Some Turd Blossom is trying to hack my Scripsio account.

For those that dont know, Scirpsio is a blogging site that is connected to STEEM through Steempress. I use it for most my posts since it has a much superior text editor then Steemit.
Now that you know what im talking about i want to tell you that SOMEONE IS TRYING TO HACK MEEEEE!!!!! Oooooh lawd have mercy!

I received a message from Scripsio in my mail about the login attempts so i naturally wanted to see who was trying to brute force their way into my account…

Hello lordbutterfly,
24 failed login attempts and 4 lockout(s) from IP
Last Login Attempt : 18/03/2019 19:25:14
Last User Attempt : lordbutterfly
IP has been blocked until : 18/03/2019 19:40:14

Checked the IP address and it seems its some guy from Moscow, Russia. I dont know why hes targeting me, Putin is my main man.
The ISP is registered to a a guy called Chernyshov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich.

But theres something very unfortunate for hacker boy. My passwords are pretty darn safe. I have a many characters long password that is probably pretty difficult to brute force.
And even if he did get in, all he could basically do is post stuff to my blog or Steemit, maybe find out my email which again has a different password. Not much else.

Still, doesnt feel great seeing someone trying to get into your account.

So please, everyone, give me big votes to make me feel better. 🙁

Hehe. Ill see you around and keep safe!