They just messed up Game Of Thrones!!!

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Im a huge fan of Game of thrones. Ever since i watched season one on a 10 by 10 cm screen on Virgin airlines LAX 8 years ago.

Still, i have to say that they “fucked it up”…

I knew it would happen. The books storyline is catching up to the series and there was no clear pointer for the writers to make this impeccable. G.R.R Martin would think through a battle like this for months. And the Hollywood writers will basically do anything for a $ because they are under-payed and unappreciated.

G.R.R Martin gave them pointers and they perversed everything.

All the main characters had plot armor and in a stupid way. There was no explanation to it. Even fat Sam was a better warrior then the damn unsullied. In what world does that make sense.

The direction was good, the set pieces were great, everything was too dark (but whatever), the battle was epic….


Extremely poorly thought out.

Its hard to even put everything on paper. The battle formations. The invincibility of some characters. The Night King resolution.

Where the hell does Arya come from?! She jumped on him from behind? Arent there a million wights behind him? And theres a 1 second death moment for someone being set up for 8 years?
Take the death of Gollum and the destruction of the ring… You could see all the emotions on Gollums face, the RING defiance to be destroyed when it is swimming in the lava. None of which was present here. The Night King is the new SNOKE!

And all we get to see from the Night King is that he falls apart into a million icicle pieces.

Such a brilliantly looking episode (At least the things i could actually see) but so poorly concluded.

Cant wait to read how G.R.R Martin concludes it.

Because this sucked.

Sir L. Butterfly out..