Game of Thrones is over // Time for new things.

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I watched the show finale a few minutes ago and after all is said and done i feel that the last episode felt a bit empty.

8 seasons of buildup, all those things happening and in the end youre left with an empty feeling. You dont get to experience the satisfaction that the conflicts are finally done. The destination we arrive to, where we finally leave the characters we spent so much time with is sorely unfulfilling.

Take the scene where they say their goodbyes at the end, that is very similar to the end of “Return of the king”. The emotional impact of the scene in GOT is lacking in comparison.

There are so many moments that lack the punch. Danys death scene, the reaction of the Unsullied leader, the council itself. It all felt empty and without gravitas.
The arc resolutions also felt dissapointing. Jon leading the wildlings into the North felt like it was a poor payoff for what he went through. I think they wanted to make his end bitter sweet, but in the end it just felt bitter.

Tyrion became hand in the end which i hoped would have a greater impact on me as a viewer, but it just felt empty, as if everything was just wrapping up and we were being served resolutions:

Heres this, and this is done, this we wrapped up….

We never see the coronation. We never see them rebuilding Westeros. We never see a glimpse of a more hopeful future. I dont really think the show even has a message in the end. What would it be? Slavery is bad? The ends dont justify the means? I feel that there should be a more profound message for us, somewhere in there and not something so simple you can find it in a Saturday cartoon.

I really dont know what to say.

A show that has ruled Television for the last 8 years exits in silence.

Time to move on to newer things..

Ill see you guys around.

They just messed up Game Of Thrones!!!

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Im a huge fan of Game of thrones. Ever since i watched season one on a 10 by 10 cm screen on Virgin airlines LAX 8 years ago.

Still, i have to say that they “fucked it up”…

I knew it would happen. The books storyline is catching up to the series and there was no clear pointer for the writers to make this impeccable. G.R.R Martin would think through a battle like this for months. And the Hollywood writers will basically do anything for a $ because they are under-payed and unappreciated.

G.R.R Martin gave them pointers and they perversed everything.

All the main characters had plot armor and in a stupid way. There was no explanation to it. Even fat Sam was a better warrior then the damn unsullied. In what world does that make sense.

The direction was good, the set pieces were great, everything was too dark (but whatever), the battle was epic….


Extremely poorly thought out.

Its hard to even put everything on paper. The battle formations. The invincibility of some characters. The Night King resolution.

Where the hell does Arya come from?! She jumped on him from behind? Arent there a million wights behind him? And theres a 1 second death moment for someone being set up for 8 years?
Take the death of Gollum and the destruction of the ring… You could see all the emotions on Gollums face, the RING defiance to be destroyed when it is swimming in the lava. None of which was present here. The Night King is the new SNOKE!

And all we get to see from the Night King is that he falls apart into a million icicle pieces.

Such a brilliantly looking episode (At least the things i could actually see) but so poorly concluded.

Cant wait to read how G.R.R Martin concludes it.

Because this sucked.

Sir L. Butterfly out..


Game of Thrones is about to go ballistic.

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Watched episode 2 a few mins ago. I liked it because im a fan but if im being objective the episode was pretty boring.

A lot of holding hands and dark rooms. Goddammit, everything is super dark. Cant see anything. Had to raise the brightness on my TV and pull up the curtains.
I wasnt a fan of how they dealt with the “reunions” if i look at writing alone but seeing the characters together did feel good.
Im starting to feel that Game of Thrones is experiencing the “end of series weakness”.
Show runners under pressure to wrap up everything lead to holes in story telling.

But lets see what happens. I wouldnt want main characters to just die in battle for the sake of shocking the viewers. And i feel that might be the case. Every single major character up to this point died in a meaningful way plot-wise.
If they kill them off next week in episode 3 in a “simple” battle i will be extremely dissapointed.

Whatever happens next week will be “balls to the wall” 24/7 excitement. And ill be up at 2 AM waiting to pick up the show the second it goes live no matter what. Still…. Hope they dont fuck it up.

Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Hoping the new Lord of the Rings series can take its place.

Ill see you around.

Keep on killing them White Walker. 😉

Flies away….