Injecting a little realism // Lets not make crypto into a fantasy world.

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Im someone that considers himself a realist. And that is something that translates into crypto for me. The thing about being a realist in cryptocurrencies is that you many times are left on the sidelines of the discussions.
The crypto space is fueled by hype which leads to unrealistic expectations and extremely skewed views of the future.
Many people here are so subscribed to the extreme ideas brought on by the very strong libertarian community in crypto that they get completely lost in what is essentially a fantasy world of their own creation.
A colorful way to say it:

They are drinking the kool-aid.

This ofc happens in various degrees but it happens nonetheless.

Now you might think that im FUDing here or you can use some other way to describe my words but im really not. Im just trying to say, to the folks that might run across this post that i think that being realistic keeps you safe and should be a preferred path to take. I know that being realistic doesnt drive the price up, but on the other hand it does keep you safe when prices go down.

All the extremist ideas about the potential of decentralization, the ideas of beating the banks, of dissolving governments because of cryptocurrencies are for most part fairy tales that are extremely unlikely to happen.
The people that yell:


the loudest are the people you should be skeptical of the most.

Crypto will not cure cancer, take people to Mars, bring about world peace, eliminate all inequality in the world, stop racism….

Cryptocurrencies like STEEM or WLS are a tool for you to use to empower yourself and others. What they can do is offer you the opportunities you might not have had otherwise.
I hope every one of you manages to make most of them..

Just a few thoughts as always.
Ill see you guys around. 😉