“Crypto” – Movie trailer // Staring Kurt Russel

A couple days ago a movie trailer came out for a thriller that has something to do with crypto. Apparently Bitcoin is used to launder money so they named the movie “Crypto”.
I find that hilarious! haha.

Thats like calling “The Oceans 11″….. “Dollars” because they steal USD from the casino vault.

It kind of looks like this movie is written by folks that “know” only that crypto is bad and that Russia is bad so they decided to make a movie about it. Makes sense.

Theres this tendency in the mainstream media to associate crypto with criminal activity and this movie seems to capitalize on that.
I mean of course crypto allows for money laundering. Just like every single other currency.

Your technology is shit if criminals cant find a use for it.

lol. Its hard to explain that to people. The only thing you can do is flip a middle finger at folks that try to associate crypto with crime as if thats the defining characteristic of cryptocurrencies.

Anyways… This movie looks a bit crappy but at least we are getting a movie made about cryptocurrencies.. Thats awesome, amirite!!! hahah. 😀

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