting with Fuji fp-100c image transfers and emulsion lifts….

Fuji fp-100c is an anologue instant film similar to polaroid. Currently it is no longer in production but you can still buy unopened packs on ebay. its not cheap though, you have to pay 3 times its original value atm. about £4+ per shot.

The images were shot in studio using professional Bowens Gemini studio flash.
2 heads with soft boxes.
Camera : Professional Polaroid 600SE (aka the GOOSE) with Mamiya 127mm lens.

The above image is an image transfer, the image is transfered onto Watercolour paper. This is done by only developing the film for 15 seconds before pulling the film apart and laying onto paper, the film is then rolled with a brayer roller for 125 sec. For best result transfer in subdued light or a box to minimise light hitting the sides of the print.

You can also do emulsion lifts with this film. An emulsion lift is where you literally float the emulsion image layer off the film sheet. For this method you develop the film normally the float the film in warm water (40+ degrees centigrade)
the emulsion then lifts off the plastic backing. you can then float the emulsion onto watercolour paper. see pic below

I then scan the transfer or emulsion lift with my Epson perfection V800 scanner for the final image, i can then print onto fine art giclee paper with my canon prograf 1000 printer.
the below pic was printed onto Harman by Hahnemühle Matt Cotton Textured, 300gsm