Manchester United Losing Again to Westham United

Manchester United game was a straight lost for United because looking at the squad they used to play it wasnt encouraging at all. Most of the key players were down on injury and had to play some players they were not supposed to play. At the long run what was expected to happen happened. Losing on 2 goals down. The game play today wasnt encouraging at all. The second goal was from the wall they made. Instead of arranging the tall ones from where they keeper has not covered they rather arrange it the other way round so it will be easy for a good free kick taker to raise the ball over the short players to the far corner and score. All the same better luck next time for Manchester United we have to really work hard on our midfield. Today the midfield was broken down and all the balls were flowing into the half of Manchester United. Any counter they get our midfield will be empty no one to tackle then the defenders has to come forward small to cover up. This will actually make it result in a lost. Congrat to Westham for their Win today.